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USS Gorkon
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Position Engineer
Rank Ensign
Species Ferengi
Gender Male
DOB 237209.13
Age 24
Birthplace Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Earth
Writer ID G239502GS0
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingGold 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg

Purple Heart
Explorer's Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon
Captain's Commendation
Lifesaving Ribbon

Gnaxac is an engineer stationed on the USS Gorkon.

Personal Profile

Personal Statistics

  • Full Name: Gnaxac
  • Birthdate: 237209.13
  • Place of Birth: Amsterdam, the Netherlands Earth
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Position: Engineer
  • Eyes: Black
  • Height: 4'11"
  • Weight: 97 lbs
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Ferengi


  • Mother: Grimis (deceased)
  • Father: Praza (deceased)
  • Siblings: Madris, sister (20) & Traxac, brother (13)


Gnaxac is an ambitious young Ferengi, but instead of acquiring wealth (which he has in abundance) he wishes to acquire deeds. He applies the Rules of Acquisition to his actions, not his finances. He is fiercely devoted to Starfleet, and is a wunderkind of Engineering, thanks to his father's tech company.


Gnaxac was born on Earth whilst his parents were on holiday there, but was swiftly brought back to Ferenginar where he grew up practically in the lap of luxury, even by Ferengi standards. Praza, his father, is an incredibly wealthy tech merchant who spoiled Gnaxac as his first born. Wanting to rebel against this upbringing, Gnaxac loved hearing about the daring deeds of Starfleet officers, and secretly applied to join the Academy. With the death of his parents, Gnaxac left Ferenginar and his siblings (to whom he left some of the family latinum) and headed to Earth's Stafleet Academy. After sailing through the technical aspects of the Academy and graduating, Gnaxac was appointed to the Gorkon.

Aboard the Gorkon

Living Quarters

Gnaxac has his quarters on Deck 15.

Mission History

Mission - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Gnaxac slept through the entire fiasco, and was blissfully unaware of any of the occurrences that went on. This is due to the four lobes of the Ferengi that made him immune.

Shore Leave - Palanon

Gnaxac was working in Stellar Cartography, doing routine maintenance when he met Megan "Meg" Bendyn. They made plans to meet after the shift, and they went down to Iana Station, eating at Burger Nagas, the Ferengi fast food joint, before getting a drink at The Badge & Phaser, an olde English pub.

Mission - the Njörðr Incident

Gnaxac was in waste management aboard a shuttlecraft when the gravity shifted aboard the Njörðr, and managed to escape with the help of a laser cutter, and Orson "Bear" Marshall. The two remained together for the rest of the incident, clambering through the interior of the ship, meeting with other survivors and helping to rescue Samira Neathler from kidnappers.

Shore Leave - Deluvia

Gnaxac had arranged to meet the Handsome Man (his name for Orson) but was unable to find the man, due to his apparent defection to the Orion Syndicate. Upon finding this information out, Gnaxac was violently ill in a waste management suite near to the Briefing Room.

Mission - Operation Sea-Devil

Gnaxac was stuck in Engineering with the self-important Peek, and was on the point of flipping when a distress call came in. Gnaxac volunteered to vist the Whydah, from which the signal emanated. He was accompanied by Nkai, Toran Sevo, Kel Baina, and Keretene. They encountered the soul survivor of an attack on the ship by some kind of creatures - everybody saw different monsters, Gnaxac seeing cloaked wraiths.

Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239604.27
USS Gorkon
For injuries sustained aboard the USS Njörðr.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239604.27
USS Gorkon
For the discovery of the nebula aboard the USS Njörðr
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239604.27
USS Gorkon
For actions committed aboard the USS Njörðr saving Samira Neathler
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingGold 2011.jpg
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon 239604.27
USS Gorkon
For actions committed aboard the USS Njörðr saving Samira Neathler
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 239607.25
USS Gorkon
Presented in acknowledgement of his actions during Operation Sea Devil.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 239607.25
USS Gorkon
Presented in acknowledgement of his actions during Operation Sea Devil.