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Starbase 104 is situated in the rimward direction Beta Quadrant 15 light years south west of the Lembatta Cluster.

The station stands itself as a multi-role space station. It can support vessels in the area, which might be refueling and resupplying, research and refitting as well as maintenance and repair. Starbase 104 also is a center for economy, trade, commerce and manufacturing with its ever changing visitors and inhabitants. Among these are also diplomats that use the station’s facilities for their meetings and banquets.

With a station of that size and with such diverse life it also houses areas that are not at all what one would expect from a Starfleet Facility, but they contribute to the station’s unique charm. Starbase 104 has the unofficial name, given by its residents of "Southend" (alternatively "South End Station"). The name stems from the time when SB 104 was the most southern Station in Federation Territory. While that might not be the case any more, the residents kept the name.

Starbase 104 is supported by a Cheyenne Class ship, the USS Hototo, and a Steamrunner Class ship, the USS Beaumont.



Class: Immense Class
Time Between Refits: 10 years
Time Between Resupply: 10 years
Computer Core: The station has five primary cores. The computer cores on Starbase 104 are Bio gel / isolinear storage devices utilizing faster than light processing drives with isolinear temporary storage. Starbase 104 operates on LCARS build version 5.2 to account for increases in processor speed and power, and limitations discovered in the field in earlier versions, and increased security.
Power: The station is powered by 4 fusion reactors, with a 5th acting as an emergency backup. The station has five primary cores. The computer cores on Immense-class stations are isolinear storage devices utilizing faster than light processing drives with isolinear temporary storage.

  • Length: 8,250 meters
  • Beam: 8,250 meters
  • Draft: 7950 meters
  • Decks: 660 decks


  • 28 Type-XI phaser turrets
  • 18 Type-IX phaser turrets
  • 16 Type-VIII phaser turrets
  • 60 torpedo launchers (8,000 photon torpedo packages, 3,000 quantum torpedo packages, and 1,000 tricobalt torpedo packages - The Immense-class has the materials in storage and the equipment on board to manufacture more torpedo casings when needed)


The extent of the defensive shields around the station is 600 meters. The station has a double coating of regenerative ablative hull armor, plus redundant emitters for its regenerative multiphasic shielding. There are sixty-four independent tactical sensors on the Immense-class.


  • Officers: 1250
  • Enlisted Crew: 10,000
  • Marines: 2306
  • Civilians: 15,000



Immense-class stations contain Engineering Labs and Manufacturing facilities. For jobs that can be replicated but require large industrial replicators, SB 104 is equipped with at four Class-4 CFI industrial replicators.

Universal Translator matrix

The Universal Translator matrix aboard Starbase 104 consists of well over 100,000 languages and increases with every new encounter.

Diplomatic Features

Starbase 104 has no less than 20 diplomatic conference rooms with one hundred VIP quarters. This allows to service as location for high profile meetings between the Federation and other powers, first contact discussions, and even fleet briefing areas during times of war.

Commerce & Trade Facilities

SB 104 offers entertainment facilities on many levels, as well as full commerce promenades. Visiting crews can put in requests to reserve guest quarters on the habitat areas for a limited amount of time, based on availability.

Several promenades offer restaurants, shops and entertainment from many different races throughout the Federation. Guests are treated to a delightful tour through the food, customs and entertainment of other cultures as civilian shop owners sell their wares and offer their services.

For the hard-working personnel who don't have time to tour the multi-cultural promenades, various lounges on almost every deck are available for use. Decks 20 to 38 of the main hull offer quarters for the VIP and Starfleet Flag Officers, wardrooms (commissioned-officers-only lounges) and a dedicated lounge for Starfleet's senior enlisted: the Chief Petty Officers.

Entertainment Section

Catering for the leisure time of Starbase's population and any visitors, the Entertainment Section provides opportunities for recreation in simulated 'outdoor' environments, as well as sporting facilities and theatres.

