Bells of Paradise (Constitution)

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This mission took place on Endaasi

The Teams

Hiking Team "Traces of the Wild Walker"
Name Position Notes
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer
Saveron Counselor
Sarah Mason Intel Officer
Lystra Tactical Officer
Ravenna Carter Medical Officer
Caving Team
Name Position Notes
Nugra Intel Officer
Cade Foster Mission Specialist
Yito Seja Chief of Security LOA 239709.29
Edward Spears Chief Medical Officer
Scavenger Hunt Team
Name Position Notes
Alex Blair First Officer
Lazarus Davis Chief Science Officer
Atan T'Seva Chief Tactical Officer
Jacob Horne Assistant Chief Engineer
Name Position Notes
Squash-O Scientist Endaasi, played by Lazarus Davis
Avo'gh Retired Warrior Klingon, played by Jalana Rajel
Memeth Retired Warrior Klingon, played by Alex Blair
Ishar ??? ???, played by Lazarus Davis
Spekt Drone Maintenance Hologram Hologram, played by Lazarus Davis, Simulated Personnel: Evaluating, Cleaning, Thinking, Reacting; Expertise. Unit E7-4G-0Z98

The beginning

After several days of relaxation and shore leave First Officer Alex Blair calls the Senior Officers together for a day of Team Building Exercises. The Officers are split into three groups with different activities:

These are their adventures


The group will be hiking to a village that’s located in the Tat’si Mountain range, following the "Walker Path" learning about the legend of the Wild Walker.

  • "The valleys of the Tat’si Mountain range have been inhabited by the Soin people for two hundred and thirty generations, traditionally in small herding communities, who would be semi-nomadic during the warmer months and return to their village during the snows. Carved by glaciers during the last ice age, the mountains are rich in iron and beryllium ore as well as fossils from an ancient seabed. The Soin people had a rich remembered history, passed on telepathically from generation to generation, including creation myths involving the constellations, and the legend of the Wild Walker." ~ Inscription on a plaque at the beginning of the 'Wild Walker Trail' / Saveron
  • "Apparently these mountains are due to recent plate tectonics; a large continental plate to the north is subducting under this plate, forcing them up. There was once an ocean between the plates, hence the marine fossils. It states here that in 2141, famous mainland explorer Run-T was mapping these mountains when she discovered a disproportionately large footprint in the mud of a mountain meadow bog. She made a cast of the print and showed it to the local people, who told her that it belonged to the ‘Wild Walker’." ~ Inscription on a plaque of the 'Wild Walker Trail' / Saveron
  • "Throughout time stories about the "Wild Walker" have been passed down from generation to generation, through telepathy among the Endaasi and through song, poetry and stories among visitors keeping it alive for thousands of years. It is said that he may have once lived with the people. Various claims have been made but no actual sightings could be confirmed." ~ Inscription on a plaque of the 'Wild Walker Trail' / Jalana Rajel


Caving and exploring the Helthala Cave system

At the cave entrance is a wooden cabin. Inside one wall was filled with rows of helmets of different sizes and bright colours each with its own light for people to take for exploring the open parts of the cave. Oversuits and harnesses were provided as well. Behind the back of the hut were more steps leading to the entrance to the cave, big enough for two people to walk side by side. Once past that entrance visitors would have to walk behind each other. Common walkways were taken by tourists and cavers, but there were other routes that were off the path only taken by guided tours. Those paths were not as worn but showed more natural sights and one of them was taken by the Caving Team.

  • The handlamps they had cut an eerie yellow path through the dark passages, making the damp walls look like they were oozing with some sort of molten slime. Tricks of the light, the rocks were still quite stony, but formed into rivulets by eons of erosion and deposits. - Cade Foster
  • Ed's voice echoed in the passage in a way that seemed to emphasize how enclosed they were. It was punctuated by a slow dripping sound of water or some other liquid falling into a pool somewhere.- Edward Spears

Scavenger Hunt

A cultural scavenger hunt that was designed by the hotel’s hospitality staff.

  • First hint: "In ancient Endaasi culture, midday meant time to sit and enjoy a glass of merbata with a friend. Traditionally, merbata is brewed in a tzarera. Find a traditional tzarera."

The team interprets the hint as either beer or coffee related. After a quick search in the directory, they find three close locations of coffee shops and head to the direction with two of them. In the coffee shop (tzarera) they order a merbata and the Endaasi preparing it apparently was expecting them. Underneath their cups they find the next hint.

