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Four Letter Code DAAL
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Da'al (Meranuge IV)
Encountered RES: "Come What May"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level K
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The Da'al are a non-violent warp-capable species with several colonies throughout the Borderlands.

General Information

Due to the greater heat generated by F stars, the Da’al society stretches from their home world to various smaller planets in their area of space. Warp travel is not well researched, but is a priority to some of the factions that wish to extend their presence in the sector. The weather near the capital consists of three main seasons, a rainy cold time good for planting the water dependent crops of certain grains exclusive to the planet, a warmer season for harvest, and a third brief season between the two where storms from cold fronts meeting warm can turn deadly if one does not seek shelter for the duration. This brief ‘mini season’ bridges the two main weather patterns known to the planet.


The Da'al are a tall race, averaging 188 centimeters in height. Their appearance is humanoid, with grey skin that ranges from an almost porcelain to a deep slate color. There are undertones of red or purple beneath the skin, red being more likely to show the Da'al is from the northern regions, while purple tends to be dominant in Da'al from the southern part of the planet. Their eyes can be any color on the spectrum.

The Da'al are capable of manipulating energy fields with their minds, and can be extremely powerful when large numbers of them focus this ability and act in concert. The extent of their mental abilities are poorly understood, but Federation scientists believe that their ships may be powered (at least in part) by the minds of trained Da'al.

Within Da'al society, this ability is known as Shu'Da'al.[1]


First Contact

The Da'al homeworld–also known by its planetary designation Meranuge IV–was first charted by a Federation deep space probe in 2227, but its remoteness and proximity to Klingon space ensured that the planet would go largely unexplored for the next six decades. In the late 23rd century, the Federation–Klingon peace allowed further exploration of the area and Federation scientists determined that the Da'al had developed faster-than-light travel by 2297.

First contact between the Federation and the Da'al took place in 2300, and the Da'al encountered the Klingons for the first time the following year. The Da'al principles of neutrality and non-alignment seemed at odds with forging bonds of friendship with alien species, and the Federation's overtures of friendship were largely rebuffed.

The Da'al continued to explore their space with infrequent contact from outsiders over the decades. By 2393, they had established at least one off-world colony within their star system, and two research outposts in the neighboring star system.

Recent History

In late 2397, the prime minister, Ypartin, attempted a self-coup, assisted by the Klingons and Da'al mercenaries. The attempt failed and Ypartin was deposed, however public confidence in the government was dealt a crippling blow. Ypartin was jailed and charged with treason, but escaped off-world before he could be brought to trial, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. The planet currently has a provisional government, led by Zeneth, a military advisor to the previous constitutional government.


Note: Dates given in this section are in the Terran calendar.

The fundamental principle of the Da'al political system is that divisions within society are represented in proportion to their number. This manifests in a highly fragmented society, with numerous and ever-changing factions. Despite the factionalized political landscape, however, Da'al politics are not adversarial in nature, and negotiation and compromise are considered products of successful governance, rather than symptoms of poor governance.

The planet was united as a single polity by the 14th century, with sovereignty vested in the Great Council, a college of the monarchs of the planet's constituent nation states. Subsequent intermarriage consolidated the various royal houses, and by the 16th century, Da'al was effectively a diarchy. To oversee the planet's day-to-day governance, the sovereigns appointed ministers to the Great Council. Ministers' power and influence grew at the expense of the diarchs', and by the 19th century, the diarchy had been abolished altogether.

Today, the Great Council still functions as the collective head of state. Its members, called ministers, lead various governmental departments, and elect a prime minister from amongst themselves to serve as head of government and direct the Council's work. The prime minister is elected for a term of ten years, but must maintain the confidence of the Great Council to remain in office.


Da'al society is made of many factions, each with their own economy and industry. Representatives from these factions come together in the capital of Vman (historically called Dalina prior to the abolition of the monarchy), which is located on a small island by the same name.

Given that the Da'al Homeworld is a planet that is only recently begun exploring warp travel, their society is much like that of a Victorian Era Earth. Instead of having a monarch, the planet is led by a Prime Minister who has a general term of ten years. Under the minister, are representatives from other sections of the planet who have a term of five years. It is not unheard of for one of these under ministers to campaign for the higher office.

Each section's under minister is part of a larger council that answers to the Prime Minister. Each section also has its own military advisor who are chosen from generals that have proven their intelligence and courage. There are four main sections of the planet, plus Vman, where the government sits. The populace chooses the under ministers, and the ministers then choose the Prime Minister from candidates that have previously served in government.

If a Prime Minister is deposed, or more likely, retires before their term is up for re-election, the under ministers meet to nominate then vote for an acting Prime Minister until the time of the next scheduled election

Religion and Spirituality

The Da'al have a culturally-significant set of sayings often referred to as "The Writings." The original author is unknown, and while these maxims are not revered in the same way as religious texts, they have come to be widely accepted as guiding principles for Da'al life. The full list of maxims has never been shared, but the first and most prominent is "Our strength lies in unity."[1]


Culture and Society


  • "The black eyes find you almost at once."[2]
  • "Our strength lies in unity."[1]


Holidays and Festivals

Food and Beverages

  • Ziabaco: A plant with finger-like stems. One can wring out the stems to extract a potable juice.[3]


  • Ypartin (b. 2354) was the Da'al prime minister from 2392 until his failed self-coup d'état attempt and removal from office in 2397. He escaped from detention and fled off-world. His whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • Zeneth (b. 2369–2370) is a former military advisor to the Da'al government and friend of Ypartin. As of 2397, Zeneth is the leader of the provisional government.