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Crew of the USS Artemis-A

Ensign Chevalier.png

Ensign Jaseb Chevalier

"By way of deception thou shalt do war." - Ethari proverb

Ensign Chevalier is currently serving as Operations Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A.


  • Height: 192cm (6' 3”)
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue & White
  • Build: Athletic/Slender


Jaseb is a little measured when dealing with other people. He expects the worst from others, rarely shows his true self hidden behind the wall he built between himself and the surrounding world.
But, if you crack the wall, and then peel the onion, you can find a sweet, attentive, and sensitive boy, a direct opposite to cold, efficient, result focused men who present himself so.


Jaseb's quarters are located on Deck 5, Sector 07, Compartment 12. The quarters are shared, although the second berth happens to be empty.

As of yet, he keeps his half quite spartan. He has a couple REAL PAPER books on the shelf, a holographic altar of some kind and his Starfleet Academy diploma on the wall. He often listens to Bayran music in the privacy of his quarters.


Jaseb was born on the non-Federation Human diaspora colony on the border of Tholian and Makus Sector, as a third child to the family of public servants. He had a happy childhood, but as he grew up, he started to realize what it means to be born as a third. His planet is a bare, resourceless place, and a population of the colony is heavily controlled to curb the colony population growth. Jaseb was destined to become a pilgrim - the one who is expected to leave. When he finished his primary education, his future was already written. He, altogether with other "third", was taken out of his family, and educated (someone would say conditioned) by their transhumanistic church - Sanctum Transpoli - about the "life outside".

At the age of 17 he was expected to leave, and he left. He spent the next two years among the stars, while trying to find his meaning in life. There he firstly came across something he hadn't seen before. Misunderstanding of his religion, condemnation for his looks, slanders and insults whispered behind his back. Even though he was third, he was never bullied nor offended by others before. Firstly, he was terrified and lost, but he hardened to the outside world quickly enough. He survived and decided on the only one career that made sense to him - and applied to the Starfleet Academy.

In 2400 he graduated Starfleet Academy with a major in Intelligence – with focus on data analysis and extraction - and a second major in Engineering - Cybernetics.

After graduation, he was assigned to the USS Artemis-A as one of its operations officers as his first official posting.

Service History

Both Sides Now

The mission was mostly played with alternate characters. See mission log - Both Sides Now (Artemis) - for details.

After he completed Starfleet Academy final examination, Ensign Chevalier was transferred to the Luna class explorer USS Artemis-A in 240009. He first boarded the ship shortly after the Artemis was ordered to a deep-level sensor sweeps research mission across the Borderlands and quickly he got thrown into work to make the sensors running around the clock.[1] This being his first mission as the officer of the Starfleet, Jaseb wanted to make a good impression and was too eager to make an impression and came with harsh, but logic solution to the problem.[2]

As weeks onboard were coming and going, Jaseb got around the clock with the peaceful, calm life onboard. But that changed quickly when the ship's mission changed dramatically, as a group of unknown ships crossed over from another universe. First – CIC Desdemona – hailed Artemis asking for assistance, second fired (ineffectually) on the Artemis. The Artemis was then forced to respond to the hostile action, destroying the ship.

Jaseb is transferred from Bridge to the OPS Center at Deck 5, and serves the graveyard shift, processing the shipwide operation requests and energy logistics. He used his newfound freedom for investigation into his Desdemona's counterpart, Unit-J, and wrote a technical memo to SFI about his counterpart abilities, trying to impress the ship's Chief Intelligence Officer, Lt. Cmdr Talos Dakora. [3]

It was a couple days later at the OPS Center, where gruppie met his hero, when LTCDR Talos Dakora visited Jaseb to get information about movements of the Desdemona crew and Unit-Jduring Desdemona's attempt to take over the ship. Jaseb was able to pinpoint his counterpart's approximate location and gave the information to the commander. [4] When the commander left the OPS Center, Jaseb tried to disable Unit-J, his counterpart, but failed. With help of his boyfriend - PO3 Damien Black, SFI Computer Specialist - he found his backdoor changes he made to his other mainframe program, were deleted and he's not able to stop his counterpart killing spree over the Artemis. [5] and decided to confront his counterpart personally.

