The message (Constitution)

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The Crew and Cast

Player Characters in the mission
Name Position Notes
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer
Maxwell Tannhauser HCO Officer LOA
Atan T'Seva Chief Tactical Officer
Lystra Security/Tactical Officer
Kimberly Stapledon Engineering Officer New
Cade Foster Chief Medical Officer
Evelyn Veir Medical Officer
Kimahri Rehn Counselor Joined 22.03.2023
Azura Ada Science Officer
Akaris Venn Science Officer LOA
Shedet Science Officer
Name Position Played by
So'Mior Science Officer/Rock Nerd Cade Foster
Imas Heeka OPS Officer Azura Ada
Name Position Played by
Imael Pirate Cade Foster
Yeaban Pirate Azura Ada

The premise

Two officers of the Constitution, So'Mior and Imas Heeka, receive an anonymous message requesting to contact the source.

Message: ::a bit of electrical interference:: Hello? I am looking to meet with a Mr. Somior or a Ms. Heeka. Or both. There is a secure comm code if you are willing to speak. This is of the utmost importance. ::A pause and then some words that were either an untranslated language or complete gibberish.:: Shi-saan shashibe shomorae. I repeat: Shi-saan shashibe shomorae.

After a bit of back and forth of attempting to decipher the last bits of the message, the two, and Talia Ohnari, figure out that the last bit of the message was the comms code. Contacting the sender of the message the trio finds out the following information.

  • The sender's sister is dying after being mind flayed by a pirate occupant of the Deep South Mine.
    • The same mine the Conny crew freed from said pirates. The pirate was Shael, the same Ullian that injured So'Mior's mind.
    • The sister is in stasis, in the medbay of the SS Thornwater. Her brain isn’t responding, but when it does she says some names of Starfleet Officers. The names of So'Mior and Imas were the ones the caller could make out.
  • Orion Syndicate pirates are on the SS Thornwater and will not hesitate to kill the sender and their sister if they try to leave.

Despite being well aware that this was most likely a trap, the trip decides to fly to the SS Thornwater to help. Once they arrive Talia is injured while boarding the ship. So'Mior and Imas continue their path, but realize they need backup and patch a distress message through their shuttle to the Constitution.

On the Constitution

Since the crew is enjoying shore leave, the absence of the three is registered but believed to be well-deserved a vacation trip. The post-mission party in the Saloon is getting interrupted when the Distress Call arrives the ship.

Distress Urgent. On board SS Thornwater. Pirates. Heeka/So'Mior/Ohnari. Ohnari Injurd, Condition Unknown.

Jalana immediately calls off the party and announces red alert and immediate departure. The Thornwater is about 30 minutes away.

SS Thornwater Specs

  • Freighter, class two, Synnabar series, registered out of Marabar Colony
  • Flight plan out of Delphi, carrying refugees
  • Synnabar class: Civilian freighter
    • Two type-3 phaser banks, one fore and one aft.
    • Navigational deflectors,
    • low power single-phase shields.
    • Cruises at warp 4.1, max is 5.9 for 2 hours
    • Old subspace mesh component discovery protocol version 2
  • Crew of 25, up to 30 if families are on board
  • Double-reinforced hull for transporting class two and three hazardous materials

The Teams

The Constitution remains out of sensor range of the Thornwater. The Senior Officers fly in three runabouts to the Thornwater, each with their own mission.

Distraction Team

Runabout to swoop in and keep the Thornwater bridge crew busy with flight maneuvers and light shooting

  • Leader: Azura Ada
  • Pilot: Maxwell Tannhauser
  • Tactical: Atan T'Seva

Rescue Team 1

  • Leader: Cade Foster
  • Lystra
  • Akaris Venn
  • Kimberly Stapledon

Rescue Team 2

  • Leader: Jalana Rajel
  • Evelyn Veir
  • Shedet
  • Kamahri Rehn
  • NPC Engineer