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Currently Assigned to the USS Constitution-B

ATAN T'SEVA - Security Officer
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Vulcan/Bajoran
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5'7''
  • Eye color: Medium Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Birthplace: Bajor
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Partner: Imas Heeka
  • Father: Serak, deceased
  • Mother: Atan Evria
  • Sibling: Atan Lera
  • Children: None
  • Pets: Dara, Devon Rex Cat


On ship romances happen in StarFleet. Sometimes they happen in unexpected ways. Serak and Atan Evria had agreed to just be friends when a hormonal imbalance sent Serak into premature Ponn Farr. And Evria offered to..."help with that." More out of friendship than love.

And it might well have stayed friendship if Evria had not conceived a child. At that point, the only logical thing to do was to get married - and surely friendship was as good a grounds for marriage as passion, especially to Vulcan logic. It was not to be. Serak was killed on an away mission, one Evria would have also been on if the Captain had not kept her to the ship for the sake of the child.

Evria had not realized just how much he was entwined with her, because sometimes friendship can be an even stronger bond than passion. Three months later, she quit StarFleet and went home to Bajor, where she opened a store selling jewelry, and where she gave birth to T'Seva - the name Serak had wanted for a daughter. But the young woman was raised Bajoran, not Vulcan - indeed with little contact with Vulcans other than what she learned in school.

It did not keep her from curiosity, and as she became a teenager she began to study Vulcan culture - and found it about as appealing as a cold shower in the middle of winter. All that talk about logic - but she was also well aware that her own emotions tended to roller coaster more than most of the other children. And she was stronger, too. She knew she had to learn to control her temper - and she struggled with it all through high school.

Eventually, she broke down and did what any young Bajoran would do - she consulted the Prophets. The answer she got, though, was from the Vedek. "You need discipline. And you need to stop running from half of what you are."

So, T'Seva thought about it. She was not smart enough in the right way to have a chance applying to the Vulcan Science Academy - but then she talked to her mother. She had had a little bit of contact with her father's family over the years.

Her mother wrote to her grandmother and T'Seva was sent to spend a few months on Vulcan, to experience the world and see if she could get over her instinctive dislike of it. Unfortunately, her grandmother was very much into kolinahr, and T'Seva found her just as taxing as she had expected.

She was not entirely Vulcan, and she was not here to throw away emotion and passion altogether, just to learn to control it. A more moderate Vulcan might have helped her navigate the maze, but she came to the conclusion that no.

Vulcan was beautiful. Vulcan could not help her. She needed to find discipline another way. She admitted this over subspace to her mother.

Who had another suggestion. "It didn't work out for me, but I wonder if you wouldn't learn a lot from applying to StarFleet."

T'Seva had heard her mother's stories about life on the Centaur, and decided that she would try it. If it did not help she could serve her term and then try something else with useful skills.

She loved it.

She discovered that controlling her temper really needed the right incentive - and the right way to channel it. Security was the obvious path for her, and she learned to fight properly, with care, and without causing any harm she did not intend to cause. She was assigned at first to Deep Space 18, and then spent a good number of years on the USS Maverick. And she found that the Vulcans she met in StarFleet were of a more...laid back mode than the grandmother who had told her to repress her emotions.

They understood IDIC from the inside and understood that a young woman of mixed heritage might not lead the same path as either race. She also studied Romulan society and found it quite fascinating - not that she wanted to be Romulan, but she felt it helped her understand more of herself, just as the old Vedek had told her she needed to do.

Atan T'Seva was promoted to LtCmdr and assigned as a security officer to the USS Constitution. She is now Chief of Tactical.

While on the world of Endaasi, her mother, Atan Evria, witnessed the death of a Ferengi woman protecting her child. She adopted the child, Lera, and took her to Bajor.

Meanwhile, T'Seva met a Cardassian exchange officer, Imas Heeka, and the two have entered into an uncertain romantic relationship...a relationship that crosses cultural and political bounds. Can it last? The relationship itself is remarkably stable, but she fears that Heeka will be recalled to Bajor.

Evria and Lera have now joined her on the Constitution, so now she has to deal with a twelve-year-old sibling who doesn't yet know her way around a starship...

Family History

o Parents LtCmdr Serak, science officer, USS Centaur, deceased. Lt Atan Evria, Bajoran, security officer USS Centaur, retired, now a storekeeper (florist) on Bajor o Siblings Atan Lera, adopted o Partner Imas Heeka o Pets: Dara, Terran cat, Devon Rex.


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o 238807.14 - 239004.23 - USS Zhenyuan, Tactical Officer o 239004.23 - 239206.28 - USS Leonard Euler, Security Officer o 239206.28 - 239311.24 - USS Leonard Euler, Assistant Chief of Security o 239311.24 - 239402.15 - USS Constitution-B, Security Officer o 239402.15 - 239505.18 - USS Constitution-B, Acting Chief of Security & Tactical Officer o 239505.18 - Present - USS Constitution-B, Chief Tactical Officer


o 239404.30 - Peacekeeper Service Ribbon o 239505.18 - Good Conduct Ribbon o 239505.18 - Joint Meritorious Unit Award o 239510.16 - Explorer's Ribbon o 239510.16 - Lifesaving Ribbon o 239602.07 - Department Chief Ribbon o 239602.07 - Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon o 239606.12 - Joint Meritorious Unit Award o 239606.12 - Lifesaving Ribbon o 239611.13 - Explorer's Ribbon o 239611.13 - First Contact Ribbon o 239707.18 - Lifesaving Ribbon o 239707.18 - Purple Heart o 239801.11 - Innovation Ribbon o 239801.11 - First Contact Ribbon o 239809.19 - Orion Syndicate Service Medal o 239809.19 - Operation Safe Harbour Ribbon o 239809.19 - Lifesaving Ribbon

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