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This chronicles the missions of the USS Constitution-B from 2391 onwards, under the command of Shelther Faranster.

USS Constitution-B Mission Archive Database

The following serves as a record of the USS Constitution-B's missions under the command of Shelther Faranster:

Mists of the Mind


"Either way, this just went from a simple task to a more interesting one." ~ Commander Faranster

Mission Began: 239109.15
Mission Complete: 239112.20

In their inaugural mission, the newly recommissioned USS Constitution-B, under the command of Shelther Faranster is dispatched on a routine supply run to the Sotra System and the Starfleet-maintained Sotra Orbital Research Station. The remote station is home to two isolated scientists, a Ktarian named Aralo Onil, and a Denobulan named Morely Rin. Each has been working on rather mundane research projects for the last few months. Shortly after the Constitution's arrival, the scientists are invited aboard the ship for a tour and reception.

But not is all as it seems.

After noticing a contradictory report that states there are actually seven researchers aboard SORS, Commander Faranster dispatches an away team to investigate. At the same time, and as two visiting researchers are touring the ship, crew members from departments all over the USS Constitution-B begin to report mysterious symptoms; none of which can be easily explained - hallucinations, noises, smells, and nightmares.

Things aboard the starship quickly spiral out of control and turn violent, but with the arrival of a Starfleet shuttle carrying mysterious cargo and the Away Team's findings, everything aboard the ship changes. The crew slowly begins to realize that this isn't some sort of virus or space sickness - this is an infestation by a sentient life force.

The crew, newly formed and still learning to work together, must overcome their differences to battle not only the external conditions aboard the Constitution, but also the mysterious psychological effects that are plaguing them all.

For a more detailed report of the mission, please read:

Mists of the Mind Full Report

Involuntary Admission


"Well, I'm a Starfleet officer, not a wizard." ~ Commander Faranster

Mission Began: 239201.04
Mission Complete: 239201.29

While the USS Constitution-B is docked at Deep Space 285 on shore leave, Lieutenant Commander James is suddenly rushed to Sickbay. When some of the Senior Staff from the ship come to pay him a visit, things go from bad to worse when they are ambushed and held hostage by a violent terrorist group known as the Maquis Reborn.

When things start going wrong on both the ship and the station, it's quickly determined that there are more sinister factors at work. Newly arrived Lieutenant Commander Siris is forced to deal with multiple problems aboard the Constitution, while working without the assistance of a great number of senior officers. Meanwhile, Deep Space 285's Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Commander Glim Kyyrampa, must organize a cohesive response and work to resolve a tense hostage negotiation in her Sickbay.

Led by the vicious Moropa Kav-Nhoo and his team of hired guns, the Maquis operatives have one goal: To do as much damage to Starfleet as possible, no matter the cost.

Fate of the Thomas Edison

Prometheus incident banner.png

"Whatever happened to the USS Thomas Edison? ~ Ambassador

Mission Began: 239202.01
Mission Complete: 239203.27

NPC Listing   ·   USS Constitution-B Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Commanding Officer
Jalana Rajel
First Officer
Diz'mim Ch'Nilmani
2O/Mission Spec.
Laria Herren
Atan T'Seva.png
Chief Tactical Offr
Atan T'Seva
Tac/Sec Officer
Mingxing Shimisi.png
Engineering Officer
Mingxing Shimisi
Engineering Officer
Jiroo Zaka
Ellie Park.png
Asst CMO
Eleanor Park
Medical Officer
Azura Ada.png
Chief of Science
Azura Ada
Indrid Yirah.png
Asst CSO
Indrid Yirah
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