Constitution Interiors

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This page is under Construction and will be be updated with pictures and more details

Below are some Key Location aboard the USS Constitution. Click on the name to find out more.

Main Bridge

  • The Command Centre of the USS Constitution

Observation Lounge

  • Meeting Room used by Senior Staff.

Transporter Room

  • Typical Personnel Transporter Room


  • Popular recreation facility and Botany Laboratory

Ten Forward Lounge

  • Bar and Popular Social Area. Serving both fresh and replicated food; synthehol and selected alcoholic beverages

Battle Bridge

  • Command Centre of the Stardrive section when seperated from the Saucer.


  • Main Healthcare Facility


  • Detention Cell

Main Engineering

  • Nerve centre of Engineering

Science Department

The department for Science and its different branches.

History & Archeology

  • Archive, library, and conservation labs.

Crew Quarters


Misc Facilities