Peacemakers (Constitution)

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Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer
Sarah Mason First Officer
Lara Grayson Helm Officer Joined SD 239403.06
Prudence Blackwell Comm/OPS Officer
Sinda Essen Chief of Security
Atan T'Seva Security Officer
Jason Craig Security&Tactical Officer
Dag Sindri Engineering Officer
Choi Ji-hu Engineering Officer
Shar'Wyn Foster Chief Medical Officer As Cade Foster
Jerome Milsap Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Chelin Ch'Gabor Chief Science Officer
T'Reshik Science Officer
Maxwell Traenor Scientific Specialist
Solaris McLaren Chief Intelligence Officer
Alexander Morningstar Civilian Intelligence Asset Joined 2394.02.28
Name Position Notes
Sotesa Vehau Linara Head of Government Played by Solaris McLaren
Luko Silvertip Hinji Head of Government Played by Jerome Milsap
Ursun Grey-Mane Position revealed soon Played by Sinda Essen
Sarona Morah Position revealed soon Played by Maxwell Traenor
Feli Daepan Position revealed soon Played by Sarah Mason
Arira Lainur Position revealed soon Played by Jalana Rajel

Mission Brief

The Constitution crew is informed that they are moving to a new region of duty for at least a year. Starfleet wants them to leave right away to host peace talks between Hinji and Linara. Both species share the same star-system. For a while that went all well, but the small planets each species are on get crowded, so both species want to expand and colonise the last inhabitable planet in the system. Both believe they have 'claim' and are now on the brink of war. The leaders request Starfleet's help. Can they stop events unfolding to a war of worlds or are they too late?

Plot summary

Shore leave Day 2

  • Briefing 1 - The Conny learns that they will be moving to 104 for a new mission, and will remain in that region for a while after. They do not know yet, what the new mission will be. Seniors begin to prepare, by learning about the region itself, including the Lambetta Cluster, Tholians, Cait and Klingons.

Shore leave Day 3

  • Briefing 2 - The Conny has received their mission. They will facilitate peace talks between the Linara and Hinji, who both stake claim on the last inhabitable planet in their system for expansion. With more information about the mission the Seniors now can prepare more.

Shore leave Day 4 = Mission Day 1

  • About 30 minutes before departure Lara Grayson arrives on the Constitution
  • 5 minutes before departure from SB 11 - Essen, Wyn and T'Reshik return to the Conny - they bring Essen's sister Lo
  • Noon - Departure from SB 11.
  • About 20 minutes later - A runabout catches up and brings Ensigns Choi and Craig on board
  • 10 minutes later - Initiation of Quantum Slipstream drive
  • Around 1pm Board-time - Arrival at SB 104
  • The crew receives permission to visit and explore the station, or remain on board - as they prefer, but have to be on stand-by in case they are needed.
  • Jalana Rajel, Sarah Mason, Dag Sindri, Jason Craig and Sinda Essen move to the Conference Rooms on the station, in which the negotiations will happen, and prepare for the Peace talks.
  • Rue Blackwell is taking care of getting refreshments to the Conference Rooms
  • Sarona Morah & Ariria Lainur may or may not have added a little something to the food.
  • Dag Sindri is taking care of technical preparations with the help of the Station's Engineering Department and a little roadblock of the Station's Security Department.
  • T'Reshik practically moved into an Isolation Room in Sick Bay and talks to Siance Thyar, Counseling Cadet.
  • Around 2pm Board-time - The Linara (President Sotesa Vehau and her attaché Suteema) and the Hinji (Luko Silvertip and his attaché Hadwick) arrive. Jalana Rajel, Sarah Mason and Taurek greet her and begin the talks.
  • Aten T'Seva visits the station, enjoying time in a coffee shop waiting to be needed.
  • Meanwhile Maxwell Traenor, Choi Ji-hu, Ahmose Hebeny and Iel'hue (Chief of Science of SB 104) enjoy time in 'The Sink' and get a little too drunk and run into a group of Hinji that is not happy about the involvement of the Federation in their business. The men are hackled and attacked. Ursun another Hinji comes to their aid and leads them out of the bazaar. As they leave more Hinji wait for them, ready to take matters into their own hands. But the Starfleet officers are being detained by Starfleet Security.
  • Alexander Morningstar is sent to the station to get more information on possible threats and the atmosphere on the station.
  • Chelin Ch'Gabor visits Nightshade and meets Morningstar there by accident.
  • Jalana is called by Security and has to leave the Peace Talks in Mason's and Taurek's hands to get her people out of the brig.
  • Lara Grayson and Noros Tanna report to Solaris McLaren on the bridge
  • While all that happens Mark Two gets acquainted with Barque the Beagle
  • Jalana leaves the negotiations during a break to get Maxwell, Ji-hu and Ahmose out of the Station's brig and limits their movement to the Constitution. Maxwell tells her about the protesters and the Children of Daylight as a possible source of future problems.
  • In the Conference Room things begin to turn. Luko wants to demonstrate the Hinji shifting process and suddenly falls ill and is unable to turn back. Shortly after the Linaran's President's attachee collapses and falls unconscious. They are being taken care of by Cade Foster.
  • On her way back to the negotiations Jalana meets T'Seva and sends her to find out more about the Children of Daylight. After the encounter Jalana collapses and falls unconscious. She is brought to the Station's Sick Bay by passer byers.
  • All over the station people fall ill with various symptoms and it is not known what causes this.
  • The permanent darkness of Nightshade is interrupted as suddenly the lights turn on, something that should not have been possible. Engineering of the Station and Constitution work together on fixing the problem. The turning on of the lights is seen as a direct attack against the Linaran people.
  • Commander Saveron joins in the Conference Room, sent by the Station Leadership to check on the negotiations. He remains with the crew as they bring the sick to Sick Bay and assists in finding out what happened.
  • Ensign Choi, now on the bridge, finds a connection between the food that has been brought to the negotiations and a drug used by the Linarans calls Ohan. A potential lead?
  • To support and take burden off the Station's Sick Bay the Constitution takes in all sick Starfleet Personell into their own Sick Bay for treatment. That includes Jalana, who is awake but quite off her usual self, and Sarah Mason who collapsed by then.
  • Solaris McLaren, who has the Conny Bridge, coordinates the efforts to find out what happened and to help the Station to get the situation under control.

