The Great Gas Dive (Constitution)

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Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes Team
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer Trade Talk Team
Sarah Mason Mission Specialist Trade Talk Team
Lystra Tactical Officer Trade Talk Team
Salzaar Valys UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau Representative PNPC Edward Spears Trade Talk Team
Alex Blair First Officer Team 1 Leader
Nalni HCO Officer Team 1
Atan T'Seva Chief Tactical Officer Team 1
Cade Foster Medical Officer Team 1
Ravenna Carter Science Officer Team 1
Yito Seja Chief Security Officer Team 2 Leader
Jacob Horne Engineering Officer Team 2
Gunnar Engineering Officer Team 2
Edward Spears Chief Medical Officer Team 2
Lazarus Davis Assistant Chief Science Officer Team 2
Name Position Played by Notes
Ruvator Zadra Governor of the City of Xatrac, Zeltion IV Alex Blair Zeltin
Qeene Gas Diver of Zeltin IV, City of Xatrac Jalana Rajel Linaran, goes by "Queen", Guide Team 2
Andarys Ohain Citizen, Former Linaran Minister of Science Yito Seja Linaran
Sye Vandra Varah City Divers Guild Leader, Zeltion IV Edward Spears Zeltin, goes by "Quickfall"
Dav Jekko Gas Diver of Zeltion IV; City of Xatrac Edward Spears Zeltin, goes by "Skyhook", Guide Team 1
Name Position Introduced by Notes
Polt Gas Diver of Zeltin IV; City of Xatrac Jalana Rajel Caitian
Doak Gas Diver of Zeltin IV; City of Xatrac Jacob Horne Zeltin
Hyun Pilot of Zeltin ship "Iro" Jalana Rajel Zeltin

Mission Brief

Earlier this morning I received a call from the Federation's Minister of Trade. For anyone less familiar with the civilian government, that's about as high as one can go before you hit the president. She's responsible for all economic and trade diplomacy that the Federation participates in. We have received an invitation to the planet Zeltion IV to participate in trade talks. I know, it doesn't sound incredibly stimulating on the surface, but this is a unique situation. Zeltion IV is the current home of the Zeltin people. They are humanoid, not native to the planet itself since, well, Zeltion IV is a gas giant. They live in large floating cities home to hundreds of thousands of their people, industry, and their respective administration. What makes them such a challenge is that, despite being warp-capable, their government is not unified. Normally this would strike them from the list of potential trade partners as trading with us could give a serious advantage to a single faction on their world. The last thing we want to do is be responsible for forging a hegemony that upsets the balance.
This is why we are prepared to offer something of a trial membership in our trade sphere. What we hope to gain from these talks is certainly worth it. Their world contains an incredibly rare, naturally occurring gas that cannot be synthesized or replicated. This gas appears to form at the lower regions of their atmosphere and is extracted plunging into hull-crushing depths to get it manually. Most of their economy is based on the extraction, purification, and trade of this gas. I'm no scientist or engineer, but it seems to react impressively in power generation systems, boosting output significantly for only a small quantity of gas injection. (From Mission Brief sim "Salzaar Valys - Get That Gas!")



  • One of the half a dozen cities around Zeltion IV.
  • Location of the Trade Talks.
  • Lead by Governor Ruvata Zatra
  • Description (Jacob): The city was small at first as it was at the edge of the viewable distance but as they got closer the city grew quite large. At first glance, it appeared to have an upscale polished area in the middle with more industrial looking areas surrounding and spreading outwards. The middle section seemed to be encased in something to protect those inside from the harsh atmosphere of the planet. The sky around the cities was bustling with all kinds of activity. On their current approach angle, you could see what looked to be part of a giant thruster extending below the city. Long metallic structures or tubes protruded down from the city into the depths of the planet.
  • Description (MSNPC Hyun): As they approached the city he looked up at the floating 'island' that was held up with all kinds of makeshift technology. The center had been built first, they had all kinds of material at their disposal at that time. But then they had to expand, add areas made the city bigger and material had gotten sparse to that they built everything with a mismatched number of metals, woods, and whatever they could find. So the center looked sophisticated, while the outside looked more and more industrial and tinkered. That also meant that the official buildings like that of the governor were in the shiny district. It had been important from the get-go. They passed the floating city, one of around half a dozen around the planet - they could even see the fading outline of another in the far distance when they knew it was there - and descended further. They passed the elevator tubes and down here the atmosphere - literal and figuratively - changed.
  • Description (Edward): The underside of the city had come into view. Stabilizers, lateral supports, industrial structures of unknown design, and stationkeeping thrusters all piled into a mashup of technology. The thrusters fired every so often, whether simply moving the city laterally, or helping keep it aloft it was hard to tell.
  • Description (Queen): Outskirts Industrial Area, the Edge: They arrived at the Cart, and jumped into it the moment it took off to the lower layers. They were operated with wires and mechanical wrenches and cranks, to avoid reactions with the gas. The whole system had been changed when the energy output of the shuttle transports had caused issues almost leading to multiple deaths. Their tech was not top-notch, so nobody wanted to risk it. Qeene didn't know how other cities handled their transports, but Xaltrac had learned from that mistake.

