Cloak and Dagger (Constitution)

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Constitution Crew Cloak & Dagger.png

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
T'Mar First Officer Acting CO in this mission
Rustyy Hael Chief Engineering Officer Acting FO in this mission
Sinda Essen Chief of Security
Alexander Williams Chief of Tactical
Gina EsAleh Tactical Officer
Dag Sindri Engineering Officer
Nathaniel Wilmer HCO Officer Joined SD 239305.11
Miles Driscoll Comm/OPS Officer Joined SD 239305.24
Shar'Wyn Foster Chief Medical Officer
Jerome Milsap Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Dial Nurse
Danzia Counselor
Chelin Ch'Gabor Science Officer
Tahlin Alse Science Officer Joined SD 239305.18
Solaris McLaren Chief Intelligence Officer
Akoni Soriano Intelligence Officer Joined SD 239306.02

Plot summary

Previously on USS Constitution - Cloak and Dagger ...
End of shore leave Jalana learned that her father had a heart attack and she left towards Trill to take care of him, leaving T'Mar in Command, who chose Rustyy as acting FO.

The mission was supposed to be an easy supply run, but then an unknown ship hailed the Conny. A woman seeking help. She beamed on board and spoke with T'Mar first, before a senior officer briefing. The woman, Akana, revealed to be Suliban from the Planet Lerayn. She told them that one of her government officials was found dead a few days ago and after that she had overheard a conversation that made clear that this official, Junor, was killed for money. She tried to get help from her own leader, but he believed her to be overworked and hallucinating. So Akana decided to get help from somewhere else - Starfleet.

Just as she was about to reach the ship that was going to take her, that ship exploded and she believes that the people she overheard had seen her and now want her out of the way. She took a different ship to get help. Flying towards SB 11 the first Starship she found was the Conny. The crew was partly sceptic, but willing to help. So they headed to Lerayn.

When they arrived an away team headed to the planet (Rustyy, Danzia, Jerry, Gina and Tahlin) to find out a bit more about what was going on down there. The team split and Jerry and Gina went to see the corpse of Junor, which then was beamed away minutes after they arrived. Deputy Minister Tyan locked them in the Morgue.
Rustyy, Danzia and Tahlin were locked in holding cell, because nobody informed the Guards that they are allowed to be there.

The Conny meanwhile had started their investigation on board. Some people began research about the Suliban. Akana started to help Chelin and Dag to investigate the explosion of the shuttle that was supposed to bring her here. They managed to beam the wreckage on board but as soon as they started to take a look at it, the three were beamed off board by someone unknown on the planet surface. A team (Sinda, Solaris and Tad Cooper) headed to the surface to find them.
Chelin, Dag and Akana find themselves in a dark room and know they are not alone. A man in the shadows is not sure what to do with them or why they are three. He only wanted Akana. Not knowing what to do he leaves them alone, but surrounded by a force field.

The ship suddenly began to have problems and a virus was discovered. Not just any virus, a bio virus eating away at the computer. Nate Wilmer is starting to work with Foster in medical to find a solution, while another team Kapoor, Necessity James and Miles Driscoll are checking for good old paper manuals to help with that, since the computer is going coo coo. They all work together and are successful in removing the Microbes before they can cause more damage.

Back with Unknown and the Trio, the man in the shadows is losing his mind -not that he ever had one- and things escalate when the rescue team storms the room. Unknown shrieks and called out a random string of utterances before lowering the force field on gunpoint. Just a moment later Akana had found a laser weapon and shot Chelin and Dag. While aiming at Sinda, Sol used the chance to bring Akana down, who then shot Sol in the process. The arriving Suliban group consisting of Gulro a Guard, Deputy Minister Tyran and two guards, rendered Akana unconscious by shooting her. As she woke up she admitted to the crime of killing Junor and pointed Gulro out as the man responsible for it, who denied the claim.
Rustyy, Danzia and Tahlin manage to escape the holding cell, as well as Gina and Jerry manage to break out the morgue. They meet up and finding the others with help of their scanners, they join the big team. Only moments later every away team member and the six Suliban (Tyran, Gulro, Akana, Unknown and 2 guards) are beamed to the Constitution.

On the Constitution Akana and Gulro are detained for questioning. Tyran is persuaded to cooperate by T'Mar. The away team members are cared for by medical, because of their exposure to theta radiation, stemming from the grounds the abandoned building was built on, in which Akana, Chelin and Dag where kept.

Security learns that Akana was a sleeper agent, programmed by Gulro. She was paid by him to kill Gulro at his command. Akana and the unknown kidnapper are handed over to the Starfleet Psychological treatment center on 11, while Gulro is handed over to the authorities on Lerayn.

Mission reports

Stardate 239305.01

Headline: Crew of the USS Constitution-B take a well-deserved Shoreleave
Location: Starbase 11- Crew enjoys shoreleave, Captain rushes to Trill for family emergency.

Plot summary
After escaping the subspace, energy draining creature in the Betreka Nebula, the crew of the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B made their way to Starbase 11 for some well needed and well deserved rest and relaxation. On their way to the Starbase, a memorial service was held for their lost crewmate. To lighten the mood, Capt. Jalana Rajel distributed several ribbons. One officer, Ens. Solaris McLaren, also received the honor of being promoted to LtJG. as well as Chief Intel officer. Some crew members built deeper relationships with each other, realizing how quickly their lives could be taken away. Others created new relationships as the crew mingled on shoreleave.