Mission reports

SD 239402.28

Headline: Linara and Hinji begin intense negotiations
Location: STARBASE 104- Crew of the USS Constitution host negotiations in the Marchlands
Plot summary:
The Linara and Hinji are two very different species, but they have one thing in common: they need a new place to live. Both species they have the right to the same planet and this has caused tensions between them. Enter the Federation negotiations. Although the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B was enjoying a family reunion at Starbase 11, Capt. Jalana Rajel and her crew were forced to cut the celebrations short to handle this matter. The negotiations are being held at Starbase 104 in the Marchlands. Starbase 104 is nestled near the Lembatta Cluster near the Beta Quadrant. The Marchlands are surrounded by Tholian and Klingon space and is not the normal mission region for the Constitution crew. Orders and orders, however, and word has it that the crew is excited about the prospect of a new area.

“Southend Station is pleased to welcome the crew of the Constitution as with as the Linara and Hinji representatives onboard. It is an honour to host these negotiations and we hope that all parties are able to come to a suitable arrangement,” shared Captain Inejiro Miyabe, the commanding officer of Starbase 104.

After arriving at the station, several of the crew were free to roam the Immense starbase. Rajel and her new First Officer, Cmdr. Sarah Mason, immediately set to work on the conference room that would be holding the negotiations. Security officers began routine security sweeps and all seemed to be going well. As both the liner and Hinji representatives arrived, the Constitution and Starbase 104 crew could only hope that everything went smoothly.

Meanwhile, the Constitution also welcomed new members on board the ship. New Ensigns Jason Craig and Choi Ji-hu were assigned straight from the academy and reportedly barely made it on board before the Constitution set off for Starbase 104. In addition, the staff welcomed LtCmdr. Maxwell Traenor who joined their science department. Finally, the intelligence department found itself a new member in Alexander Morningstar.

SD 239404.05

Headline: Mysterious sickness puts a halt to peace talks
Location: STARBASE 104 - Crews working overtime to compensate for attacks from the inside
Plot summary:
Last time we have met the crew of the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B they had arrived at Starbase 104, in the Marchlands, where they are now hosting peace talks between two species, sharing the Leron System: the Hinji and the Linara.

Linarans who live in complete darkness, and the Hinji who are able to shift into animal form, both desire to expland their area of living to the last habitable planet in the system. Much to the distress of the delegates, both species are split when it comes to this topic. While there are groups that would have no problem to share the planet, a high amount of people from both species do not wish to be in the same place as the other. A long history of distrust and tension lead to the brink of war, which they now attempt to avoid through the talks.

President Sotesa Vehau of the Linaran people and Luko Silvertip, Ambassador of the Hinji people came together with Captain Jalana Rajel, Commander Sarah Mason and Counselor Taurek of the Constitution to negotiate. But things took a turn for the worse. Under mysterious circumstances members of the delegation and inhabitants of the station have begun to fall ill. The Station's personell has both hands full to deal with the situation and has called the docked ship's for their help as the situation escalates by the minute.

As if that wasn't enough the Linaran district, that lie in complete darkness to accomodate their needs, has suddenly been flooded with light, hurting countless Linarans and their visitors; later took injuries of their eyes with them as they wore night vision goggles to get around.

"Apparently the emergency light system throughout the entire level has been turned on to full brightness, and it can't be disabled." Ensign Lior Klein from the Station's Security Department told us, follwed by the Chief of Security, who stated "I thought that couldn't happen. They'd been disabled save for exceptional circumstance."

As of right now it is not clear who is behind either of these events but the Constitution Crew is working together with the Crew of Starbase 104 to find the culprits and bring normal life back to the station.