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Hello, I'm Jo, I'm a university graduate student from Finland. I'm simming under Writer ID E239911J11. I happened to find out about SB118 in October 2022 and decided to hop on and apply. I've been playing ever since.

English is not my native language. I think I'm fairly fluent in it, but I'm still prone to grammar or vocabulary errors. I try to improve my creative writing, but my use of English might still come across as stiff or unimaginative. Oh, and if I ever misgender you or your character, it is not due to maliciousness. It's just that my native language doesn't have gendered pronouns, so I might use them incorrectly occasionally.

OOC interviews and news

My character

Jovenan LtJG 2400.png


My primary character is Jovenan, an Edo science officer on USS Artemis-A. She has had problems fitting in both the Edo culture and the universe outside their homeworld. She has a passion for exploring new worlds but is often shy and insecure. She is averse to fighting and action but might surprise at tough spots.

OOC tips for interacting with Jovenan

  • She is Edo, not Edosian; she looks perfectly human and has only two arms!
  • Consider if your character can tell an Edo apart from human – likely not. Unless your character knows Jovenan's species some other way, your character is likely to assume she's human or unspecified human-looking alien.
  • I don't mention it explicitly on the character page, but Jovenan is asexual. I haven't yet decided if she's aromantic or not. Her sexual orientation is OOC information unless your character is being told that. If your character finds Jovenan attractive, they may try to hit on her, if that's a thing your character would do in such a situation. Just be aware Jovenan might react negatively.

My PNPCs and NPCs

Jozial Renirs.png

Jozial Renirs

Jozial Renirs is a Trill enlisted technician on USS Artemis-A. Despite being born to a privileged family, she began to hang out with shadier characters in her teenage years on her native M'talas Prime. She signed up to Starfleet to get away from those circles, but still has some trouble following the rules.

Jovenan (Shint War Alternate).png

Jovenan (Shint War Alternate)

Jovenan is an Edo Divine Fleet science officer, temporarily posted to the Commonwealth Interstellar Fleet ship CIC Desdemona. Unlike most crewmembers there, she didn't have any combat experience nor personal losses due to the war. While a skilled scientist, her attitude to the war is dangerously naïve.

Temporary or past NPCs

  • Rennol and Kireeh, Da'al henchmen during USS Artemis-A 240004-240005 shoreleave on Meranuge IV. Posted twice with them before they began to live their own life in everyone's posts.

My accomplishments

These are the OOC accomplishments and awards, granted to the player. For the IC accomplisments and ribbons, see each character’s wiki page.


Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General GenesisAward 2011.jpg
Genesis Award 2400
USS Artemis-A
[Full citation 1]
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Nebula Bar 2400
USS Artemis-A
[Full citation 2]
Full citations
  1. “Despite Jovenan being quite a new addition to the crew, their writer has consistently gone above and beyond when it comes to portraying their character. It's been really interesting to see their growth in and out of character, especially as it comes to rounding off their character. Since our transfer to the Artemis, I've seen Jovenan grow more comfortable in their ability to write sims that show off the strengths and weaknesses of their character in such a way that is incredibly believable and entertaining.”
  2. “Jo, the writer behind LtJG Jovenan, has dazzled us with her mastery of our SB118 Wiki in the short time since she joined the fleet. In her first couple of missions, Jo gleaned information from old Resolution and Excalibur sims and formally “canonized” them by adding them to our wiki. This volunteer task helped codify the lore our crew had created in the Borderlands over the last three years. Jo raised the bar even further during Artemis’ maiden voyage. Our first mission saw us revisiting one of our first Borderlands creations, the Da’al. Jo took it upon herself to read the entire original Resolution mission, parse the information about the Da’al homeworld, and expand the Wiki page with all of the (forgotten) details about the planet and the star system. When the time came to start the new mission, everyone on Artemis had this invaluable resource ready to use, which allowed us to further develop the natural and scientific environment of Meranuge IV in accordance with established lore. During the mission, Jo (as Jovenan) played an integral role in defining the scientific underpinning of a major plot development—adding further to our understanding of this unique planet. For all of her IC and OOC work in expanding our knowledge of the Meranuge system and the Borderlands in general, and for making it easier for other players to build upon established SB118 canon, I am pleased to nominate Jo for the Nebula Bar.”

REV SD 240009.19