  • Second hint: "A hallowed crown rests above the seat of elaiean."

The first interpretation has to do with the Government. It can't be a throne of a King or Queen because Endaasi isn't a monarchy.

Constitution Bridge

When Blair planned the activity he and D'Sena discovered that some material in the rocks of the chosen Mountain and Cave for two of the teams are interfering with the ship's scanners. The possibility of contact not being possible was taken into consideration. They did believe that they wouldn't need to worry about it, but the bridge crew would be informed to not cause a panic when their signals were lost.

Side Plots

  • Two old Klingon Warriors (Memeth and Avo'gh) are on vacation but pretty bored. Memeth tells Avo'gh about a "job" they could do and they decide that everything is better than sitting around drinking watered-down liquid sugar. They plan to break into a location deep in Hal'ita mountain to get past a security system and retrieve Gold Pressed Latinum for Memeth's contact.

The Shake up

The exercise had not been going on for too long - maybe an hour or two? - when rumbles were felt through the ground. First only a little, then another a bit longer, and then suddenly the ground shook and swayed. That event can be felt over a large area emcompassing all three teams and beyond. EARTHQUAKE!


  • And that was then the big one happened. Not catastrophic in strength but strong enough to kick Jalana off her feet, losing balance. Rocks from the mountain side rolled first towards them but then down the slope and some of the weaker trees didn't like to be shaken up and fell. Luckily for them not in the group's direction. That one lasted longer, it felt like minutes of ground that did not only vibrate but sway back and forth. Some dust or dirt, she wasn't sure was thrown into the air and began to cover them, the noise all of this caused was deafening. As it finally subsided and an eerie silence fell over them Jalana looked around the group, her green eyes scanning them all. As her eyes fell on one of those that were behind her she saw that the debris, stones, rocks and trees had now cut off the way back down into the village. They were pretty much wedged in between the mountains. ~ Jalana Rajel
  • Up ahead, the length of path towards the next plaque, previously a cliff-edge walk with an elegant safety rail, had simply vanished, fallen from the cliff, along with some of the local plant life.~Saveron

The team turns back and takes a path marked to be used only with a guide, as the other ways are cut off. That path looks relatively unharmed, other than some fallen young trees or small stones on the way.

  • They came to a junction with no less than four different paths going from the main path like little rivers from an ocean, and of course all in different directions. They could only see a little of each path that wound its way wedged through rocky cliff sides, not far enough to see where the next curve would lead to. And the walls were too high to just climb up and check it from the top. There were no signs or markers she could locate by looking around. Endaasi guides though would have their own system she assumed. ~ Jalana Rajel

The team takes the second path after some deduction and "counting rhyme" and continues on their path until Jalana smell smoke coming from somewhere, brought to them my a breeze. Lystra climbs on a tree to find out where the smoke is coming from and they continue their way in that direction.

The group finds the fire and attempts to extinguish it with dirt, twigs, and other means but nothing seems to work. Saveron brings the group to a safe burnt patch so they plan to wait until the Fire goes around them while trying to figure out what to do when a giant upright standing frog-like creature appears and blocks the fire from them. Moments later a huge load of water drops on the group extinguishing the fire. They see a flying vehicle leave the scene without noticing them.

Lystra attempts to communicate with the creature but runs into issues with their languages being too different until Saveron has an idea and draws simple well-known atoms into the ground that the creature seems to recognize and draws its own version next to them. Meanwhile Jalana tries to find out more about the creature's biology but the tricorder has issues with the massive differences in anatomy and base of blood being proteins and lipids that are unknown to it.

Ravenna and Sarah split from the group - under instruction to stay in ear shot - to find a location for a possible shelter, as they don't know if they will be able to get out of the moutains in the next 5 hours of remaining daylight.

While they are gone Jalana is helping Lystra to become warm by walking around with her, keeping her awake to fight against Hypothermia and Saveron makes a fire and decides to also make some food. After a while Sarah and Ravenna return, not having found much but with the theory that the creature's shelter may be close to where they are since it had been with them real fast during the fire.


The group is going deeper into the caves, finding an underground stream. Just as they hear about it the ground and all the rock around them shakes in a quake. The exit is cut off but they had made their way to an ancient underground river with a boat, that was once used for Wisdom quests.

