When cracking an egg (Constitution)

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Mission timeframe: Stardate 239506.23 - 239510.15

As the Constitution is asked for help to recover a Linaran ship in the Lambetta Cluster, the crew is eager to help. On their way to the nebula they learn that the ship has discovered an energy source that will save the life of many Linarans, while their home planet is on the brink of collapse as their energy sources run out of power. The sun is not an option as the whole planet lies in the dark, so sources have to be found elsewhere.

The Constitution finds the ship, but it is abandoned. After scanning the area they find an escape pod with a deceased pilot. With no idea what had happened the Conny crew brings the pod and pilot on board and approaches the Linaran ship to retrieve the cargo. The object is of unknown make up and origins to the crew but they trust the Linaran Minister that it is important to be brought to Leron II.

But once the energy source object is on board the Constitution's scanners show they are not alone. An energy creature begins to drain the shields and energy. Attempting to leave the nebula the Constitution Crew has to race against time before the creature drains them of all heir power. But no matter what they try, the creature doesn't let go.

Just when more in-depth scans are done they realize that the object they had retrieved and the energy creature have the same energy signature and they discover it to be the creature's offspring. Despite the knowledge that this energy source would safe the Linaran people, the Conny crew decides to hand the egg back to the creature, as they are opposed to delivering a living creature to be exploited for its energy. The Minister, Andarys Ohain, is not happy about that decision but gives in eventually, agreeing to find different energy sources as an alternative.

Once the egg is released into the possession of the energy creature the Constitution is also released from its grasp and the crew can return to Starbase 104.