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Lieutenant JG Lystra is currently serving aboard the USS Constitution-B as Tactical Officer

USS Constitution-B
STO Lieutenant-JG Yellow.jpg
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Position Tactical Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Boslic
Gender Female
DOB 236608.22
Age 32
Birthplace Freighter Xal'tress
Writer ID A239410TR0

Biographical Information

  • Full Name: Lystra Xal'tress
  • Race: Boslic
  • Birthdate: 236608.22
    • Age: 32
  • Place of Birth: The Boslic freighter Xal'tress
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic Status: E0/T0


  • Height: 6'0" (182cm)
  • Weight: 177 lbs. (80kg)
  • Hair: Deep Violet
  • Length of Hair: Slightly longer than shoulder length
  • Eyes: Sparkling white, nearly translucent
  • Skin tone: Light peach hue
  • Build: Tall, slender, striking and alluring
  • Taste in Clothing (When off duty): Having traveled across most of the galaxy both prior to and after joining Starfleet she tends to frequently wear styles from numerous cultures, though all are cut to accentuate her sensual figure
  • Voice: Oft Melodic and soft, though she can deepen her voice when the needs to be more appealing
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous, favors her right hand
  • Birthmarks, Scars: No birthmarks, one faint scar on her back from a mostly healed lashing she took while under Syndicate enslavement, runs from her right shoulder down to her mid lower back on the left side. A large brand on her right palm and back of her right hand, marking her as belonging to an Orion Syndicate crime lord. Typically covers it up with black leather gloves.


  • Temperament: Typically casual, easy going. Though seemingly alert even when engaged in jovial activities. She can switch to a purely seductive demeanor, or aggressive one at the drop of a hat when the need arises
  • Faults/Weaknesses: Can sometimes be too bold/blunt when she's agitated or stressed. Has had to maintain the mindset of a survivor/SFI agent for long enough that she can sometimes be evasive and even deceitful out of habit. Slow to trust



  • Marital Status: Single

Biological Parents

  • Mother: Kystrala
  • Father: Galeny (Deceased)
  • Siblings: None

Background Information

Lystra was born in 236608.22 To Kystrala and Galeny a pair of typical Boslic parents, each having been born and lived their entire lives on starships. Like many of their species, they embraced the nomadic lifestyle. The two were wed during a typical Boslic Marriage Trade, where two ships or more arrange to meet at neutral locations in order to arrange some marriages among the single crew members. This involves 2 or more ships arranging to meet at a neutral location in order to arrange some marriages. Each ship will then list all their single crew who are available. Over the next couple days these individuals are inspected, questioned and allowed free access to the other ships and their crews. At the end of the 3 days the heads of each family will discuss any unions they wish to arrange. Normally this results in an equal number of individuals being swapped between ships.

Ten years after their marriage, Lystra was born. She lived a good life, growing up on a Tellarite freighter that her parents had lived on. The Xal'tress. As was typical of their kind, the ship had been purchased a long time ago and the crew had changed over decades as new marriages were made. Constantly upgraded and improved they plied their trade along many of the largest trade routes in the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Trading just about anything and everything. When she was seven, the crew, her family along with two other families. For a total of fifteen crew, sold the freighter they'd been living on and purchased a brand new Vulcan freighter, that retained the name Xal'tress.

This of course meant that the crew made contacts with a great many different worlds, and groups. Most reputable, some not so. While Boslic are similar to Ferengi in their drive to ply their trade, to buy and sell, they tend to have a more ethical approach to it than their more diminutive counterparts.

Of course even they did occasionally find a deal gun running, or smuggling the occasional large shipment of Romulan Ale into Federation space. With the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole the opportunity for the greatest trading seen in centuries presented itself, something no respectable Boslic would dare pass up.

When the Dominion War broke out the Xal'tress had recently negotiated to transport goods through DS9 from the Gamma quadrant. The small and lightly armed freighter was no match for the warships streaming through the wormhole into the Alpha Quadrant they were forced to hide in the closest system they could find. Powered down for days they eventually had to make the trip through the wormhole or risk losing their contracts.

The Xal'tress was one of the last vessels to make it back to the Alpha Quadrant before the crew of DS9 mined the Bajoran side of the wormhole to prevent more reinforcements. At the second battle of DS9 they were pursued by a lone Jem'Hadar attack ship when they went to warp, thinking the Xal'tress was carrying supplies or intelligence for the Federation. It was no match and only survived the attack by pure luck when they were knocked out of warp from the damage sustained and drifted into a Class 2 nebula. Half of the crew had been killed, including Lystra's father. After six weeks the survivors managed to effect enough repairs to operate at low warp to the nearest friendly starbase.