They take the boat to get deeper into the caves where they meet Memeth, an old Klingon Warrior asking for their help to free his companion from under fallen rocks. They agree to help him but the way back is not the same that Memeth came from, more cave ins! They squeeze through rocks and gaps - particularly difficult for Nugra - but they managed to wiggle through. In the new area is absolutely no light, but a creature that is reminiscent of a ghost.

Foster: To the left, behind the large pillar…

Movement. Almost imperceptible in the darkness. Like a ghost.
Foster: What if you move your light?
He had a theory that the movement was triggered by the light, Which made sense – if it was fully dark down here the most alien thing would not be their bodies, but their handlamps.
Foster: ::Whispered:: There!
Something moved. Pale, almost translucent skin, clearly showing pulsing veins beneath, and a flash of wide, sightless eyes. It was down on all fours and it was hard to tell if it was the sort of creature built to always be on all fours, or if it was a more upright creature, crouched down to avoid the invasive light.

The creature seems to try to evade the light and when Edward tries he cannot scan it as his Tricorder is 'useless' in the caves. But it seems to be harmless so they suggest to carry on, but keeping an eye on its movements, to find Memeth's friend. They find him shortly after under a pile of rocks. As the team carefully removes the load by cutting through the stones with a laser skalpel he loses consciousness. He receives a blood transfusion from Memeth to stabilize him. Meanwhile, they try to figure out the shortest way out of the caves when the transclucent friend shows up again. Maybe he knows a way?

Scavenger Hunt

  • Jacob was pacing back and forth a little and his mind came up with more ideas. His train of thought was interrupted by an earthquake. It had started slowly, similar to the rumblings they had experienced early on in their quest but this one quickly grew in intensity. When all was said and done glasses were knocked off of tables. Knick knacks and souvenirs were dislodged from the cafe shelves. The Endaasi people were ducking and covering. Everyone was looking around seemingly trying to figure out what had just happened and what to do next. Taking in the scene outside of the cafe the damage was visible just about everywhere. The cafe was standing but there was a crack running up the side of the structure. None of the structures in the area seemed to have been demolished but there was damage and debris all around. From where they were the group could see a nearby ocean. Jacob knew that earthquakes that had epicenters near or in the ocean had the potential to create large tidal waves. He couldn't see anything yet but it didn't mean that there wasn't one on its way.

The team interrupts the Scavenger Hunt. Alex Blair instructs Jacob to check in on the Conny to find out if they have a better view of the damages. Meanwhile, the team heads back towards the government center assuming that if coordinated efforts are organized, it would be happening there. That way they can help. Jacob is being updated by the Conny bridge crew and informs the team.

The Team finds an unconscious and obviously hurt Endaasi and wants to help. They think the person is brain dead but they learn that Endaasi don't have a brain as humans do. "Our neurons are distributed more or less evenly through our bodies. We are resilient against localized injuries." - "They have a distributed nervous system. I think it was more like a her body needing to reroute pathways than any actual serious injury." This means, that they will be the least likely people to be harmed by injuries due to the earthquake She'll be fine.

So they continue their way to the government building to get help where they meet an official that let's them know that this earthquake was not supposed to happen. They had just finished a geological review which gave them a chance of 0% of earthquakes. As they are not sure what is causing the quakes they try to find out more. The team wonders if the mechanical sound they hear underground might be the cause of the quake or an affected area. Davis mentions Squash-O, wondering if he has any readings that may help. Davis calls So'Mior to get assistance from the Geologist.

The Endaasi official informs the group that to communicate with other areas the use of Drones is utilized, so he offers the group to show them the shed where those drones are stored. Meanwhile, the group comes up with theories what could have caused the earthquakes.

  • T'Seva wants to compare the Earthquake data with past Earthquake data from elsewhere, theorizing that if they are similar it is a natural rare occurrence.
  • She also wants to pull up any folklore that relates to unexpected quakes, monsters underground, or similar, especially from the affected regions, dealing with a hypothesis that someone is recreating one of these stories. Or the tall tale is coming to fruition.
  • The group kept hearing mechanical sounds from underground and wonder if it either causes the earthquakes on its own, or if something interferes with the machine to disturb something into making an earthquake.
  • Possible other idea was that mining causes the issues. An event. X caused Y. What what we’re seeing is the result of an ongoing process? Maybe the quakes are more like a symptom of something else. But it takes an enormous amount of energy to move so much mass. No way around it, really. But actually you don’t need to *produce* large amounts of energy, just *expend* large amounts of energy. What if there’s a feedback loop that’s causing the quakes? It becomes a self-perpetuating system. That could explain why they’re getting worse.

