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A before and after shot of Ohmallera.

Ohmallera was a city on Betazed. It was once home to 1.2 million people and was renowned on the planet for its state-of-the-art medical facilities and doctors, especially in the fields of psychiatry, endocrinology, and neurology.

A spot of urbanization in an otherwise rural area, aside from its medical facilities Ohmallera was also known for its traditional ways, strong connection to the land despite the sprawling cityscape and had a reputation for remarkable misandry (even for Betazoids).

Unfortunately, the city's distinction as a premier healthcare center made it a target for Armeni, a former psychiatric patient at one of the city's hospitals. After hijacking the USS Constitution-B in 2388, Armeni used the ship to launch an attack on SD 238802.22 with all weapons, destroying the Betazoid metropolis in seconds. There were almost no survivors.

People from Ohmallera

  • Armeni - visited for psychiatric care
  • Radi Rais - Survived: was aboard the USS Victory during the attack
  • Jhaan Rais - Killed in the attack.
  • Lita Rais - Killed in the attack.
  • Nikael Kalre, leader of the Maquis Reborn. Kalre was away during the attack, but his wife and children were killed.
  • H'Rhaedrol Barr - Trained there as a nurse, left just before the attack.

Ohmallera Memorial

The memorial is located aboard the Constitution in the Betazed section of the arboretum. The memorial is a dark, eight-foot statue of minimalist Betazed design depicting three towers standing above a dark pool of water, all of ancient Betazoid architecture, with an enormous disc rising behind them evoking a black sun, a dark moon or the saucer section of a Federation starship. A plaque reads:


2388 will be remembered as a tremendous loss for the United Federation of Planets when the USS Constitution was hijacked and used to destroy the city of Ohmallera, Betazed, costing more than a million innocent lives.

The Constitution continues to fly in vigilance against the forces of chaos in the universe while acknowledging that we are not immune to them.

This is followed by inscriptions of Betazoid prayers for spirits to love and protect the deceased. There are matching memorials located on the Starfleet Academy campus in San Francisco and on the site of the attack on Betazed.