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Crew of the USS Veritas


Lieutenant T'Katt Dugoras

“Love like a Risan, be sharp as a Ferengi trader, fight like a Klingon. -Lieutenant JG Kayla Drex, 239601.07”

Lieutenant T'Katt Dugoras is the Counselor aboard the USS Veritas.


  • Full Name: T'Katt Dugoras
  • Date of Birth: 235702.18
  • Species: Klingon/Vulcan/Human - due to genetic modifications made at birth
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Dark Green/Brown
  • Height: 6'0"

Professional History


T'Katt served in general crewman and security positions at a variety of trading stations and onboard several cargo ships in his life. This type of work was all he ever did until he joined Starfleet.

  • His last job before joining Starfleet was on board a cargo ship transporting a variety of alcoholic beverages and other stock for bars and restaurant locations. This ship was attacked by a pirating gang which resulted in several injuries and casualties. During the conflict, T'Katt was put into a position that required him to aid the medical staff and abandon his post. Thanks to his help they were able to stabilize many injured crewmen and once he was able to return to his post they were able to drive off the pirates, who managed to only steal one crate before their defeat.

Starfleet Academy

T'Katt joined the Starfleet Medical Academy after his experience's in his last job. While in the academy he focused on a standard course layout, taking only a few extra courses with his interests in cultural history, philosophy, self-defense, and fitness.

  • He focused mostly on subjects in the Division of Health Sciences and Starfleet Command School but gave each course from each division he took considerable study, often spending days in the library and reading data pads. With his hard work and study, T'Katt graduated in every category and course he took and earned his Doctorate Medical Degree.
    • T'Katt had little dedication to a single course of duty instead of leaving himself open to being stationed anywhere within the security and medical posts. Ultimately among the desired posts, he chose the counselor, having decided this was a good position for him as his interests in history, culture, and philosophy coupled with the insights gained through his unique upbringing might allow him to excel in it.
  • Through his studies at the academy T'Katt wrote the draft volume of The k'ak'ka, s'frei, kloshah, which translates to, Train, Understand, Behave. A book of conduct and honor codes. T'Katt believes that proper control over one's emotions come in the form of being able to express each one in an appropriate and controlled manner, not by suppressing them or to allow them to flow unchecked. In truth, his Code is new even to himself and as he practices it's ideals and learns more about the cultures of the galaxy he is constantly analyzing it and adjusting, extending, and in every other way developing it to perfection.


After his final examination at Starbase 118 he was assigned the position of Ships Counselor onboard the USS Veritas NCC-95035.

  • While serving aboard the Veritas T'Katt has seen a handful of missions and has even been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
    • On Stardate 239511.07 T'Katt resigned from his post on the Veritas to pursue an opportunity as part of a xenopsychology research team.
  • With the completion of his team's xenopsychology study, T'Katt requested an assignment aboard the newly launched USS Astraeus as a paramedic. After the Astraeus encountered warp-capable species in the Eagle nebula, crew rotations were enacted and T'katt learned about an opening in his original post. He put in a transfer request after seeing the Captain of the Veritas and requested him, which was approved.
  • T'Katt returned to the USS Veritas and is currently serving as the ship's Counselor once again.

Personal History

T'Katt was born on a now decommissioned Starbase near the edge of the Vulcan space, his parents had met during an unusual scientific expedition in which his father served as one of six Klingon Security officers, his mother was a somewhat low ranking Science officer assigned to the same ship. Over time the two became like friends and during an intense period in which his mother T'Presa experienced Pon Farr the two of them conceived and with the help of the ships doctor during the pregnancy as well as the quick thinking and unorthodox methods implemented by the Starbase's Vulcan and Human Doctor's Sutrek and Joshua Litten T'Katt survived the process.

T'Katt was raised primarily with his mother on Vulcan experiencing many social obstacles such as bigotry and other forms of criticisms. As a child, T'Katt would experience extreme fits of emotion both positive and negative and he struggled greatly to even remotely achieve the kind of control the Vulcan peoples around him had. At the age of ten T'Katt performed the Rite of Tal'oth and later at the age of twelve, he left Vulcan to live with his father.

He spent the next six years with his father on the Klingon homeworld Qo'noS (Kronos). Here he experienced similar forms of adversities due to his genetic heritage though he found quickly that his fits of rage often brought him more respect within this society. During his time with his father, T'Katt learned how to express emotions with exaggeration and creativity. At the age of fourteen, he took part in the Klingon Rite of Ascension with his father's clan.

T'Katt left Kronos around the age of nineteen and wondered from location to location performing menial jobs truly lost about himself, his upbringing even with his rite's performed had left him feeling uncertain about himself and his place in life. His mother had wanted him to pursue the arts of science while his father of course the arts of war; it wasn't until he got caught in a cargo ship jacking and was forced into a position where he had to help a medical team that he came to the realization that led him down his current path. Realizing he enjoyed helping and defending others, traveling, and learning about different cultures T'Katt decided to travel to Earth and join Starfleet.


T'Katt is not a very big fan of music. His musical tastes encompass just about every genre he has heard but in the form of very select songs and artists. Klingon and Vulcan music is among his least favorite since acquiring access to Earths musical collections. Human music genres he listens to include Jazz, Metal, and Electronic musical formats.

Physical Description

T'Katt is thirty-eight years of age and is six feet tall; he weighs two hundred and twenty pounds. He has a very muscular build that he maintains through regular nutrition and fitness training. He has black hair which he keeps tied in a shoulder blade length braided ponytail, with a traditional Klingon goatee and mustache. His eyes are a Dark green-brown and he has strangely shaped pointed Vulcan ears. Like most hybrid Klingon's he has forehead ridges that are not quite as pronounced as a full blood Klingon though they are more pronounced than the average in Klingon hybrids.

  • Build
    • Fit/Muscular
  • Height
    • 6'0"
  • Weight
    • 190 Lbs

Habits and Abilities


T'Katt tends to live inside his own head. He often "zones out" thinking and analyzing things and from this has a tenancy to overthink simple things from time to time. This in-depth thinking also allows him to make connections and see details many people might overlook or not consider.

  • He used an obscure style of mental arguing with himself in which he spoke to himself in his head using 'voices' representing Klingon and Vulcan sides to his opinions and criticisms. It started as a way of being sarcastic with himself to exaggerate his feelings towards himself but it has since become a compulsive habit that he has found hard to break.



As a Youth

  • In his youth on Vulcan T'Katt had a reputation of being emotional, illogical, underachieving, violent, and rude, as well as creative, intelligent, and determined.
  • In his youth on Kronos T'Katt had a reputation of being to Vulcan-like, and too merciful, as well as for being strong, and determined.

As an Adult

  • Until his time in Starfleet his reputation as an adult was that of a capable and flexible worker nothing more.
  • In Starfleet academy he had an average reputation, though he was considered somewhat unsociable given his constant studying rather than the attendance of events and gathering.
  • He managed to build a good reputation on the USS Veritas.


Notes, and Trivia

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