Constitution Mission Archive 2388 to 2391

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This chronicles the missions of the USS Constitution-B from 2388 to 2391, under the command of Captain Samuel Perkins.

For earlier missions, see Constitution Mission Archive 2378-2387.

This may also include links to organizations and people encountered by the Constitution-B crew.


Mission 1: Divine Right

The sudden return of Armeni, a Betazoid felon and psychotic case with a serious grudge, came with the hijacking of the USS Constitution... and this was done right under Starfleet's nose. Flying out of spacedock under brigand control, Armeni and a band of highly trained mercenaries and pirates set course for Betazed, her home world. The ease of her takeover came from the former Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich, under her control and at her right hand. Her grudge with Lt. Cmdr. T'Lea unfulfilled (due to a duty post move to the Aurora only days before), her remaining goal was the destruction of Betazed itself, for offenses against her evolutionary perfection and incredible telepathic prowess.

The crew taken hostage, the senior staff was beamed into a deadly, apocalyptic holographic world to keep them busy while Armeni wreaked havoc on Betazed. Several crewmembers managed to evade her, but were too late to stop the destruction of the city of Ohmallera, renowned for its hospitals and home to her incarceration. Slaying small herds of demon minions and a "boss" dragon, the crew eventually wrestled the Constitution from her control and she was sent to Betazed to pay for her crimes. Zubowskivich remained with the Constitution, now free from her twisted control and looking to make up for his many crimes.

Mission 2: Unnamed

Summoned to repair a damaged communications satellite, the crew of the Constitution discover the damage has been caused by the body of not one, but two deceased Romulans, one of which having become fused with the machinery. Further investigation leads the crew to a small planet within the Romulan Neutral Zone -- evidence pointing to the existence of an Iconian Gateway planetside.

While Captain Perkins maintains a tense stand-off with a Romulan Warbird also orbiting the planet, Lieutenant Commander Whale leads an away team to the surface. The away team discovers that the mysterious deaths are the work of an experimental photonic life form the Romulans had brought to the planet. Having been infected by Iconian technology, the life from -- known as Trodoc -- was murdering the Romulan "intruders" to protect her home.

Much to the away team's distaste, the only solution to ending Trodoc's reign of terror was to destroy the Iconian Gateway and thus destroy Trodoc. However, Ensign Arden Cain was able to save the Trodoc life form in an self-contained storage drive in the hopes that she can be repaired.

Mission 3: The Assimilation Engine

Temporarily assigned to assist Starbase 94's Search & Rescue Operations (SAR Ops), the USS Constitution begins an investigation into what happened to Duster's Range, a Federation mining colony that had suddenly ceased all communication without warning. Further to that, the crew is also investigating the fate of the USS Nimitz, the starship that had originally been tasked with looking into the Duster's Range situation.

Once within the underground colony, an away team quickly discovers the terrible reason for Duster's Range's silence -- the entire colony has been assimilated by the Borg. The question of why no one saw it coming -- why no Borg ships were picked up on sensors coming or going -- is answered by the team's engineer when it's discovered that no Borg have ever visited Duster's Range. The colony is the victim of what amounts to Borg chemical warfare, with a small object packed with nanoprobes having been launched at the planet. Upon impact the nanoprobes began to assimilate everything and turn the colony's mainframe into a Sub-Collective.

At the same time, the crew still aboard the Constitution make their own horrifying discovery -- the USS Nimitz has also been assimilated and has also been transformed into a Sub-Collective.

Both the away team and a SAR team sent to the Nimitz barely escape with their lives and a paltry nine survivors are rescued. Duster's Range is officially quarantined until further notice and the USS Nimitz vanishes without a trace.