What lies below (Constitution)

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Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Jalana Rajel Commanding Officer MSNPC Merina Lirane - Dokkaran Scientist
T'Mar First Officer
Na'Lae Mandak HCO Officer
Prudence Blackwell Comm/OPS Officer Joined SD 239308.16
Sinda Essen Chief of Security
Gina EsAleh Tactical Officer
Rustyy Hael Chief Engineering Officer/Second Officer MSNPC Jolan Urian - Orion Manager
Dag Sindri Engineering Officer
Shar'Wyn Foster Chief Medical Officer MSNPC Nacien Rixx - Rodulan
Jerome Milsap Assistant Chief Medical Officer MSNPC Lazlo - Xindi-Reptilian
Danzia Counselor
Chelin Ch'Gabor Science Officer MSNPC Awern Sedean - Dokkaran Group Leader
Solaris McLaren Chief Intelligence Officer
Akoni Soriano Intelligence Officer MSNPC Gaixor - Ferengi Head of Business

Plot summary

Previously on USS Constitution - What lies below ...
The crew of the Constitution wrapped up their shore leave and good fun and headed off, back into the working force that is StarFleet. Captain Jalan Rajel was more than happy to reclaim her chair, though he knew she had left it very capable hands. (Now) Commander T'Mar and (now) Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael, where more than ready to go back to their normal positions. After a night of promotions and bowling, and a couple of days of shore leave afterwards the crew was eager as ever to get back out into open space.

Word arrived of a group of Dokkaran's needing to jump limb and root into new soil. An unknown toxin poisoning their soil and local mother tree on Kelan. If they remained they would risk all their lives, but to leave meant letting go of what was. After careful deliberations the Dokkoaran's leader, Awern Sedean, made the decision to reach out.

The USS Constitution-B jumped at the chance to assist. Captain Rajel spread the work out amongst her crew to make preparations for the arrival of some very interesting guests, between 60 and 70 Dokkarans. Most crew members had never encountered the species, which sent the ship into a hive of excitement.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Chelin Ch'Gabor set out in search of a new home, while Ensign Dag Sindri and Lieutenant Commanders Rustyy Hael and Danzia worked to make comfortable living quarters for the 70-odd Dokkarans. Which had been made easy with the help of Sherana, the ship's arboretum caregiver.

Sickbay was also kept busy, tasked with preparations for medical treatment for the flock of unusual species with an unusual ailment. Goal of the treatment was to rid the Dokkarans of the unknown poison and make sure that they would not transfer it to the new soil.

Two Dokkaran colonisation vessels arrived to meet with the USS Constitution-B and boarded in Shuttle Bay, where they were greeted by Captain Rajel, Cmdr T'Mar and LtCmdrs Danzia, Sinda Essen and Shar'Wyn Foster. The Dokkarans - Leader Awern Sedean and Head Scientist Merina Lirane - were informed about the new planet - Dagorin VI, a naturalist and scientist paradise - before they were lead to Sick bay for their treatment.

On the way back to the bridge T'Mar received an urgent call and shortly after left the Constitution to head to Vulcan for a family matter, which lead to Jalana announcing for Rustyy to be acting FO.

Meanwhile Lt JG Ch'Gabor sent a scout probe towards the new prospective planet Dagorin VI and picked up a strange signal. Dagorin VI was right in line of the signal, that Lt JG Solaris McLaren identified as *possibly* being generated by the Orion Syndiate.

Ensign Akoni Soriano looked into possibilities for what cause once healthy grounds of Kelan to become suddenly devastating to plant and people plant alike, upon research - she reached out to her chief Lt JG McLaren to discuss possible, unlikeable scenario's...

Ensigns Mandak and Blackwell used the quiet time on the bridge to check out the Dokkaran ships, as they had never seen any. While exploring the ship Mandak found a tracker on the ship and alarmed the Captain about the possibility that someone was having an eye on the Dokkarans.