Having lost nearly all of their cargo, and the contracts along with it the remaining crew were forced to use most of their savings to repair the Xal'tress. Shortly after doing so a series of events lead the Xal'tress assisting the Federation Alliance by smuggling weapons, troops, and intelligence agents to and from Dominion/Cardassian space. By the time she was 9, Lystra had learned quite a bit in how covert operatives went about their business. And even befriended a pair of Federation black shirts, which she only ever knew by their codenames. Raven and Sparrow.

After the war's end things improved for the Xal'tress. Taking on a few more crew from Boslic space they soon resumed trading between all three Quadrants prolifically.

In 2377 the Xal'tress was on a run through Orion space when she was waylaid by Syndicate pirates. The aging Vulcan freighter was badly crippled and boarded. Cargo taken, the male crew were killed and the female crew, six in total including Lystra was taken by the slave traders to be sold through the Syndicate's slave markets.

Lystra spent the next two years serving an Orion crime boss, Joven Zoreth, along with her mother. Kystrala, her mother was quite popular and did everything she could to keep her daughter out of anyone's attention. As the Federation and others were working to bring down the Syndicate the two were fatefully contacted by Sparrow, still in Starfleet Intelligence. Making an arrangement, the two Boslic worked with their old contact to slip Sparrow intel on the Syndicate as two of a great many informants that eventually led to the collapse of the Syndicate. Upon its fall, the two were finally freed and with the help of Sparrow, reunited with the rest of the Xal'tress crew.

2384 The Xal'tress was once again prosperous, though now as a Bajoran freighter with an antiquated cloaking device as an emergency defensive measure. Having helped Starfleet Intelligence a few more times over the years Lystra had gotten a taste for it. A few months into the new year, when her mother was planning to bring the ship to a Marriage Trade and knowing she was likely going to be traded off to another ship she quickly enlisted in Starfleet and was accepted.

2384-2389 Attends Starfleet Academy. Taking the Intel Major she passes in the top 10% of her class. With a Minor in tactics she finds she has an aptitude with the training therein and decides to spend an additional year at the Academy to Major in Tactial as well.

2389-2392 Is assigned as a Starfleet Intelligence Officer, Rank of Ensign and sent on dozens of ops, most centering around organized crime as she had previous experience and knowledge of the underworld during her youth.

2392-239506.07 Is pulled from the field after a well planned operation ends with disasterous results, including the loss of life of three SFI agents, two dozen criminals and twice that number of civilians. After a formal inquiry Lystra is cleared of any wrongdoing and it is determined that the operation had somehow been compromised, though no suspect was ever determined. Despite the failure, her performance is reviewed and deemed exemplary in the face of such a difficult situation. She is promoted to the rank of Lt. JG and transferred out of SFI at her request to a Tactical position.

239506.09 Receives orders to report to the USS Constitution-B in the Marshlands. Booking passage on a Quantum Slipstream capable transport heading for Starbase 104.


Starfleet Academy 2384-2389

  • Core Classes
  • Intelligence: Major
  • Tactical: Major

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 4th Class 2384-2385 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 3rd Class 2385-2386 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 2nd Class 2386-2387 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 1st Class 2387-2388 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Cadet 1st Class 2388-2389 Starfleet Academy Cadet
Ensign 238905.01-239506.07 Template:Starfleet Intelligence Intelligence/ Organized Crime
LieutenantJG 239506.09 USS Constitution-B Tactical

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards DutyPost SiskoTacticalCrossAward 2011.jpg
Sisko Tactical Cross 239607.01
USS Constitution-B
This award is given to those Tactical officers who have shown cunning and bravery in battle. Master strategists, and experts in targeting and shield power distribution, these officers have done the impossible to save their ship and the lives of its crew.
Q Award.png
Q Award 239607.01
USS Constitution-B
The Q Award is a general award awarded for continually surprising their crew with unexpected, devious plot twists throughout the year.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 238905.01
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239510.16
USS Constitution-B
Award to the crew of the Conny for the discovery of a new species of space-born lifeform. Dubbed, Grabby and the offspring it bore, Grabbykins.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239510.16
USS Constitution-B
Awarded to Lystra for her quick reactions in relaying sensor data to the helm officer that resulted in keeping the Constitution from being destroyed by the entity known as Grabby.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239606.12
USS Constitution-B
Awarded to Lystra for devising the idea of using the Argo buggy sonic cannons as a deterrent against the insect Large Aggressive Life Forms on Gamma Orionis VIb to counteract the sonic based attacks of the insects on the away teams.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 239606.12
USS Constitution-B
Awarded to Lystra for her participation in the rescue of the researchers on Gamma Orionis VIb during a support mission, despite the extreme circumstances of a powerful storm, LALFs and tectonic instability that resulted in many lives saved.

USS Constitution-B

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