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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code EDO
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Rubicun III
Encountered By the USS Enterprise-D on Stardate 41255.6. (TNG: Justice)
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N-
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"Health and happiness!"
— An Edo greeting[1][2]

The Edo are a humanoid species from the planet Rubicun III. They are very human-looking, the only notable difference in appearance being the lack of heterogeneity among them. After chaotic past, they have turned their society to what is often described as “a paradise” characterized by concepts of peace and free love. However, they also uphold strict laws that required death penalty for all crimes. Their planet is protected by a transdimensional entity they worship as God.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha[3]
  • Location: A star cluster claimed by the Edo God.[4] The closest major travel hub is on Beta Renner.[3]
  • Proper Name: Rubicun system
  • Star:
  • Distance from Star:
  • Companions: At least two other planets
  • Moons:

Home World

  • Proper Name: Rubicun III
  • Diameter:
  • Gravity:
  • Axial Tilt:
  • Orbital Period:
  • Rotational Period:
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Climate:
  • Terrain:
  • Population:


It is possible that the Edo may be a transplanted race since they are governed by a transdimensional craft that the Edo worship as their god. This super-entity is in orbit around the planet, even today. In the distant past, the Edo were a lawless and chaotic people, through time they developed a legal system with the help of their God where a small number of "mediators" patrol randomly selected "punishment zones" where any infraction, even if accidental, results in immediate execution without appeal.[5]

Leaving Rubicun III was banned for the Edo for a long time. Eventually they would find colonies on other planets in the region of space claimed by their God. At some point in the 2980s, the Edo wishing to leave for other worlds could apply for a permit. A few individuals joined Starfleet at that time. The need for a permission was dropped somewhere in the 2390s, although very few opted to leave.[6][7]

By the 2390s, the Edo have joined the space-faring community, having engaged at least with the Betazoid people before being welcomed into the United Federation of Planets, supposedly having a more direct involvement with their God and mediators.[8]


They abide by randomly mobile punishment zones to keep would-be offenders alert under penalty of a swift execution. Since the "punishment zones" are randomly chosen and rapidly changing, the system is a powerful incentive to obey all laws. The Edo welcome visitors openly as long as they conform to their system of justice. The Edo system of justice acknowledged only one punishment among them for any crime: execution with a poisoned syringe. Randomly mobile punishment zones kept would-be offenders alert and the Mediators dispensed punishment for any violations in the punishment zones.[5]

Since an incident with a Starfleet crew, penalties for certain crimes has lessened somewhat - the Edo considered this to be a tumultuous period, but otherwise productive.[9]


All Edo look seemingly identical to Humans - however, the Edo seem to only have blonde hair[5], and generally dress in less than Humans due to both their self-confidence and complete sexual freedom.


The Edo are very homogenous species, with little racial or ethnic diversity among them. Diseases are also rare among the Edo, which is why medical professionals are only in low demand on Rubicun III.[10]

The Edo have slightly higher preferred temperature compared to humans, for example. This might cause some Edo to feel slightly chilly in standard Starfleet room temperature, although the difference is not as prominent as it is to species like Vulcans or Cardassians.[11]

They can easily fulfil their nutritional requirements by eating plants, while eating meat can have negative health effects, especially if done regularly.[12]


The Edo practice a strange mixture of hedonistic sexuality and have a puritanical respect for a draconian legal code. Because of this, all Edo are incredibly law-abiding. Their entire society is peaceful, with what they consider to be criminal behaviour wiped out hundreds of years ago.[5]

Nevertheless, they are free-spirited and extremely welcoming to visitors. The Edo greet friends with a deep embrace and, often to the surprise of outsiders, offered themselves sexually to anyone who would accept. It was customary among the Edo to run from place to place instead of walking.[5] They are also immensely proud of their homeworld, some to the point of boasting about it.


Though they are space-faring today, the Edo are protected by a trans-dimensional super-entity in orbit around their planet, which they worship as God. The Edo God has an appearance of a space station or similar structure and is normally invisible or transparent even to ship sensors. The Edo God considers the Edo to be their children and has been hostile to potential threats to the Edo.[13]

The exact nature of the Edo God is unknown. Closer contact has revealed there are multiple lifeforms aboard the station-like structure, indicating the Edo God is a group or a species instead of a single being. According to information revealed by the Edo God to Starfleet, they once belonged to the same dimension but have since evolved. They are known to occupy several dimensions and locations simultaneously.[13] An Edo from another universe once claimed the Edo God is the same in all universes, although this claim has not been yet verified.[14]

The Edo would occasionally pray to their God. They might continue to do so outside the vicinity of their homeworld, although they also believe the Edo God might not be able to hear them that far.[15]


Some Edo believe in spirits, and the there are several myths concerning the spirits of the dead.[16] They are at least aware of the concept of the living dead.[17]


The Edo have local communities with community leaders. Both the community leaders and the mediators wear a metallic necklace indicating their status.[2][5]

At least in some regions, communal families are the norm. In this kind of familiar structure, those with whom an individual is close with are considered their family, regardless of their geneological relations. As a result, an individual would consider everyone in their community their child, sibling, parent or grandparent. When changing communities, an Edo may start to consider the new community as their family as well, even when the new community is non-Edo.[18]



The Edo clothing tends to be minimal. Typical clothes worn by the Edo include rompers, and when wearing a Starfleet uniform or similar, they tend to prefer skant variants.[19]


The Edo do not tend to eat meat. Eating meat is not forbidden, but it is also not typical in their culture to do so. The Edo used to eat meat in their past, but it fell out of favour after eating meat regularly was shown to be unhealthy for them. Plant food is sufficient to sustain them.[12]


The Edo speak multiple languages or dialects collectively referred to as the Rubicun Edo languages or simply Edo languages. These languages share a translingual writing system, which is based on a shared syllabary. Each glyph typically represents a consonant, a vowel, and a possible ending depending on its location in a word and other factors. The syllable glyphs have an order comparable to the alphabetic order in the Latin alphabets. For example, va is the fifth glyph in this syllabic order.[20]

Somian is one of the dialects or languages spoken by the Edo in an area on Rubicun III. It is written using the common Edo writing system. The word order in Somian is OVS, i.e. object-verb-subject, meaning that in a typical sentence, object precedes the verb, and the subject is in the last place.[20]


Hugs are often shared between family members and friends as well as strangers. A hug is often used as a typical greeting, but hugs are also given for whatever reason.[21]

During typical handshakes, the contact would linger longer than most other cultures. This would often make people from other cultures uncomfortable due to the intimacy of the gesture.[22] An Edo-style handshake consisted of clasping forearms, rather than hands.[23]



Starfleet Intelligence Files

In 2392, Farquan was assigned to the USS Invicta as a diplomatic envoy, his people having been curious about the area the Invicta was operating within.[24]


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