It became all hands on deck for those not already immersed in preparations, treatment and care of the Dokkaran’s, as questions range out about the reasoning for the device and the ailments that hounded the Dokkaran’s to leave Kelan to begin with. Unpleasant parties seemed to be a recurring theme, as it was thought that toxin dumping was taken place on Kelan.

As for the question of the tracking device, it was theorized that it was connected to what was happening on Kelan and to the signal they had picked up. Intel and Ops work to separate fact from fiction. A chance to put their decrypting skills to the test.

All the while, Sickbay’s hands were kept busy. Sedean, the leader of the Dokkaran’s, left his people in the hands of the Constitution’s medical personal and headed to the bridge. Where he was asked to offer any details about the tracking device found, to which he had very little to offer. Dr Foster and Dr. Milsap identified the effecting ailment, a cellular mutation. Time is not stalled on figuring out the source for it, instead they leap headfirst into treatment through radiation.

The pilot of the Constitution speaks up as the ship enters the far reaches of the Talos Sector. They drop to impulse and enter into orbit around Dragorin VI

As the Conny reaches Dragorin VI, the mystery of the unknown device becomes a focal point for Ops officer Blackwell, chief of intel, McLaren, and chief of engineering, Hael, as they work together to separate the device from the Dokkaran’s main computer. It adds suspicion, when the device turns out to be more intimately connected to the main frame.

Sickbay has screened the Dokkaran’s and gave them medical assistance to better ensure that the Dokkaran’s would not transplant whatever it was that ill’ed their last home. In groups, they migrated to the Arboretum to rest and recover, as the Conny crew began to investigate the new world.

Captain Rajel called LtCmdr Hael to the bridge to put together an away team. Which consisted of; LtCmdr’s Sinda and Foster, Lt JG’s Mclaren, Ch’Gabor, and Es-Aleh as well as Lirane, the Dokkaran’s leading scientist. Which left Blackwell to contact Ensign Soriano and Lt JG Sindri to assist her in further detailed work on figuring out the origin and purpose of the device.

LtCmdr Hael and his away team beam down to the rather pleasant in scientists dream world and split up into three teams to better investigate the surrounding area. LtCmdr Foster and Lt JG Ch’Gabor and Es-Aleh go to the trees, Lirane and Lt JG McLaren investigate a nearby stream and LtCmdrs’ Hael and Sinda begin mapping out the land for better terrain layouts.

A combadge was located not attached to any officer, but instead laying on the ground where it should not have been, by Lt JG Sindri. Who set out to find the owner by instilling the help of Ensign Soriano.

The mystery of the device found on the Dokkaran's ship and the unknown signal continue to baffle the crew remaining on board the Constitution. Who welcomed back Cmdr T'Mar back after an emergency visit to Vulcan to see her parents.

The away team landed safe and sound and broke off into several teams. Each team encountering new mysteries. Strange rabbit like vermin sprang from the trees to attack, or perhaps defend against LtCmdr Foster, LtJG Ch'Gabor or Ensign Es-Aleh, who were intruding upon the creature's territory. The Dokkaran's lead scientist, Lirane, and Lt JG McLaren's conversation turned more personal after LtCmdr's Hael and Sinda passed through.

Though the world seemed habitable enough, the away team regrouped to report in and then swiftly head back out to better investigate interesting readings. While a blimp continues to plague their scans, it appears something is getting close to the away team lead by LtCmdr Foster. The other team faces a euphoric feeling and wonders about beards. Though Lt JG Ch'Gabor tries to cling to figuring out what might be approaching the other away team.

The simple mission take a turn for the worse on the planet. The team lead by LtCmdr Foster was chased down by a ghost blimp only to have both disappear before the very eyes of those on the Conny's bridge. All the while the second away team lead by LtCmdr Hael seems to be struggling with their sanity, headaches, and moving their appendages.