  • Mountain Range "The Space": An entire verdant valley ringed by several peaks is situated right at the heart of the station, providing a 'natural' environment for anyone accustomed to time planetside. A section of deciduous forest gives way to open grass, with a small lake and a river that eventually flows beneath a bridge and into a gorge. None of it is holographic, and the space has been stocked with appropriate wildlife from several compatible worlds. Available activities include rock climbing, bungee jumping from the bridge, canoeing and swimming in the lake, bushwalking and picnicking. And because no natural area would be complete without a beach, on another side of the mountain range rests a sandy beach at the edge of the lake. It gave credence to the nomenclature for the Immense-Class designation of the starbase. The series of natural mountains that had been quarried from nearby asteroids and assembled into a realistic approximation of a small mountain range easily approaching a thousand meters or more in height. Like foothills to these mountains, a secondary park-like setting had been established leading away from the alpine meadows formed by this feature, and these multi-use parklands had been labeled the "Verdant Galaxy Gardens"
  • Verdant Galaxy Gardens: Similar to the arboretum aboard the Constitution but proportionally bigger in size, the Verdant Galaxy Gardens were manicured and maintained with public use spaces for a variety of activities. Foliage representing many of the Federation's member worlds could be found in neat gardens and small copses, and lawns and water features seamlessly bordered and blended each biosphere. Whereas The Space encouraged physical activity and adventure, the Verdant Galaxy Gardens encouraged relaxation and meditation.
  • Snow Play Area: A U-shaped 'glacial' valley has been carved into the mountains of The Space, and through some wizardry with the environmental systems it is snow-covered and below freezing, whilst the valley and gardens below remain warm. To add to the atmosphere, visitors access the valley via a cable-car. A modest ski area has been set up, with equipment hire and lifts, and additional activities include tobogganing, sledding and a designated area for snowmen and snowball fights. A cosy chalet offers hearty meals and warming 'apres-ski' drinks.


Promenade-07 is an Earth-like imitation. Skylight screens show blue skies during daytime and starry skies during nighttimes (Station board time). Buildings spring up in the habitat area, creating the sense of a small city, lighting up the bustling promenade. Huge swaths of well-tended green gardens completed the terrestrial look. (Source)

  • The Cafe Grand Paris - run by a human and is tucked away in the French part of the Promenade which is modelled from Historical Paris. (Source)
  • Fruits Bowls Cafe - Decorated in bright if somewhat tacky tropical colours, the cafe does fresh, healthy meals and grows some of it's own supplies, right in the cafe area. It has an airy mezzanine for those who just want to eat, overlooking the bowling lanes, which also include tables and seating. Caters for most dietary requirements. (Source)
  • The Matron - Betazoid fine dining (Source), a selection of different size tables with fancy white table cloths, candles, all set up with fine cutlery and wine glasses. The walls were filled with art work, some of natural sights and others more abstract and there were fine sculptures placed around the room. (Source)
  • T'Keck's - Vulcan cuisine. Austere and minimalist. Nutritionally complete, flavour optional. Vegan. (Source)
  • Rockers - Diner-style cafe, the walls filled with pictures of old and modern rock bands and data sticks with band names written on them. Guitars and other alien rock instruments are attached to the walls, whilst neon lights and a drum kit hang from ceiling. At the end of the room was a bar with silver metal bar stools with red seats and display of many different drinks from many different worlds. Booths upholstered in red leather provide cosy places to sit and the menu features cafe and pub-meal favourites from several cultures. (Source)
  • Rydges - Restaurant offering Boslic and Ktarian cuisine; rich, spicy and sumptuous. (Source)
  • Monthly Markets - Once a month a market is held on Promenade 7, featuring colourful, temporary stalls full of a wide array of goods from across the Galaxy. Some stalls belong to permanent establishments, some to traders with regular routes and some might only appear once, a happy coincidence of timing. The food stalls are always popular, offering a range of street food from many cultures, but it's often the treasures and knicknacks that draw people, hoping to find a bargain.
  • Dewey's - Book store with lots of comfortable seating and reading nooks and a cafe in the back. Has everything from old paper and plastic sheet volumes to the latest holonovels; from philosophical texts and manuals to popular fiction. (Source) (Source)
  • Ly'rerina - Karaoke Bar established by an Antosian former Singer. The main section of the establishment is a general big bar with stage and Karaoke equipment. But for privacy and smaller parties single karaoke rooms can be rented equipped with couches, tables and karaoke equipment. These rooms are 'almost' sound proof, a bit can still be heard outside.

