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Meranuge IV

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Meranuge IV.png
Meranuge IV (Da’al)
Stellar Cartography
Region The Borderlands
System Meranuge system
Sun(s) Meranuge
Class M
Atmosphere nitrogen
20.5 % oxygen
trace gasses
Climate generally warm and humid
Native species Da’al
Major cities V'dam
Affiliation Independent neutral
Government Da’al Government (–2397)
Da’al Interim Government (2397–present)

Meranuge IV, also known as Da’al, is the fourth planet of the Meranuge system in the Borderlands. Being a class M planet, Meranuge IV can support most humanoid life, but has higher than usual level of UV radiation, which may cause medical issues to some non-native species if untreated. The planet is noted for its rings.

Meranuge IV is the homeworld of the Da’al, an independent warp-capable species. The Da’al have colonised other planets in the system and beyond, but have decided to remain neutral in relation to major factions of the region, namely the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Physical characteristics

The surface of the planet is described as green and blue. It has land masses of various sizes, as well as oceans and smaller seas.[1] The planet has rings. The rings have multiple colours.[1] The rings are visible from the ground.[2]

The atmosphere consists of 20.5 per cent of oxygen on planetary average and was breathable to most humanoids. There were also small quantities of carbon fumes and toxic elements. The atmosphere has a prismatic dispersion effect. In many parts of the planet, the light was brighter than what humans had used to. The humidity and the temperature there were also higher than what was comfortable for humans.[3][4][5]

Ultraviolet levels are high. A medical examination for hiper-skin cell degeneration might be necessary for most humanoids after visiting the planet. No other forms of dangerous radiation was detected.[4] Atmospheric analysis also revealed small quantities of trilithium resin gases, a volatile and dangerous substance. The presence of the substance could have contributed to the UV levels on the planet.[6][7]

One building material used in the Government Complex in Vdam resembled glimmering granite.[8] According to the first contact team's notes, the planet does not have dilithium deposits or other noteworthy resources, although the scans were limited.[9] There are no significant naturally occurring deposits of gallium near Tecra.[10]

Flora and Fauna

A species of falcons lives on the planet. Some of the Da’al have them as pets and allow them to hunt their food.[11] A species known as jolakta gulls lives by the seas. They have whistling cry.[12] Other known species are Vristoan lions, ka'hu bears and Finderian foxcator.[13][14]

Trees that are suited for arid climate live at least in Vdam.[3] Seaweed grows in the planet's seas.[12]

Scaled monarchs

Scaled monarchs are a large bird-like species. They have reptilian appearance but are able to fly. A population of scaled monarchs lives in La'kso Canyon.[15] The scaled monarchs build their nests high places, unreachable by humanoids. They are known to be very protective of their offspring. The hatching season lasts for most of the year, which has prevented the scientists from getting close enough for closer study. They are omnivores, and there has not been recent reports of attacks against humanoids.[16][17]

The cry of scaled monarchs sound like typical cries for a large bird, however those with great hearing also describe it as screeching hiss.[18] The sound of the species large wings is easily audible to the ground when flying above.[19]


By the early 25th century, the Da’al had long used Planet Hoppers for short range intra-planetary travel. The Planet Hoppers were the primary method of intercity travel for government officials. The Planet Hoppers, as the name suggests, work by jumping into the air.[20][21]


Vdam is the capital of the Da’al.[22] The city was likely located near a body of water.[4] The city's commercial centre consists of tall buildings.[23]

One of the landmarks of Vdam is the government complex, which includes the Prime Minister's official residence and offices. The complex consists of several tall buildings with small footprint. The architecture of the complex is plain with little decoration on its facade. The buildings of the complex and its gate are made of concrete or similar material. The complex is highly defensible and is protected by shield generators. The Prime Minister's office has an ornate desk that has been used by Prime Ministers for 160 years.[3][23][24]

The Da'al Ministry of Science is located in Da'al. The Ministry building also operates as a research centre, having at least exobiology, advanced materials and planetary sciences laboratories.[25]

Near the government complex is the Heroes Park. The park is large enough for the starship USS Resolution to land on.[26] The park had trees that can live in arid climate.[3] Multiple lifeforms were detected in the park or in its vicinity.[4]

There are also military defence buildings in the city.[27]


Tecra is a provincial capital city located on the southern hemisphere of the planet.[28] The city used to be a middling city with significant cultural importance. After the interim government's establishment, Tecra also rose in political and economic importance as a meeting place of different factions.[12]