The Conny is not allowed to calm down while the mystery of the device becomes more sinister. And possibly having ties to the Syndicate. The Captain makes the decision to lead an away team to investigate Team Hael's current status. While T'Mar insists on leading the search party for Team Foster when it became apparent they had lost complete contact and sensor's on them. Sedean, leader of the Dokkaran group on board, also insists on traveling down to the planet. He had no interest in losing anyone of his people.

The transporter could not get a safe enough sensor lock to transport the away teams down. Which meant their only option for rescuing their people was by Shuttles. The teams began to assemble in the shuttlebay while Ensign Soriano is left to hold down the Bridge.

The two shuttles arrive on the planet with no issues. But as soon as the away teams begin to investigate they are lost on the Conny’s sensors. Some sort of shield or interference prevents the Ship’s usages of transporters or communicators. Soriano begins to formulate a plan to trying to break through and keep the StarFleet officers’ safe.

Meanwhile, on the planet, Cmdr T’Mar leads her team into dangerous territory. They stumble upon questionable material which appears to be being harvested.

While Captain Rajel and her team find three very strange acting officers. One was unable to move and blind -LtCmdr Sinda, another holding his head and just barely coherent, Lt JG Ch’Gabor… And the last officer appeared to think he was a worm, LtCmdr Hael. It was surmised very quickly that the sickly sweet smell and sticky sap like material was some kind of immobilizing, mind altering drug.

Captain Rajel contacts Cmdr T’Mar, in hopes of warning the other away team to steer clear of the dangerous toxin. But the drugs might be the least of their worries and they find their way into a tunnel that leads into a man made bunker. They follow the main corridor, ready for anything… Well almost anything. They are greeted by a rather imposing Xindi-Reptilian.

LtCmdr Danzia struggles with the smells the new world has to offer, her Deltan nose picking up everything. She and a petty officer head back to the shuttle in order to get her out of the vicinity of the smells and to hopefully bring back the shuttle. They cannot carry all three members back in the various states they are in. Though moving isn’t an issue as LtCmdr Hael jumps up and runs for his life… Or so it seems.

The bridge crew are not allowed to twiddle their thumbs. Ensign Blackwell joins the staff manning the bridge, bringing along another mystery in her back pocket. What she found while working on the device from the Dokkaran ship, has lead her to believe there might be someone of serious question in the group of guests they have on board.

The comms were playing hell on their systems and any attempts to share information. Whether it was Captain Rajel, who was planetside, to Cmdr T’Mar, also planetside. Or ship to planetside. Which left all teams in a constant state of agitation and without all the knowledge.

On the Conny, Ensign Soriano and other bridge officers, tried their hand at piggybacking the sensors to try and get a more rounded overview of what was occurring. To their grand horror, a signal was picked up from within the earth…. A self destruct warning. They began to make frantic calls to Cmdr T’Mar’s away team, the ones headed right towards the danger zone.

Meanwhile, Cpt Rajel and her team try their best to stay out of the sticky, mind altering sap in attempts to continue rescuing one of the original away teams. LtCmdr Danzia, unable to handle the strength of the smell due to her Deltan nose, headed back to the shuttles. Which she brought in closer to the away team to get them loaded and quickly back to the ship. While Cpt Rajel because somewhat incapacitated, LtCmdr Danzia took charge and called ahead to the Conny to have a medical team awaiting for them.

It became all hands on deck to get all of their people back and safe on board the Conny. First, Cpt Rajel and her team, when had picked up LtCmdr Hael and his half. Next was Doctor Foster with his team. Finally, in one sweeping brush, Cmdr T’Mar and her team. The head count was off by three, as three members of the Syndicate were brought along for the ride. One of which died shortly after being transported.

Doctor Foster took a nearly fatal beating and hits which sent him right to critical surgery. Nurses and doctors and orderlies rushed to get their people on the mend as quickly as possible. They began treatment for narcotic withdrawal. And patched together what few had varying sized holes in them.