Hinji Bazaar

Promenade-07 houses the Hinji Bazaar, which is the focal point of 104’s Hinji population. The Bazaar is a large open dome structure at the centre of a plaza, ringed in by lush, forest-like gardens. Even in the early evening hours, the marketplace is bustling, vendors crying out the superiority of their wares from each little shop. Spices wave up in the steam from food stands, colourful tapestries of cloth, glittering bangles and strings of gorgeous beads hung from clothing and jewellery stands. (Source)

  • Avaran Grill - Traditional Hinji food for tourists. Try the sample platter. (Source)

The Sink

The Sink is, located a level beneath Promenade-07, a neon-lit bar and restaurant corridor, a little more dingy and claustrophobic than the Promenade, but cheaper and more dynamic than some of the other entertainment districts.

  • Lembatta Suns - A Gorn-run bar and grill. (Source)
  • Garkon's Meatatorium and Boot Repair - Side by side with a Klingon cobbler's, the Meatatorium only has one thing on their menu. It's an adventure, and you get what they got. The only guarantee: it's not replicated. Not for vegetarians. (Source)
  • Pot O' Latinum - An 'Irish' themed bar run by a Ferengi dressed as a leprechaun. A scene to delight aliens and horrify anyone who's actually been to Ireland. (Source)
  • Chezara's Tea Shop - Full of exotic herbal fragrances and rich fabrics, run by an elderly Orionese lady with a lot of life experience. (Source)
  • Amoran Dojo - Tucked away at one end of The Sink is an unassuming door leading to a small but well-appointed dojo. It is run by former Starfleet officer Sinda Essen and teaches a few different martial styles, including Mok'bara and judo, that focus on self defence.
  • Harley's - 'The Best Worst Biker Bar Bar in Space'. Outside the bar were displayed a couple of vintage human two-wheelers. The bar was curved and in the very center, dividing it, was another of those human two wheelers, arranged as if it had crashed right into the bar, with wooden splinters around it. Astride was a helmeted skeleton. Behind the bar on the left side was a human wearing an eye patch. Catering to customers on the right was a human woman with flaming red hair wearing tight leather. (Source)


Nightshade is an area on Starbase 104 in complete darkness. It is tailored to species that live in the dark and have developed night-sight or other ways of 'sight'. (Source) It is solely inhabited by the Linarans, as all but the most visually acute of aliens needed night vision enhancement hardware just to navigate the deck. Visitors who rely on their eyes are provided with night-vision googles. (Source)
Many businesses reside in the main corridor, mini-paths stray from the main hallway that consist of houses. A must-try of the starbase is Runent's, a restaurant owned by a Linaran named Rhan. It was among the first businesses to open when the base was constructed. (Source)
Vast tapestries adorn nearly every vertical surface and billow with the disturbance of the air of the bustle of the crowd. Both ornamental and practical, tapestries are a staple of Linaran architecture where cold was pervasive and drafts were a matter of life. Much like the head-to-foot robes that clothed every single Linaran as a matter of comfort and protection when they set foot off of Nightshade and interacted with the other species of the Federation station, the fabric and patterns of the tapestries are muted yet elegant. Among the wares on the Nightshade market are adornments made from Jurn, a smooth stone only found on Leron IV. (Source)

Shadow Exchange

While not officially condoned the Shadow Exchange is the more or less tolerated Black Market of Starbase 104.