They eventually find out that there were Islands forming as a result of the quakes and they want to find out why, suspecting an extrasolar source as the cause. They believe a natural phenomenon catalyzing the formation of the island, interacting with or creatinv Mondite, a unique material of the Endaasi. The team decides to get the drone network running and utilize the Constitution's computer power to support it to gain more information. They are heading to the shed that maintains a drone system of to help starting the network. There they meet a holographic maintenance system called Spekt (Simulated Personnel: Evaluating, Cleaning, Thinking, Reacting; Expertise. Unit E7-4G-0Z98 - in short "SPECTRE" which seemed to be too long for some people). He does not seem to be too thrilled for them to be there

  • The storehouse was shockingly small given the scope of the operation. The Government Official was not kidding when she said it was an “always running fleet.” He thought he had read somewhere that they had something like 1000 or 2000 drones, but this facility appeared to be designed to handle at most 25 at a time; or at least that was as many as could be charged at a time in the charging rack along the lengths of the wall. The system appeared to be totally automated. A fleet of 25 drones suddenly streamed in, neatly and nearly silently, each plucked out fo the air by an arm that connected them to the charger. Waldos swept over the drones, cleaning them with some kind of liquid, followed by a sensor array, inspecting each unit.

Constitution Bridge

As expected contact to the Hiking and Caving Teams are lost, but there is no concern about this until ...

The scanners pick up on the tremors on the surface and finally the Earthquake. Confusion is big as the Planet was classified as Earthquake free. D'Sena requests a damage report and instructs Ensign Duncan to contact ground stations for that if he can. Science is instructed to get her an estimate on the consequences on the Mountain and Cave Area where the teams are, as well as a forecast on possible following quakes as to strength and timing.

The bridge team talks with Blair's team to exchange details as the bridge crew continues to put together the data. The bridge is called by Barr (Medical) when a Tsunami is hitting the beach for an emergency evacuation which is done by beaming 57 tourists as well as Barr, Mark Two, and Ozameen Malyz to the ship.

The Bridge Crew provides data for the Science Camp Team before they try to work around the problem of no scans and no comms with two of the teams. Knowing that they are blocked by some material in the rock does not help them. So they try to work on a solution to break through the interference.

Meanwhile the bridge continues with their scans in space and on the planet in attempts to find out more, but the interferences make it really difficult despite the probe making things better.

Side Plots

  • The two old Klingons are in a Cave System, walking deep into the mountain to get to their destination as the quake starts. They try to find shelter but the big one comes faster than expected. The ceiling gives in and blocks the way to the exit. It also buries Avo'gh underneath. Memeth leaves him to get help from the 'voices' he hears in the distance. He meets with the Caving Team. (Continue with the Caving Team)
  • ??? is woken up by the quake and the alarm blaring of damage in power cell 03. A tree had fallen onto the power cell. Something is burning! A bush behind its shelter caught fire, and it could spread fast. ??? notices a group of Mammals in the fire and decides to help (Continue with the Hiking Team)
  • Barr, Malyz and Mark Two are on the beach when the quake causes a Tsunami. They try to get the tourists off the beach but time is running out and the Planet's transporters are already working on full power. Barr calls the Constitution for an emergency evacuation. The 57 tourists, as well as the three Conny members, are beamed to the Constitution where they take care of the injured and prepare a first responder Paramedic Team ready to go to the planet to help
  • Also exploring are So'Mior, Saavok and T’Sera. They talk about various subjects as the Earth vibrates and they wonder what the protocol in a case like this is. So'Mior is called by Davis for assistance on finding data about the quakes.
  • At the Science Camp Ilix Tann, Sherana and Xrie Xan'tor'zes follow their respective wishes on what to explore on the planet and coincidentally meet up. As they converse they feel the quake, but only a little, they are not at an epicentre. Xrie Xan'tor'zes calls the Constitution to find out more. After So'Mior receives the calls to help he, T'Sera and Saavok beam to the Science Camp and join forces to get more data from the Constitution and find out anything they can to help.
    • Ilix has the idea to study the animal life and where it runs to, or from for further information on pinpointing the source location of the quake, and requests scans from the Constitution
    • T'Sera has the theory that a celestial body could impact the planet to cause the quake and requests information and scans from the Constitution.
    • After hearing about the new formed Islands from Davis, and the theory of a natural phenomenon from space having something to do with it, T'Sera's theory makes even more sense. There doesn't seem to be that kind of energy in the planet, so it needs to come from outside.
    • T'Sera, So'Mior and Saavok plan to move back to the Constitution, their focus on establishing communication with the lost teams and finding out more about the cause of the quakes.
  • Queen, who visited the caves during the quake is shut in and explores the caves to find Squash-O's lab. She finds it and he offers her shelter and a place to rest, which she gladly accepts while she worries about Lazarus and how he is doing.