One by one, as the even grew on, officers were released to find comfort in their beds. Rest would help to heal a great many of injuries. Many rejoiced in being reunited with friends and shared their most recent adventures. With Shore Leave right around the corner most are looking forward to the easy next few days and hope to not be limited to a bio-bed.

Mission reports

Stardate 239308.30

Headline: The USS Constitution-B lends a helping hand to the Dokkaran's, a plant based species.
Location Talos Sector

Plot summary

USS Constitution NCC-9012-B, With shoreleave wrapped up, many officers have walked away with shiny new pips adorning their collars. Captain Jalana Rajel has returned from a draining visit home with new hopes and refreshed excitement. Commander T’Mar and Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael, though both capable, where more than pleased to resume their normal duties.

KELAN, A group of Dokkarans made their home for several decades on a new world, Kelan. All had been well until recent times, when their holy garden falls ill and threatens the wellbeing of their cherished Vizinyian Tree. The voted leader, Awern Lirane, and their leading scientist, Merina Lirane, made the decision to reach out to StarFleet for help in locating a new home.

The USS Constitution-B, the nearest ship available, accepted the request of the species quite possibly doomed on their previous home. The crew jumped in, headfirst to preparations for the unique species and hunted down a world that looked most suitable, Dragorin VI of the Talos Sector. Sickbay took on the duty of healing the plant based Species.

"They are sentient Plants... You really can never judge a book by its cover." says Lieutenant Junior Grade Milissa Merriment from the nursing staff.

What should have been a simple transplant, became filled with question and speculation. Leutentant’s (JG) Solaris McLaren and Chelin Ch’Garbor picked up a signal which emanated from an unknown location and transmitted to an equally questioned location. Their research into the matter brought up possible Orion Syndicate affiliations. Soon after, Ensign Prudence Blackwell and Ensign Na’Lae Mendak stumbled upon a tracking device in one of the Dokkaran’s ships and a strange comm frequency is picked up by the bridge with unknown origins. There is speculation of the two possibly being connected. Sickbay made headway in the ailment of the Dokkaran’s, a cellular mutation. Little time is wasted in providing the organic lifeforms with treatment. And not a moment too soon, at the USS Constitution entered the Talos sector and approached Dragorin VI at impulse….

Stardate 239309.29

Headline:The USS Constitution begins investigating the planet below with high hopes.
LocationDragorin VI, Talos Sector

Plot summary

USS Constitution NCC-9012-B, Upon arrival into the Talos sector, the Constitution takes up orbit around Dragorin VI and wastes no time with sending down an investigative team. Lead by (temporary FO) LtCmdr Hael, he assembled LtCmdr’s Sinda and Foster, Lt JG’s Mclaren, Ch’Gabor, and Es-Aleh as well as Lirane, the Dokkaran’s leading scientist. They transported to the lush planet below to verify its ability to home the plant based species.

Dragorin VI, What should have been a simple enough mission turned dangerous in a blink of an eye. The large away team split into two smaller ones to further investigate the newest home to the Dakkaran poeple. A sap like sticky substance seemed to coat everything; from plant life to collection buckets. LtCmdr Foster and his team chased after a strange and inconsistent blimps which lead them straight into a firefight. They had stumbled upon some rather nasty characters that had their eye set on defending their plot of land.

Meanwhile, the other smaller team, lead by LtCmdr Hael were faced with their own complications. Plagued with headaches, useless limbs and in able to make communicational contact. Not with the other team and sketchy at best with the Constitution. Only half sentences made it through before the connection failed all together.

USS Constitution-B, Captain Rajel and the few remaining senior officers scoured their sensors as they huddled around the bridge. What should have been a quick look around turned into mission officers and incoherent ones. Sedean, the Dokkaran's lead, made his way to join the staff members on the bridge in search of information. But was instead met with losing his leading scientist along with Starfleet officers in a blink of an eye. The worst crossed their minds.

