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This chronicles the missions of the USS Constitution-B from 2392 onwards, under the command of Jalana Rajel.

For earlier missions, see Constitution Mission Archive 2378-2387 and Constitution Mission Archive 2388 to 2391. For missions under Captain Shelther Faranster please see Constitution Mission Archive pre-Rajel.

USS Constitution-B Mission Archive Database

Old Mc Bolen has a farm.png
Old Mc Bolen has a farm
  • Stardate 240103.10 - Present
    • The USS Constitution receives a report from HQ, that one of the Paoike Colony on Drever IV has some issues. Their plant life has begun to get sick and die off, without external changes. What is happening in the colony and can it be stopped before food supplies run low and livestock suffers?
The Sincerest Form.png
The Sincerest Form
  • Stardate 2400007.10 - 240012.13
    • After the recent Syndicate Activity the Conny is sent on patrol through a sector in the Marchlands. It is pretty quiet and nothing weird happens, maybe a freighter had a flat ‘tyre’ or something but generally nothing is weird at all. When they believe that this is going to be the most boring mission ever - did someone hear about Jalana’s tone with Prendar and is now punishing them? - they receive a distress call. To their surprise the call claims to have been placed by none other than Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself and the Enterprise is in trouble!
The Message Mission.png
The message
  • Stardate 240002.27 - 240006.10
    • Shore leave is interrupted when one group of officers - believed to be on a vacation trip - sends a distress call to the USS Constitution. Upon arrival they discover that their officers have been kidnapped by pirates of the Orion Syndicate who took over a civilian freighter carrying refugees. More than just lives of the officers is on the line. Can the Conny Crew help?
Sheer Bliss.png
Sheer Bliss
  • Stardate 239905.22 - 239912.22
    • The Crew of the Constitution at a state wedding? Don't mind if we do. The Daughter and Son of the Leaders of two Aquatic Xindi Species are getting married, a joyful occasion. The Conny Crew escorts the groom from his home planet to the ceremony and new home and is cordially invited to join the event. What could go wrong?
Dead Men Boots.png
Pirates of the Marchlands: Dead Men’s Boots
  • Stardate 239810.06 - 239904.02
    • While enjoying some well-deserved shore leave during repairs of the USS Constitution, Commander Saveron was informed of the unthinkable: Commodore Jalana Rajel has been kidnapped in dim station light! For reasons unknown the Orion Syndicate subdued Jalana and flew off with her. The Crew of the Constitution of course would not sit back and wait, instead they go undercover to hunt after 'Momma Bear'. Can they convince the Syndicate that they are one of theirs? Will they find Jalana in time?
Dilithium Digger.png
Dilithium Digger
  • Stardate 239802.03 - 239806.13
    • The USS Constitution-B has been dispatched on a routine exploratory mission to the Shahar Nebula, close to the southern border of Federation space, in a region that is little explored. The Nebula has shown unusual energy readings to the long-range observations of Federation Scientists. Whilst the Constitution checks those out, they are also tasked to check in on a dilithium mine, located on a barren planet at the edge of the Nebula. It’s been reducing production, despite being one of the richest deposits discovered in recent history. Could it really be that easy?
Bells of Paradise.png
Bells of Paradise
  • Stardate 239708.28 - 239711.30
    • What could go wrong on a Vacation planet? Accompany three groups during their team-building exercise and find out.
Federation vs. Jalana Rajel - SD.239704.14
  • Stardate 239704.14 - 239706.30
    • Upon return to Starbase 104 from Zeltion IV Flt. Cpt. Jalana Rajel is arrested by Prosecutor Lt. Cmdr Skepus for breaking the Prime Directive. What will happen to the Captain and can the Crew find a way to help?
The Great Gas Dive.png
The Great Gas Dive
  • Stardate 239612.01 - 239704.13
    • Zeltion IV is the current home of the Zeltin people. They are humanoid, not native to the planet itself since, well, Zeltion IV is a gas giant. They live in large floating cities home to hundreds of thousands of their people, industry, and their respective administration. Their world contains an incredibly rare, naturally occurring gas that cannot be synthesized or replicated. This gas appears to form at the lower regions of their atmosphere and is extracted plunging into hull-crushing depths to get it manually. Most of their economy is based on the extraction, purification, and trade of this gas which seems to react impressively in power generation systems, boosting output significantly for only a small quantity of gas injection. And Starfleet wants some of that.
Back to the Academy.png
Back to the Academy
  • Stardate 239607.29 - 239610.29
    • A group of Senior Officers find themselves back as Cadets at the Academy in San Fransisco. The issue is that they see nothing wrong with that. Meanwhile on the Constitution same Senior Officers don't show up to their shifts and upon further investigation are found in a deep unresponsive sleep. What happened and who is behind all of this. Most importantly: why?
Banned from Argoes.png
Banned from Argoes
  • Stardate 239602.07 - 239605.01
    • When seismic activities on a desert moon orbiting Gamma Orionis destroy part of a civilian research station, the scientists working there are in big trouble. Regular deliveries of supplies are made impossible by the position of the station in the mountains and the loss of their landing pad. Threatened to starve, their only hope is the crew of the USS Constitution. Equipped with new and updated Argo buggies the crew makes their way through the desert of Gamma Orionis VIb, faces off with Large Aggressive Life Forms and takes on the challenge to reach the scientists before the worst occures.
  • Stardate 239510.01 - 239512.03
    • When the Constitution is sent to survey a recently scanned, tidelocked planet, the two Away Teams don't expect to suddenly find themselves in 20th Century Earth, during Halloween. Undercover of being visitors in costumes, they must navigate this entirely unfamiliar environment, whilst the crew left behind try to resolve the strange sensor readings and interferences. The discovery of ancient alien technology and a shuttle crew from 2345 also stranded back in time complicates things. Why were they sent back? What is the alien technology, and will they ever return to the present and see their loved ones again?
When cracking an egg.png
When cracking an egg
  • Stardate 239506.23 - 239510.15
    • When the Linaran Minister of Science calls for help to get back a ship lost in the Lambetta Cluster, the Constitution makes way to accommodate the request. Despite a few difficulties caused by the Nebula itself the Constitution finds the ship, but also a Linaran Escape pod with a deceased pilot. Shortly after, as the ship approached the Linaran Vessel (floating dead in space) they notice they are not alone. An energy creature begins to drain their shields and energy and a race against time begins. Can the Constitution leave the Nebula before the same fate as the Linaran ship meets them? And why is the cargo more important to the Minister than the surviving Linarans?
The Geneva Convention.png
The Geneva Convention
  • Stardate 239502.12 - 239505.05
    • Starfleet has designed a new advanced prototype starship equipped with the latest shield and propulsion technologies: the Geneva Class. On its final long range test with a skeleton crew before its commissioning it strayed into Klingon space. A rogue Klingon Captain saw this as an opportunity and stole the ship. A lone engineer managed to escape and return to Starfleet with her report. The Constitution is ordered to investigate, and if possible retrieve the vessel intact.
Dungeons & Denobulans.png
Dungeons & Denobulans
  • Stardate 239410.30 - 239511.01
    • After Saveron is instated as First Officer, he wants to celebrate with the crew. A new technology - the Faust Unit - is supposed to give the Holodeck Setting a whole new layer. Upon entering every Senior Staff Member is assigned a Class and sometimes even a new species as part of a Roleplaying game in a medieval fantasy world. The party goes under way, but why can't they leave the holodeck and why did a poetry slamming dragon disturb the party to take Queen Saveron hostage? Can the rest of the merry band save her and leave this strange world?
Blind Spot.png
Blind Spot
  • Stardate 239406.09 - 239409.09
    • Starfleet sends the Constitution to Leron III for relief efforts towards the Hinji population, while the Linarans are getting the same help from the USS Bethune. The Constitution delivers replicators, water purifiers and medical aid, but not all Hinji are happy to see the new tech. On scanners Traenor made out a blind spot that is not penetrable by scanners or comm signals. Due to possible implications of hiding military equipment he sends a second team to survey the area. But upon entering the area the shuttle's controls fail and they crash. Will they be able to find their way back out unharmed?
  • Stardate 239402.10 - 239404.25
    • The Constitution crew is informed that they are moving to a new region of duty for at least a year. Starfleet wants them to leave right away to host peace talks between Hinji and Linara. Both species share the same star-system. For a while that went all well, but the small planets each species are on get crowded, so both species want to expand and colonise the last inhabitable planet in the system. Both believe they have 'claim' and are now on the brink of war. The leaders request Starfleet's help. Can they stop events unfolding to a war of worlds or are they too late?

