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About the Writer

Emily (Em if you give her elderflower tonic water or coffee) is a keen writer of everything from roleplaying games to work emails, and is a happily devoted Star Trek fan who joined Starbase 118 in 2016 in the middle of the night after watching a sci-fi horror film and scaring herself half to death. So far, the only ship she's been assigned to is the USS Gorkon and she would like it a great deal if that didn't change any time soon.

Writer ID: G239304JM0

Character Bank

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Jo Marshall Bear Marshall Tali Namura Christopher Johns
Jocelyn Marshall - Lieutenant JG
Brought into being shortly before she was expected, Jo is the only daughter and middle child of two Starfleet Engineers who set up their homestead on Volan III - a mining colony world in the demilitarized zone - because no one told them it would be a bad idea. They were marvellous parents, with the odd piquant to do the strangest things like open up a targ sanctuary on a remote moon, and raised their three children with the morals and values of upstanding Starfleet Officers they would no doubt be forced into in the future. Jo strove for a career as a professional Springball player firstly, unfortunately injuring her shoulder, and progressed into Engineering as a backup. As luck would have it, she was rather good at it and found her feet repairing any kind of magical gadgetry thrown her way. Completing her Academy requirements in late 2393, Jo hopped on board a crew transport heading out for the gloriously sunny sounding USS Gorkon and found herself with the vessel but trapped in an alternate universe for a year. Since then, the ship has returned, and gone from strength to strength in the Tyrellian Sector and Jo hopes she's around to see it all.
Orson "Bear" Marshall - Lieutenant JG
Jo's older brother, posted currently on the USS Gorkon as a Logistics and Communications Officer. He's a dweeb.
Tali Namura - Ensign, Doctor
Tali is a medical officer posted to the USS Gorkon. She has a moderate dislike for everyone, though is warming somewhat.
Christopher Johns - Petty Officer Second Class
A cheeky, playful young man, built by the combined winds of sarcasm and tequila. He enjoys life, dances when he can, and has one of the most charming smiles ever.

Other Characters


  • USS Gorkon - The one and only ship. Pinnacle of madness. Happy times.

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