Sedean, Captain Rajel and Cmdr T'Mar were all of the same mindset; reaching the planet to find their people. Against protocol, Captain Rajel made the choice to lead one of the two teams they formed on the ship. Her task set on checking up on the babbling group. While Cmdr T'Mar would lead a rescue, or tactical, team to find the group that decidedly became completely missing.

"Most never worry when they're safe on a ship, it never even crosses their mind. But as soon as away teams are even assembled everyone seems to go on edge." Corporal Marko Bailey, Marine.

The ship is set on high alert and left in the hands of ensign Soriano as Captain Rajel calls forth a wave to be reckoned with. They find out very quickly that transporters are not an option, which limits the number of officers they can take and the swiftness of the rescue. So to the shuttles they go.

Stardate 239311.01

Headline: The USS Constitution-B detains members of the Orion Syndicate
LocationDAGORIN VI - Orion Syndicate uses local tree sap for a drug operation, Constitution Crew uncovers and details members

Plot summary
When we last left the USS Constitution NCC-9012-B, she had just arrived at Dagorin VI, a planet that could potentially be the new home for a group of Dokkarans who had to leave their chosen home planet Kelan due to severe soil poisoning. A big away team had been sent down to scout the surroundings and find out if the planet would be suitable for the group. After the group split into two teams one of them reached out the moment it got attacked and vanished from the sensors. The other team began to behave strangely. So two more teams were sent to the surface. One to find the vanished team lead by Lieutenant Commander Shar'Wyn Foster and one to find the strangely behaving team lead by Lieutenant Commander Rustyy Hael.

Captain Jalana Rajel brought her team to find Hael and his team in a large pool of sickening sweet sap coming from the trunks of enormous trees. Hael, Lieutenant Commander Sindra Essen and Lieutenant JG Chelin Ch'Gabor appeared affected by the sap in different ways from hallucinations, to tiredness or headaches. With help of the Runabout the team was extracted by Rajel, Lieutenant Commander Danzia, Lieutenant Jerome Milsap and Security details and are now collectively treated on the Constitution's Sick Bay.

Doctor Alize Sorenson stated "This compound's been exported and mixed with others into a street drug called "All Time High" - by itself it's not nearly as dangerous, thank God, and we have a few recommended treatments on file."

Commander T'Mar and her team consisting of Ensign Na'Lae Mandak and Security Detail went on to find the vanished team. Discovering the location at which contact was lost they followed the traces and ran into a Xindi-Reptilian member of the Orion Syndicate, which had taken residence on the planet to harvest the narcotic sap. While they attempted to overwhelm said Xindi, who identified himself as Lazlo, the Team around Foster faced their own problems.

Their disappearance happened due to an attack of two more members of the Syndicate the Ferengi Gaixor and the Orion Jolan Urian. Foster, Lieutenant JG Solaris McLaren, Lieutenant JG Gina Es-Aleh and the Dokkaran Merina Lirane were brought into underground caves and interrogated. Through wit and a bit of luck the Officers could escape, but were found and punished for that by Urian. They fought back fervently and eventually were able to injure and tie up the Orion enough to escape him. Lirane was held separately and upon her escape was found by Gaixor. Joined by the officers the four now managed to trick Gaixor and disable the jammer that disturbed transporters and communications with the Constitution. But they also found out that a self-destruct sequence had been started and couldn't be stopped anymore.

Meanwhile, the Bridge crew worked hard to recover their people under the lead of Ensign Akoni Soriano, one of the ship's Intel Officers. Just in the nick of time, the bridge crew was able to beam Foster's team including both syndicate members and then T'Mar's team including Lazlo to the ship.

All away team members are being treated in Sick-bay, which focusses most of their work on Foster, who has been injured critically as his team defended itself against Urian. The members of the Syndicate are being detained in the brig and prepared for interrogations. The decision if the Dokkarans will remain on Dagorin VI as their new home planet has yet to be made.