What lies below.png
What lies below
  • Stardate 239308.07 - 239311.04
    • A Dokkaran group of the planet Kelan have to leave their home due to the poisoning of the soil putting them all in danger. They ask Starfleet for help to find a new home. Dagorin VI sounds like the perfect planet, but why would signals from a supposedly crushed terrorist group come from the uninhabited system? And what do the Dokkaran know about the reasons of the poisoning of Kelan? And why would anyone track their ships? What lies behind their re-settlement and are they alone on their new home?

Conny-Cloak and dagger.png
Cloak and Dagger
  • Stardate 239304.25 - 239307.01
    • After enjoying shore leave at Starbase 11 the Constitution Crew leaves for a routine supply run. Before they are under way, however, a vessel hails them requesting sanctuary. The passenger is afraid for her life, after she witnesses a conversation that reveals that the recent death of a government official was not an accident or of natural causes. As she wants to leave the planet to find help, she misses her flight and the ship she was supposed to board explodes. Taking an alternative route, she finds the Constitution and does not only reveal the situation, but also that her people are Suliban. Will the crew help? And if so, what will they find out? Who is behind the murder of Junor and the alleged attempt to kill Akana?

  • Stardate 239301.05 - 239304.08
    • The USS Constitution receives a distress call that is barely audible apart from the words "They are coming". The call is originated in the Bretaka Nebula from the USS Unity, a deep research ship that is well a known part of history for disappearing over 100 years ago. What happened to the ship? Why have they called out now? What are they doing so far from their Mission area? And who are 'they'?

  • Stardate 239209.21 - 239212.01
    • During routine patrols in the Talos Sector, the Constitution gets shaken through violently as they are pulled into a surprisingly appearing singularity. Upon scans and research they find out that they landed close to Earth, on June 27th 1914. The temporal rift has closed itself and the ship has been damaged during transfer. Will the crew be able to return to their own time?

Constitution Medina Ascending.png
Medina Ascending
  • Stardate 239206.23 - 239208.24
    • On their way to Starbase 11 - the Constitution's new home base - the crew receives a distress call from a freighter. Upon arrival they learn from the Captain of the SS Medica Ascending, that they have been attacked, boarded and robbed of their cargo by unknown aliens. During their efforts to help the Conny crew researches the attack to find the culprits. But things don't add up. Can they find out what really happened?

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Commanding Officer
Jalana Rajel
First officer
Diz'mim Ch'Nilmani
Ens T'Ama.png
Operations Officer
Atan T'Seva.png
Chief Tactical Offr
Atan T'Seva
Tac/Sec Officer
Kim stapledon final.png
Engineering Officer
Kimberly Stapledon
Mingxing Shimisi.png
Engineering Officer
Mingxing Shimisi
Ellie Park.png
Medical Officer
Eleanor Park
Indrid Yirah.png
Science Officer
Indrid Yirah
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