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Caedan Nkai.png

Caedan Nkai
Good Friend / Brother from a Rodulan Mother

Caedan and Jo met in the Operations department - him the Chief, her the underling. Submerged in the rigmarole of every day life on a starship supplanted into another universe by mere happenstance, in order to relax they developed a taste for going out and partying on shore leave, getting very, very drunk, and garnering a reputation for living it up. Back in their universe, this has not changed one iota, and they will be often found planning some marvelous extravaganza of ill-advised intoxication.
Jo considers Caedan to be a very good friend, and loves messing around with his hair just a little too much.

Nkai: Well, as your fearless leader-slash-department-head, I plan on setting an excellent example by waking up in the hot springs with a raging hangover and no idea how I got there. You?
Marshall: If Millis is involved, I’m sure I’ll forget more than just this evening. I’m still recovering memory cells from the last time he was mixing Flaxian slingshots in jam jars.

A Rodulan Footstool - While Caedan recovers from his recent liver transplant, Jo entertains his unconscious mind with a Vulcan romance novel.
Sera zh' Aella.png

Sera zh'Aella
Best Friend

Jo and Sera first met on the underground spider station that was Leutra IV, when Sera surfed a wave of eight-legged arachnids, taking a chunk out of one of them. Since then, they've become firm friends, fending off Orion pirates, faceless beings, taking part in a Trill forestry expedition, and the odd poker hand or two in a top hat. Jo loves Sera's easygoing sense of humour and enjoys being around the Andorian when they get the chance to let the crazy out of the confinement field.
Slowly, but most assuredly, Jo is turning Sera's king-emperor penguin Kang into a socialist revolutionary, complete with Marxist idealism and complex notions of mutiny - a tall ask for a cotton stuffed seabird.

zh'Aella: I'd really appreciate it if none of the Gorkon's Engineers found out that I was chewing on a maintenance robot.
Marshall: Duly noted. I’m sure they’ve all fantasized about it at some point.

She's ALIVE! - Meeting her best friend, Sera zh'Aella, for the first time, riding into dodge on a sea of mechanical spiders - a chunk missing from one and some suspect fluid around the Andorian's mouth.
Crossing the Bar - Sat in the Cloud Skipper, two best friends drinking together in the memory of a lost comrade. Queue banter.
Drinking (For Science!) - A continuation of the previous post, Sera and Jo continue to pursue the prelude to a hangover, and demonstrate the complexities of the mind when faced with Bajoran voodai with an Andorian Ale chaser.

Emilia Krugol
Fashionable Friend

Starting a post-mission shore leave on Trill as near strangers, Jo and Emilia nipped out for a spot of white water rafting on one of the many rapid run rivers the planet offered. Relying on one another to make sure they didn't die at the hands of some large rocks, in the end, they each made a friend out of the experience. Jo loves seeing what the fashionista comes up with to wear for their ceremonial activities, or a drink in the lounge, because her own sense of vogue extends to a potato sack.
Aware of the socially anxious personality kindling inside the young Trill, Jo hopes that with a bit of coaxing into new situations and supporting her efforts as an Officer, Emilia will harness the fiery potential she has to become one of Starfleet's greatest.

Marshall: You ready to drown horribly?
::The careful flutter of anxiety rippled in Emilia’s stomach. She nodded to Jo, grinning happily at the challenge before her.::
Krugol: I’ve been shot at, beaten down… ::she paused awkwardly, running out of things to add.:: and all that jazz. I think I can handle little water ::Emilia spoke cockily.:: Are you?
::Jo grinned in response.:: Marshal: You better believe it.


Cory Stoyer
Chief Friend

Cory is a stalwart and reliable friend whom Jo has come to love spending time with. Being in the company of Cory and his wife Petra feels easy and relaxing - a pure tonic for the restless soul. If they're not trying some ridiculous food that melts the inner workings of the eardrum, having to reorganize the cargo hold by hand to find their spare plasma fluid, or dragging one another to see terrible holo-movies involving Android Zombies or gasoline powered bagpipes, they can be found every now and then swapping a drink (from the still Cory absolutely does not have stashed at the back of the drive) and chatting in Main Engineering.

Marshall: Well, that was... umm... Can someone explain to me where they got the unicorn from?
Stoyer: Well... Didn’t the scientist do some genetic splicing with a horse and a rhino?