The Finale

Hiking Team

After the team warms themselves with Saveron-made Porridge they are found by Tagia Jutto and her team who had seen their fire from the Runabout. Saveron attempts a mind-meld with the creature while Ray and Jalana remain with him, the rest of the team are sent with Jutto and Shedet to the shuttle so they can warm up.

Saveron establishes communication and offers Ishar -the creature- to join them on the Conny to help him as he does not belong on Endaasi. Ishar follows the team and they leave with the Runabout for the Constitution. On the way Tagia and Shedet beam to Davis Team to help him with the new network. ((Continue Scavenger Hunt team))

The Hiking team arrived on the Conny and goes through medical check-ups before getting rest. ((Continue Aftermath))

Caving Team

Carrying the unconscious Klingon, the team is lead to the exit by the translucent friend -a Nalum- to the exit of the caves. Once outside the they can call the Constitution but the connection is still rough. It takes some more time to clean up the signal before the patient and Ed are beamed to the Conny first, then the rest of the team is beamed up, with the plan to return later and help the Nalum find their nest/home in the cave system.

Scavenger Hunt

With the help of the holographic interface Spekt the team goes to work and reprogram the drones to set up a major network for Earthquake detection and improvement of Communications across the planet. Tagia and Shedet of the Rescue team join them with their expertise. Together with So'Mior who worked on a probe system to boost signals they get the network set up. It will remain to help the Endaasi population and visitors. They then return to the Constitution.


Tagia Jutto joins the bridge team and has the idea to utilize a probe to receive better sensor results. After sending it out the Bridge Team receives a signal that turns out to be a Starfleet operated Emergency Beacon in the mountains. Not knowing anything more and not being able to limit the range of where it comes from a Team is sent to the surface consisting of Tagia Jutto, Shedet, Nurse Barr and T'Aven as Pilot. ((Continue at Hiking Team))

In Stellarcartography KVash, T'Seva and Ahmose figure out the reason for the Earthquakes: A slow-period pulsar. An old stellar core in a ring of dust and debris. It was quite a way away from the Endaasi system. The periodicity of the pulsar’s alignment with the Endaasi system correlates with the historical records or quakes, which happens centuries apart. Beams emitted from the spinning object’s magnetic poles. This showed how it not only spun on a slightly different axis - creating the strobing effect - but how that beam only lined up with Endaasi at very specific times in the planet’s orbit around it’s star, and the star’s orbit around the galactic centre. The energy field reacts with the Aurora in the Endaasi atmosphere and directs energy to the Planet's surface which in consequence causes the Quakes and forms new islands.

So'Mior continues to work on the probe network and works together with Davis' team to be complementary. Information coming from the Stellarcartography is helping to determine the triggers for the networks and early detection of future networks so that the Endaasi have time to prepare countermeasures.