The Underside

  • The Bellyside of the Floating City of Xatrac
  • Visited by Team 1
  • Guide: Dav "Skyhook" Jekko
  • Description (Skyhook): Fierce crosswinds and toxic gas blasted against the heavily adorned pressure suit of a Zeltin as he hurtled through the air between platforms connected with nothing but a length of high-tensile cable and faith in the anchoring towers on either side of the 300m wide chasm. A break in the cable or a particularly strong gust and the diver would be ripped from the rig and thrown down into the void below. Lightning flickered between some of the deeper cloud layers, the heavier gasses colliding and causing sheet lightning effects. [...] The lower levels of Xaltrac were more like a series of distinct operational platforms held together through all manner of makeshift structures. Most did not connect with one another, sharing only a connection to the primary core. But getting from one platform to another via the primary core usually wasn't the fastest route. For those with a stomach for it, you could use the zip line system. The overwhelming sounds of industrial processes would have unsettled a newcomer to this level of the city, but it was like music to a veteran. He danced between hydraulic loaders, ram air couplings, and sweating laborers who couldn't even spare a glance at the man weaving through their flow. Finally, after a short ride even lower in a small cage-elevator, Skyhook walked out into an expansive hanger bay/cargo receiving area.

Below Xaltrac, Gas Hauler Furious Zeta Spiral

  • Further down in the atmosphere of the planet
  • Visited by Team 2
  • Guide: Qeene 'Queen'
  • Description (Hyun): The vessels were put together just as well as his own, They flew, they did their job, but they had to use the materials they had available which made them not a uniform looking bunch of vessels. The balloon carried vessels almost were like platforms, harbors for the diving ships. And further down more constructs were visible.
  • Description (Jacob): The landing pad itself was on the industrial side way below the floating city and the view did not disappoint. The floors were metal grates. Light coming through the spaces of the grates illuminated the landing pad. A few lights were hung along the perimeter but the space was still on the dark side. The space looked like it had been cobbled together over the years. Very industrial. There was a heavy metal door some 20 meters away that hissed open, venting some kind of gas into the atmosphere as it opened.
  • Description (Queen): After she went back from the Landing pad through the pressure chamber she stepped out into the harbor area. The bustle of the gas divers greeted her. She steamy hissing of the opening doors their battle cry. With the rest, they left the cart and headed along the gangways to their stops. Each of them in front of a small craft hanging from a strong wire, fixed with a hook on top and more wires to the sides to keep them kind of steady and bring it back. But despite all that it still swayed in the winds. Each docking station had a helper, who first made sure the suit and helmet were properly adjusted, air tight and safe - as much as safe could be in that environment. The vessel was tiny, enough room for one person in the cockpit if they didn't move too much. What actually took up the room of the built were the tanks and the contraption to collect the gas once down on the 'fray'.
  • Rules: Rule Number One: Don't touch anything. Rule Number Two: Don't inhale the gas. Rule Number Three: Don't get too close to the Razaar.

Species of Zeltins

  • Not native to Zeltion IV
  • Four nostrils & gills: The genetic modifications had been made to all of their species when they had settled in the upper reaches of Zeltion IV after one too many exposure incidents had claimed precious lives.

Mission Reports


USS Constitution-B Assigned to Secure Trade Agreement

Zeltion IV – The crew of the USS Constitution-B travel to Zeltion IV in the hopes of securing a highly sought after trade agreement.

After enjoying a ship-wide Halloween party, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) were quickly thrust into their next mission. After a meeting between the Constitution’s command staff, and their resident members of the United Federation of Planets Trade and Economic Bureau, FltCpt. Jalana Rajel called the rest of the senior staff to the observation room for a briefing.

As the staff came to the observation room a quick introduction of the Trade Representatives was made and their mission was soon explained. The Constitution was being sent to Zeltion IV, a gas giant and mining planet in the hopes of securing a trade deal with one of the mining operations.

When asked why this mission was so valuable, Salzaar Valyz, one of the Trade Representatives who called the Constitution home, replied, “I'm no scientist or engineer, but it seems to react impressively in power generation systems, boosting output significantly for only a small quantity of gas injection”.

With their mission at hand, a portion of the team headed to the shuttle bay to prepare for use in the highly volatile gaseous environment, while the rest of the staff prepared for their various aspects of the mission. On the bridge, Rajel and Blair divided the crew into two teams. The lead team, led by Rajel herself, was to be the diplomatic arm handling the trade talks themselves. The remaining two teams shared a common goal, to learn as much about the Zeltin people and the process in which they mine the valuable gas.