The city was struck by a meteor in 2400, with inital estimations indicating that approximately 10,000 Da’al had died, and the infrastructure of the city was estimated to been largely destroyed or damaged. Among the surviving buildings were the Government Complex and Palace of Culture. The Palace of Culture survived mostly intact after the meteor impact, although it had cracks on its walls, and it was converted to emergency aid centre after the meteor strike.[28][2]

The Provincial Government Complex is a series of tall concrete-like building. They were described as similar to those in Vdam and architecturally plain.[5] At least during the immediate rescue efforts after the meteor impact, the interim external relations minister had an office room in the government complex, even though they also worked in the capital Vdam.[29] The Government Complex includes the Gendarmerie headquarters. Tecra houses the Regional Commander of the Gendarmerie.[30][31] The State Dining Room is located in the Central Government Facilities. The room has oak panelling and portraits of former provincial ministers.[32]

The city has suburbs. Many of the suburban houses were destroyed or damaged by the meteor or its shock wave and were abandoned. The meteor crater cut through suburban streets.[33] Some of the destroyed or severely damaged places includes Ertas Square.[34]

La'kso Canyon

La'kso Canyon is a canyon located on the northern hemisphere. The canyon runs through a large deposit of kelbonite and some luminescent minerals. Due to the presence of kelbonite, the canyon cannot be reached with transporters.[35] The kelbonite also blocks attempts to scan the area by handheld tricorders and orbit-based probe sensors alike.[36][37]

The colour of the canyon is described as brown, yellow and orange. It is relatively narrow and deep, with steep cliffs surrounding it. A small river that carved the canyon still flows on the bottom.[36] The canyon is located over 160 kilometres from the closest populated place.[16]

A population of scaled monarchs lives in the canyon.[15] The canyon is mostly barren, but has some dwarf trees grow on the bottom, by the river.[36]


In 2397, Prime Minister Ypartin was accused of lack of action regarding the disagreement between the town of Deloth and the millers over the latest harvest.[22]

The different regions are governed by Regional Prefects and Assemblies.[38]

Every provincial capital has a crisis bunker in order to secure the continuation of government in case of general unrest. These bunkers included dedicated air and water supply, independently powered communications equipment, and provisions. At least the one in Tecra was located in an underground portion of the Government complex, behind a hidden door.[39]


A meteor striking the planet in 240002.
See also: Come What May (Resolution) and Impact (Artemis)

The Da’al developed warp drive in the late 23rd century. According to the second contact records from the early 2390s, the Da’al had established another colony within the system and two outpost to other systems.[40] Before 2397, the Federation had not performed a detailed scan of the Meranuge system or the planet, only relying on long-range scans and the minimal active scans during contacts.[41] The Federation starship USS Resolution received updated GIS data of the capital city Vdam from the Da’al Prime Minister.[26]

Klingons appeared to believe they have a solid historical claim to the system and the planet.[42] In 2397, a landing group of some 200 Klingons landed near the major cities of each of the planet's regions.[26] Crewmembers of the USS Resolution beamed in Vdam, and the ship itself soon landed in the Heroes Park.[3][24]

In 240002, the city of Tecra was devastated by a massive meteor strike, which killed thousands and damaged the city's infrastructure. The Interim Government asked the Starfleet for assistance.[28][43] USS Artemis-A arrived to the planet soon after. They discovered that the impact crater was visible to naked eye from the planet's orbit before leaving for the planet's surface.[44]

Initial scans conducted by the Starfleet medical and science officers on site didn't register the airborne dust of consist of anything that could be dangerous for short term exposure.[45][2] However, further analysis revealed the presence of an unusual chemical compound, Si3Na2Ga5CaO2. The substance wasn't naturally occurring and should have dissipated, however it was observed to persist and fluctuate.[46][47][10] The chemical was found in the dust across the city. They soon realised the chemical, later named "Da’allium" interacted with the telekinetic capabilities of the Da’al, which caused the unusual properties and biological effects to telepathic individuals, namely aggression and brainwave variation. The engineering and medical team designed and built a device that removed the contact between the Da’al and Da’allium and normalized affected brainwaves, successfully curing the remaining city population.[48][49][50][51][52][53]

La'kso Canyon was a hiding place for the group that had redirected the meteor to Tecra. While camping in the Canyon in 240005, a group of Starfleet officers of the USS Artemis-A happened to come across with members of that group patrolling the area. After subduing the patrollers, the ensigns and their senior officers discovered the hidden hangar and the vessel that had been used to redirect the meteor.[13][54]


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