  • Cade and Nugra return to the Helthala Caves on the planet after communication networks have been stabilized to help the Nalum find its home.
  • Edward operates on the injured Klingon who gets through but is still unconscious and is going to be transferred to Starbase 104 for full recovery so he won't still be on board when the Constitution leaves for their next mission.
  • A medical team works on finding a way to treat Ishar's unique physiology.
  • An inter-department Universal Translator Team (UTT) works on finding a way to open non-telepathic communications with Ishar. With the help of cryptologists and code breakers the team works on integrating a model of a neural network into the UT and they figured out how Ishar's communication worked.
    • Ishar’s language isn’t spoken, per se. It seems as though the sounds Ishar make are symbols that represent different mouth postures. Those mouth postures are the thing that ultimately carry meaning. It gets even more complicated when multiple sounds combined indicate highly complex and “imaginary” mouth positions, like the tongue making a shape that is physically impossible for Ishar’s physiology. So instead of making up new words, Ishar’s people make up new mouth positions. Then, those mouth positions correlate to concepts. However, embedded in the message is an auditory “cypher.” In a sense, this is like a tonal language, but far more complex. Instead of the “tone” changing the earning of a word, a series of “tones” change the meaning of the whole idea. Together, these systems (mouth position, tone, etc) made up the basics of Ishar’s language. And that was what the U-T needed to make sense of Ishar.
    • They succeed in getting the UT to translate basic works words. It is a good base that begins with what sounds like 'broken English' that learns through active communication to improve on itself.
  • Another team works on finding Ishar's home, but so far is unsuccessful.
  • Thanks to the established drone and probe network the Endaasi were warned in time for another bigger final Quake and were able to work with the Constitution on damage reduction and evacuation of the most affected areas. Those that were hurt during that quake were treated and damages on the planet were repaired.

Post 'Mission' Captain's Log

Captain's log. Stardate 239711.30

The Conny remained in the Orbit of Endaasi for about a week in total. Three days ago an Earthquake interrupted a team-building exercise for our Senior Officers and thrown a wrench into our plans. Two of the teams had been cut off from contact and return, and relief efforts had been started throughout the area that was affected not only by the quake directly but also by Tsunamis caused by the quakes. ::Beat:: All members have been retrieved through the vigorous efforts of the remaining Conny crew and affected inhabitants and vacationers have been treated and assisted. The seamless teamwork of all departments has made it possible for everyone to return to the ship and in addition supply the Endaasi with a system to help in the future.

Alex Blair's team has worked hard under the guidance of Lazarus Davis of Science and Jacob Horne of Engineering to utilize the Endaasi's local emergency drone system. In combination with a drone network, So'Mior worked out on the bridge. The full network allows for more accurate prediction of future quakes, comms and transports throughout the whole planet. Areas that had been cut off before due to the material in rocks are now easily available for transporters and scanners as well as communication. It will benefit not only the Endaasi but those who visit the planet as well.

Thorough research through the Science department has determined that the quakes lie centuries apart and are caused through alignment of the planet's Aurora with a slow-period pulsar outside of the Endaasi System. We were able to pass the data to the Endaasi for possible preparations and improvements before the next event, as it appears the quakes may get stronger with every event. This way we can avoid a catastrophic result. The distance between the events also explains why Endaasi was believed to be quake free.

The quake we experienced three days ago was just one of several that would shake the planet and two days ago another big quake shook the ground. Thanks to the drone and probe network we were able to predict it accurately and evacuate beforehand. The injuries still sustained were taken care of by the Endaasi and our medical teams. All non-Constitution visitors have now returned to the surface. A surface that now is one newly formed Island richer that in the future may be just as populated as the rest of the planet. While it was eventful and hectic for us, seeing the formation of new areas as a result was quite a treat.

During our time on the surface, we have also discovered a creature that was not part of Endaasi or this system. Based on the legends of the Endaasi, we have met what they called the Wild Walker. We learned that his name is Ishar and he is a member of an Amphibian Species and we are attempting to find out more about his origins. It took us a while to find a way to communicate other than through Telepathic contact, which was draining for said telepaths. Our languages were too different for an easy solution. But through the collaboration of several departments as Engineering, Science and Comm we have established a base to work with via the Universal translator. It is still in its infant steps and produces broken but understandable speech, but develops further every time it is used. To find out more about Ishar's home and how to get them back there, we intend to return to Starbase 104 and utilize their facilities and contacts. Though as there was no mention of any species close to Ishar in our database I am confident that we are dealing with a special kind of First Contact. Exciting!

But that was not the only contact that was unexpected. Our team that visited the caves made a new friend with a species called the Nalum living in the cave system. They were kind to help our team find their way out and Nugra, as well as Cade, returned the next day to help the Nalum to find their way back to their Nest. Now that the communication and transporters were able to penetrate the rock's material it was a safe undertaking.

With that, we have returned from our shore leave to the Constitution and are hopeful for future visits on Endaasi. Several transfer orders have reached us meanwhile. Among others, we will have to say goodbye to Alex Blair, Yito Seja and Chip Foley. We are now preparing our departure to return to Starbase 104 to take care of our new friend Ishar and await Starfleet's orders for our next mission. ::Beat:: Computer, finish record.

Mission Poster