As the crew diligently worked on their task, the Constitution completed her voyage coming to a stop in the orbit of Zeltion IV, joining the several hundred other ships in the sector.


Constitution-B Crew Gets First Hand Experience Inside Mining Colony

Zeltion IV – While visiting the city of Xatrac to secure a trade agreement, the crew of the USS Constitution-B get first hand encounters of life inside the mining community.

After parking the ship in orbit of Zeltion IV, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) split into three teams and headed towards the city of Xatrac in the hopes of entering into a trade deal and learning more about the people of Zeltion.

The team led by FltCpt. Jalana Rajel, quickly headed to the city’s equivalent of a government center to meet with Governor Ruvator Zadra. The away team was warmly greeted and ushered towards a feast prepared by the Zeltion people as a welcoming and getting to know your ceremony before their formal trade talks began. When asked for comment on the onset of the trade talks, Zadra had this to say, “The people of Xatrac welcome the Federation to Zeltion and are look forward to a prosperous relationship.”

While the talks began in the government center two other teams, led by Cmdr Alex Blair and LtCmdr Yito Seja, headed towards the lower portions of the floating city to learn more about the people that did the mining. While the two teams had a similar task to accomplish, they went about it in very different ways.

The team led by Blair followed their guide into one of the city’s recreation areas. They found the space full of miners and maintenance workers enjoying all manner of games and drinking. As they observed the happenings, they even nearly got wrapped up in a bar brawl before Blair insisted that they continue on to other areas of the city.

Meanwhile, the team led by Yito went a very different route. They started their journey learning about the mining process and the inherent dangers within. As they progressed in their investigations, their guide shared with them about the dangerous creatures known as the Razaar that posed a serious threat to the mining operation. As the group discussed various safety aspects of the operation, Yito became unresponsive. After some further investigation, it is believed that she was bitten by some kind of bug and they needed to find it in order to treat her.


Disaster Strikes Xatrac City As Crew of USS Constitution-B Investigate Mining Operation

Zeltion IV – The crew of the USS Constitution-B jump to aid citizens after an unexpected attack during an inspection of Xatrac City. Split into teams, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) went about the business of learning more about the mining city of Xatrac while FltCpt. Jalana Rajel negotiated a trade agreement for the rare and valuable gas that the city produces. While Rajel’s talks proceeded, the other teams faced a series of unfortunate happenings that quickly threw their goals off track.

After an unfortunate encounter with a native insect, the team led by LtCmdr. Yito Seja raced to find the insect in order to find a way to treat their team leader. After some investigation, the decision was made for the team to return to the Constitution to provide the proper treatment, while also bringing along one of the miners, Queene.

Meanwhile, the team led by Cmdr. Alex Blair was investigating the mining operation’s maintenance bay when disaster struck. A large creature, known as the Razaar, attacked the city wreaking havoc across the maintenance facility. The large creature tore through a bulkhead, exposing the bay to the harsh environment of the gas fields, and injuring many miners in the process. During the attack, LtJG Ravenna Carter was caught by a piece of debris resulting in several members to the team heading back to the Constitution to offer medical assistance.

Staying behind to help, Blair and LtCmdr. Atan T’Seva jumped into action with their guide Skyhook. After asking what they could do to help, Skyhook said “ Find someone alive. Help get dem inside... All we can do.” Which is exactly what Blair and T’Seva did.

Back at the trade talks, word reached the city’s governor, Ruvator Zadra, of the disaster. After sharing the news with Rajel, the joint decision was made to head down and offer whatever help they could.


Constitution Crew Assists in Rescue and Repairs of Mining Colony

Zeltion IV – After disaster strikes the mining colony of Xatrac City, the crew of the USS Constitution-B step in to help with rescue and repair efforts.

While the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) were visiting the city of Xatrac, a mining colony, to secure a trade deal between the miners and the Federation, disaster struck. A massive creature, known as the Razaar, attacked the city’s mining maintenance bay causing untold and never before seen damage and chaos. The crew of the Constitution, led by FltCpt Jalana Rajel, quickly stepped into action demonstrating the best ideals of Starfleet.

Already split into teams, the crew began to converge upon the maintenance bay to assess the damage and help the injured. One team, led by Cmdr Alex Blair, was in the maintenance bay when the disaster struck. After tending to their own injured, Blair’s team started to assess the damage caused. It did not take long for them to discover the extensive state of structural integrity damage to the colony. They quickly started brainstorming ideas on how best to help and requested more help from the Constitution.

Rajel’s team made short work of getting to the maintenance bay. Once there, Rajel took charge of the Constitution’s rescue efforts and began redirecting the incoming reinforcements on where best to focus their efforts. Tapping into her medical background, Rajel focused on helping the injured. Meanwhile, back on the Constitution, teams began making preparations for a contingency plan if the need to evacuate the colony arose. The team started converting a section of the ship to support the miners and their unique physiological needs.