With help of Ens Kawarda - whom Jaseb recruited during his pursuit of Unit-J - Jaseb reached deck 15, just to find his counterpart is already dead. Altogether with Ens Kawarda engaged directly into the stalemate between Col MacKenzie (who impersonates the captain of Artemis, Capt Addison MacKenzie) and LtCdr Talos Dakora. After short tactical negotiation he shot Col MacKenzie multiple times, which shocked the Artemis officers due the lack of necessity for his “overzealous” behavior. LtCmd Talos Dakora reprimanded Jaseb and put him on the bench directly in place, which slapped Jaseb out of his adrenaline rush. [6] He is kept to secure the tertiary command processors on deck 15, left to his sorrow and shame...

Shoreleave 240012

The Artemis spent the shoreleave near Betazed.



Noimage.jpg Timothee
Jaseb's relationship with his father could be described as strained at best. His father is a man of few words and many expectations, but as Jaseb was a third child, there was little to none for him.
Noimage.jpg Ana
Jaseb's mother always loved him, and helped him to grow into a man he's today. In contrast to his father, Mother never saw him as a burden that third children are considered to be.
Noimage.jpg Thomas
Oldest brother
Thomas, as a first child in the family, was always the one on the pedestal, Jaseb as third, overlooked and ignored. Thomas path was to become Thanata, as their father was, Jacob's path was to become a pilgrim. Their social status divided them more than nine years of age difference. They never grew up to be close to each other.
Noimage.jpg Damien
Older brother
Damien was always close to Jacob's heart. They both were free children, unbound by family obligations and traditions. They could always be what they wanted to be. And they both always enjoyed it to the fullest.

The Commander he worships

JK - Red Picard v5.jpg Talos Dakora
Father figure to Jaseb
Jaseb worshiped Commander Dakora even before he was assigned aboard the USS Artemis. When that happened - to his displeasure as a member of OPS, and not as an intelligence analyst - he finally had a chance to meet his hero in person and he's trying to impress him enough ever since to accept him into his department. Some would say that she is too hard-working, too fixated, too...stubborn in this. But Jaseb knows what he wants and goes after his own.
Dakora: ...if I ever see that again you’ll be riding back from whence you came in the brig. Understood?

Chevalier: ::trying to find his voice:: Sir... aye, sir.[7]


Sil-Picard Uniform.png Vitor Silveira
Brought together through tragedy
During their first shared mission on Artemis, Silveira had a brief romance with Jovenan's alternate universe counterpart until her death. Dealing with it brought the two closer together, as Jaseb helped him to find a little piece of reconciliation...
Silveira: I really can't thank you enough. And please call me Vitor or Sil, after all we are on down time...
Chevalier: Jaseb, nice to meet you, Sil... [8]

Jaseb's Photo Album

Service Records

0712 Jaseb Chevalier, Operations Officer
Z'Vahme, Helm Officer
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-cadet1 red.png
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
PICstyle-ens gold.png
Ensign SD 240009.27 - Present USS Artemis-A
USS ArtemisA-logo.png
Operations Officer

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 240009.25
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 240101.19
USS Artemis-A
Awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty.
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon 240101.19
USS Artemis-A
Awarded to an individual who participates in a mission within an alternate universe.


This is not a full list of Jaseb's sims, nor is it a list of "best" or "favourite" sims either. It's simply a list of sims referred to in this wiki article.

  1. A new drum of oil for the old good machine, Ens Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240009.29
  2. Standard conditional probability problem of three choices, Ens Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240009.29
  3. MEMO 995A-14-240011-ARTEMIS-A, Ens Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240011.04
  4. Heartclicks song of Heads or Tails, Ens Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240011.12
  5. My serial number is on my sleeve, Ens Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240011.14
  6. Being a disappointment, Ens Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240011.25
  7. Being a disappointment, Ens. Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240011.25
  8. Two types of stone and carved tree, Ens. Jaseb Chevalier, USS Artemis-A, 240012.28

Current Crew

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Commanding Ofc.
Addison MacKenzie
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Executive Ofc.
Talos Dakora
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Vitor Silveira
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Hallia Yellir
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Jaseb Chevalier
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Security Ofc.
Kel Solas
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