Erin Reynolds 1.jpeg

Erin Reynolds

While in the "other universe" (aka: Over There) tripping on the Gorkon, the Doctor with triplicated PhDs, then Chief Engineer of the alternate USS Triumphant spent a significant amount of time helping the Gorkon Engineers keep the ship afloat. It was during this that Jo was temporarily reassigned to the Engineering department. As the crew had already been whittled down, they found their shifts coinciding more often than not; cannibalizing rooms for spare parts, sharing cardboard ration meals, or simply talking for hours on end through the rolling brownouts.
When Erin transferred to the prime universe with them, she took up a posting as a Civilian botanist on the Ereina Ark Project, and the two swapped subspace messages while apart for long stretches, trying to find some time to spend in one another's company when they could. Jo's heart swims in spirals for the hybrid, and while usually the personification of mellow, that particular personality trait seems to take a backseat to tripping over herself when those hazel eyes are looking her way.
Taking a midnight hiking trip up a mountain range on Trill, the two confessed their feelings for one another and started a whole new chapter in their life together.
Currently, Erin is seconded to the Gorkon as the Chief of Science, and Jo could not be happier.

Marshall: I like you.
::Erin's autumn eyes met the summer blue of Jo's, and she was quiet for a little while, lingering in the moment and the smile of the other woman. Like her heart, her breath was racing, swift and shallow, and her touch was almost reverent in its care.::
E. Reynolds: I like you, too.

Ceres Violaeque - A birthday present for a friend sorely missed, from one heart to another across the lightyears.
JP: So There's This Girl... Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV - A walk among "lavenderwoods" on Ereina, the Ark World, and an evening on Iana Station.
JP: A Brief Moment Part I, Part II - Stumbling, ungracefully.
JP: Northern Lights Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV - A midnight hiking trip up a mountain to see the aurora on Trill.
JP: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes Part I, Part II - A surprise promotion and recent heartache brings the two closer together.

The Boss

Quinn Reynolds.jpg

Quinn Reynolds
The Boss

Quinn is the respected and dependable leader; one that Jo relied on heavily to get them back from "Over There" to their home universe. It was a turning point in Jo's life, in the way she thought, when she saw Quinn break down on their return. Since then, they've become good friends, relying on one another in hard and soft times. They spend a chunk of their leave time together, and (apart from Away Teams where the first order of business is making sure the Flag Officer doesn't die, and therefore Jo cannot be shoved out of an airlock by Brunsig) work together. When asked after a few drinks, Jo would say she loves the Admiral to bits, twelve-pace-death-stare and all, and would not want to be anywhere else.

The Life and Times of Operations - Back in their universe once more, and confined to Starfleet Headquarters on Earth, Jo spent a delightful few days processing all the PADDwork she didn't do while tripping "Over There" when she sees Captain Quinn Reynolds beating a hasting track out of the HQ Building.
Solidarity - Trying to put a Captain's starter kit together for Quinn Reynolds, one maroon jacket and mug of coffee at a time.
JP: In Her Element Part I, Part II - When faced with a new bike module that won't install, Jo turns to the Rear Admiral (of all people) for help. Bonding with her boss over a bike - one-speed demon to another.
Full Throttle - Gift from one friend to another, of matching biker jackets to wear during their long rides.



Robin and Luther Marshall

The two people to bring Jo into the world are still living in their family home in the Federation colony of Volan III. They were stationed on the planet after the Dominion War to help the Bajoran and Cardassian people acclimatise to one another's presence. With an elder son already in Starfleet and the youngest enrolled in the Academy, Jo's accomplishments are not at the forefront of their attention and they encourage independence in their children from a young age. However, they are loving parents and keep in touch with their daughter when they can.

Messages from Home - Unable to attend their "Welcome Back, You Didn't Die!" ceremony, Jo receives a recorded subspace message from her mother and father, which makes her contemplate her existence, because why wouldn't it?

Orson "Bear" Marshall
Older Brother

Jo and Bear's relationship is good, at the moment, and has been rocky in the past. Being the eldest child, and the first one to pass through the Academy into active duty, Bear was always a little resentful of Jo's Engineering abilities, and she was always trying to keep up with his academic prowess. They cultivate unhealthy competition between them and when they get chance to demonstrate it, they don't hold back. Bear is now stationed aboard the Gorkon as the Logistics & Communications Officer.

O. Marshall: I'm trying to have a heart to heart with you.
Marshall: I know, I'm trying to avoid it.

Wild Animals - The return of Orson "Bear" Marshall, being as shady as ever.
A Haemorrhage - An evening conversation between brother and sister.

George Marshall
Younger Brother

George has graduated the Academy, specialising in Tactical Operations. He is currently on the last legs of his Cadet Cruise. With an aptitude for planning and leadership, George excels where his siblings failed in that he isn't terribly competitive. He likes taking things at his own pace and lets the world roll on by.

Ship in Chaos - The cadet reacting to the news of his sister's status of MIA.