  • Hess' Legitimate Imports: Any business that needs to add the word 'legitimate' to its name is probably not, and Hess' is certainly no exception. This Ferengi-run shop specializes in acquiring the hard-to-get items, and the morally grey ones too. Latinum is king, and nothing is too questionable for the proprietor, whose name may or may not actually be Hess. The dingy shop is filled with "valuable" junk from across the alpha and beta quadrant, and for the right price Hess will use his network of contacts to locate and procure almost anything the unscrupulous shopper may desire.

Science & Medical Facilities

There are over one thousand separate scientific research labs on board Starbase 104. There are also at least six infirmary facilities located throughout the station. The chief medical officer of the Station and the Sector Chief of Starfleet Medical chooses the primary medical facility in the Main Hull. These facilities can practically be considered as a full-fledged hospital when combined. Stations are more capable facilities than any starship in medical operations. The facilities are equipped with EMH programs. Like most stations, SB 104 has nurse stations almost on each level. These areas are staffed on a rotating schedule during green mode, and during higher alert status these stations may all be activated. They provide first aid to injured personnel and become quick essential command posts during situations where the station is damaged.

Holodecks & Gym

There are 108 standard holodeck facilities on the station. These are to be used by groups or individual officers. In addition one can find 216 holosuites on the station, located mainly in the promenade rings. These are smaller versions of standard Holodecks, designed for individual usage. They do everything that their larger siblings do; only these holosuites can't handle as many variables and are less detailed. There is also a Gymnasium which contains the weight room, which has full bodybuilding and exercise apparatuses available for disposal.

Dry Docks

12 drydocks, each capable of servicing repairs for three Sovereign-class starships at the same time, are latched on to SB104, at 4 drydocks per Secondary Hull, by huge tritanium cables. These huge constructs provide the same repair, refit, and construction services as the two external drydocks that hang out the sides of the Main Hull. Onboard computers are permanently linked to Main Engineering to enable the space docks to perfectly match any movement made by the station. This can be done through the six mini-impulse thrusters each possesses.

Main Hull

Command Section

The top concourse of the Main Hull is referred to as the Command Section. It houses the facilities, offices and work areas used by the various staff and commanding officers assigned to Starfleet Sector Command, namely:

  • Starfleet Command Section
  • Starfleet Operations Section
  • Starfleet Science Section
  • Starfleet Engineering Section
  • Starfleet Diplomatic Corps Section
  • and Starfleet Special Operations Section.

Operations, or Ops, is located at the very top of the station, on the of the Main Hull, just below the Subspace Antenna and Long Range Sensor Array and directly supervises all primary station mission operations and coordinates all station departmental activities. Below it is Main Engineering and is the central point for control of all engineering systems, especially those relating to power generation.

The Space Port

The middle and largest concourse of the Main Hull is referred to as the Space Port. It is entered by four large opposing bay doors and is divided into multiple areas called tiers. The interior of the Space Port is capable of holding twenty large ships. There are two construction and repair arrays that hang from the top of the interior of the Space Port.

The top exterior of the Space Port houses 4 landing platforms for vessels such as the Intrepid-class. Once the ship lands a dome shield is activated and atmosphere pumped in. The exterior of the Space Port also has 12 retractable docking pylons located below the external landing platforms.

The Space Port features:

  • Space Port Engineering
  • Capital Ship Docks
  • the Space Port Control room
  • the Space Port Computer Core
  • and even more Cargo Storage
  • areas for passenger and transport docking
  • temporary residential areas (residency for no more than two weeks)
  • commercial areas
  • and even a fair amount of recreational activities.

Flight Deck

Located between the Space Port and the Habitat Area is the Flight Deck. It houses all the shuttles and the tactical fighter complement of the station. It is divided into 4 sections. One section houses the fighters that comprise the Starbase Tactical Wing, one houses six (6) Danube-class runabouts and six (6) Flyer-class shuttlecrafts, one houses eighteen (18) shuttles of various types, and one is for equipment, locker rooms, offices, and other various services the flight crew may need.