Starbase 11 offers a wide range of stores, restaurants, and activities so the crew had plenty to distract themselves with while the Constitution was being repaired. Even the Captain and the First Officer made it a point to get off of the ship during leave. According to an anonymous source, Rajel was seen spending time with LtJG Jerome Milsap. Rajel and Milsap were spotted together on the Starbase.

"I think it's good for her to socialize like that. She's the Captain, but she still needs to have a life too!" shared Ensign Mary Noes.

Unfortunately for Rajel, however, shore leave was cut short as she received the news that her father, a Trill Ambassador, was being treated for a currently unknown health condition. FNS is working to learn more but has confirmed that the Ambassador was rushed to hospital. By leaving the ship, Rajel handed control of the vessel and her crew to the First Officer, LtCmdr. T'Mar. This is T'Mar's first time commanding a starship, but there is currently no reason to believe there will be any issues. The Constitution is currently preparing to run supplies to a Federation colony before returning to Starbase 11. It seems that T’Mar’s first mission should be a relatively simple one…

Stardate 239306.01

Headline: The USS Constitution-B investigates possible murder cover-up
Location LERAYN- A Suliban Government official has been found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Plot summary
Lerayn, a Suliban inhabited world, lost a well respected government official recently. There was little to offer as to why the healthy man suddenly died. But a lowly assistant in the same building came to overhear something rather disturbing, prompting her to seek out the first StarFleet vessel she could find - The USS Constitution NCC-9012-B.

Meanwhile, LtCmdr T’Mar settled in to her new role as Acting Captain, bringing Lt Rustyy Hael up from engineering to take the role of Acting First Officer. Just before they were about to take off from StarBase 11, a Suliban woman named Akana hailed the ship as asked to speak with its Captain. As Acting Captain, T’Mar agreed to listen to Akana’s claims of murder within her government. After careful consideration, T’Mar decided to investigate the claims deciding it was better to air on this side of caution and be sure that no one else fell to an early grave. The crews jumped on board with a mixture of excitement and hesitation as they began to delve deep into what StarFleet has on Suliban culture and Intel.

On their way to Lerayn, the crew was joined up by LtCmdr Nate Wilmer - who happily returned to his former position as an HCO officer. Many of the crew were pleased to have Nate back at the Helm and on board. “It’s nice when the distance is port to bow rather than light years, when it comes to staying up to date with friends,” said Ensign Jamie Magpie. Also catching up to the Constitution was fresh meat Ensign Tahlin Alse for the science department and Lt Miles Driscoll to work with LtCmdr Wilmer at COMM/OPs.

Though not met with open arms exactly, the Constitution and her people were received by the Minister of Lerayn and allowed to visit and better investigate the unusual circumstances and claims that brought them there. Akana asked to remain on board, fearful for her life, and help the officers from there. But returning home wasn’t the safest when she, Ensign Chelin Ch’Gabor and Ensign Dag Sindri were transported off by someone who lurked in the shadows. The crew still aboard reacted immediately to the sudden loss of crewmen, but to no avail as of yet. Meanwhile, those scattered on the planet were kept distracted from their purpose by constant roadblocks and disappearing bodies. All of which has lead to more questions than answers...

Stardate 239307.01

Headline: USS Constitution-B uncovers ties with the Cabal
Location LERAYN — Suliban guest is found oout to be a sleeper agent, who is behind Minister Junor's murder. Claims to have been programmed by a government's guard, a secret member of the Cabal.

Plot summary
Though the tensions between the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B and the Suliban government had been high tinseled enough to feel through the vast space between the planet and starship, Minister Fayne was cooperative. Little did he know that far more sinister operations were afoot, continuing to stick their noses into the USS Constitution’s investigation.

Meanwhile, the crew members sent planet-side continued to pop out of contact. The sudden loss of officers aboard the USS Constitution -as they were beamed off the ship by an unknown source- prompted the acting Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander T’Mar to send Lieutenant Commander Sinda Essen to the planet. Sinda and a team of officers were to seek out their people and possibly uncover the truth of all this madness. With swiftness, the team lift off, and more interference arose when the shuttle was attacked.

A strange computer virus wormed its way through the USS Constitution’s systems, not only did it draw the attention of the Ops chief, Lieutenant Commander Nathaniel Wilmer - but also that of the chief medical officer, Lieutenant Commander Shar’Wyn Foster. The reason for that was that the virus was actually a herd of microbes.

"You never really think about a computer virus being a medical officer’s problem. But I guess that just goes to show how strange things can be" said Lieutenant JG Abicrom of the Medical department.

With the help of a handful of Operations Officers, Wilmer and Foster eliminated the virus and restored the Constitution's systems to their former state.

The teams on Lerayn had by then found the lost Officers and their guest Suliban Akana, who to their surprise began to shoot the Starfleet Officers. After being rendered unconscious by a Suliban guard, she came to shortly after and not only admitted to having killed Junor, but also accused the aforementioned guard of being behind the act.

As the teams on Lerayn converged in the theta radiated, abandoned part of the government building, a temporary truce was made for all to get to safety. Once beyond the dangerous grounds, everyone was transported to the USS Constitution, where the search for answers began.

It was later found out that all the interference was caused by members of the Cabal, one of which was the Guard who admitted having programmed Akana to be a sleeper agent to do his bidding. He was left to be tried by the Suliban government for both treason and murder. Akana, on the other hand, has been handed over to the psychological Facilities on Starbase 11 where experts will work on deleting the programming. She will then face a trial to determine her future. Many questions still remain a mystery, and we might never find them. Despite it all, the USS Constitution is headed for some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

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