Habitat Area

The bottom concourse of the Main Hull is referred to as the Habitat Area. This section contains:

  • Businesses
  • recreational facilities
  • non-Starfleet and other civilian residential areas and quarters
  • various work areas that support the major departments.

Located in several areas throughout the Habitat Area and the Habitat Sections of each of the Secondary Spacedocks, the arboretum is maintained by the botany department, and is used for research into plant-life. The facilities include twisting paths that provide privacy, and streams that feed multiple ponds. 'Natural' lighting is provided on a day/night schedule that provides maximum benefit to the plant-life. The Promenade areas on the station also have arboretum areas, which add to the feeling of an outdoor market place.

Promenades are all focused on business and recreation providing goods and services. Sometimes there is more than one shop of the same type on a station; they are just located in different Promenades.

SB 104 has ten educational facilities located in the civilian areas. These facilities are equipped to educate youth and adults on a variety of subjects especially the basics up to the collegiate level.

Fleet Dock

The second lowest and second largest concourse of the Main Hull is the Fleet Dock. It is where ships of the Fleet belonging to the station can usually dock. It is entered by four large bay doors. The interior of the Fleet Dock is capable of holding twelve large ships. Construction of new fleet ships can also be done inside Fleet Dock.

Two large uprated Type-4 drydocks hang out from the side of Fleet Dock’s hull and is where most of the major repairs and refits are done for the fleet’s ships. The exterior hull of Fleet Dock has 12 additional retractable docking pylons and 24 docking ports for the smaller starships of the Fleet.

Fleet Dock features:

  • Fleet Dock Engineering
  • the Fleet Dock Control room
  • the Fleet Dock Computer Core
  • and even more Cargo Storage
  • temporary residential areas for the crews of the Fleet (residency for no more than two weeks),
  • commercial areas
  • and even a fair amount of recreational activities.

There are also large lounges located throughout the Main Hull. And finally manufacturing areas for SB 104 are located below the Fleet Dock Section.

Secondary Hulls

The Boulevard

The station's main hull is connected to two Secondary Hulls through a connecting bridge. The main passageways that run through the connecting bridge is lined with commercial and public establishments run by proprietors from many worlds and cultures and is more known as the "Boulevard".

Secondary Spacedocks

Secondary Spacedocks are located on any of the 2 Secondary Hulls of the station. Each is entered through two large opposing bay doors and, like the Space Port on the Main Hull, is also divided into multiple areas called tiers. The interior of each Secondary Spacedock is capable of holding ten large ships. Two construction and repair arrays hang from the top of the interior of each Secondary Spacedock. The exterior of the Secondary Spacedocks also have 12 retractable docking pylons each.

The Secondary Spacedocks each features its own:

  • Spacedock Engineering
  • Capital Ship Docks
  • the Spacedock Control room
  • the Spacedock Computer Core
  • and even more Cargo Storage
  • areas for passenger and transport docking
  • temporary residential areas (residency for no more than two weeks)
  • commercial areas
  • and even a fair amount of recreational activities.

There are 32 small docking ports distributed along the exterior hull of the Secondary Spacedocks that can accommodate most civilian transport liners. These berths are meant for simple embarking and disembarking, long term docking is done in the main hull. They also allow direct transport to the typically civilian areas of the station. A small shuttle bus service is run from this bay to the main bay and back at regular intervals. Spacedock Control is located in the central area of each of the two Secondary Spacedocks.

Promenade Rings/Habitat Sections

Promenades on the Docking Rings are the only location where temporary lodges are can be obtained for non-fleet travelers. There are also residential units on the promenade areas, but these are not as many as those on the Habitat Area.

Promenades usually have garden areas; some even have streams and botanical paths running through the center of main paths. Lounges are also found in the promenade and habitat section of the docking rings and also have a battery of recreational games.


  • These specs were taken in large parts from the Immense Class article in the Memory Gamma Fandom Wiki and slightly adjusted to the needs of our group. The user-created content of Memory Gamma is released under the Creative Commmons "Attribution-NonCommercial" license version 2.5 -