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“We keepin’ our morals on the straight and narrow:
These are the voyages of the USS Arrow!”

Ensign Maria Alvarez (sic)

  • From being found adrift in the Aavaro Wilds to her shakedown in the Alpha Isles, the USS Arrow is boldly going where no one has gone before. Responding to hundreds of simultaneous distress calls in Evading Mist, the ship heads to Theta 122, a barren planet in the Alpha Isles. A Scouring of Stars sees the ship trapped above the barren planet by a shocking display of territoriality from the Sheliak Corporate, who have aggressively expanded their borders. Arrow has to forge relationships with not only Atlas Base - the independently run science outpost on the planet - but with the hundreds of ships in the flotilla also fleeing from the Sheliak. Under strict blockade for eight months, a temporary truce is called at the end of The Ultimatum and Arrow is free to explore the Alpha Isles.

Season 1 (2397-2398)

  • Episode 00: Stardate 239706.22 - 239707.12
    • Finding the USS Arrow adrift and abandoned, the USS Juneau transports a boarding team aboard her to restore order and investigate the mysteries of it's presence in the Wilds.
Evading Mist
  • Episode 01: Stardate 239707.22 - 239708.31
    • The sudden appearance of hundreds of distress signals in a remote region of space sends the Arrow and Starbase 821 crews rushing to repair the vessel and investigate. But the Sheliak - brazenly expanding their territory with aggression - are hot on their tail.
A Scouring of Stars
  • Episode 02: Stardate 239710.09 - 239712.02
    • Keeping the peace in a flotilla of hundreds of ships is not easy! In order to stabilize the fleet, Commander Shayne calls for a peaceful gathering of The Big Six - six of the biggest players in orbit of the planet. Tensions are high on the ship as each Captain - from Cardassian, Klingon and Ferengi to Orion and Caldonian - each wonder if the other can be trusted. When the gathering is sabotaged, it's a race against time to secure the ship...
The Ultimatum
  • Episode 03: Stardate 239801.08 - 239802.24
    • The Sheliak have arrived at Theta 122! When the Sheliak arrive and bombard the seemingly barren Theta 122, it's a race against time to help evacuate the planet of the settlers from the flotilla who've made the planet a temporary home. With an ultimatum to clear the planet of the 'carbon menace', the Sheliak ensure thing's are not as simple as they seem. Meanwhile on the planet, the mysterious Brotherhood of Thet are hiding something in the water... something ancient and terrible...
Omega Molecule.jpg
Miracle of Venthis
  • Episode 04: Stardate 239803.30 - 239805.06
    • The USS Arrow is assigned to Second Contact with the newly warp capable society of Venthis. After two centuries of devastating war, the fighting suddenly stopped eighteen months ago, and a new era of technological sophistication united the warring states. Now the people of Venthis have petitioned for membership to the United Federation of Planets, and the Arrow is sent to evaluate the planet for membership. But questions arise in the mission: Why did the war stop so suddenly? How have the Venthis managed to become so technologically developed in such a short time? And what exactly is The Miracle of Venthis?
What Happens on Risa...
  • Episode 05: Stardate 239805.06 - 239806.08
    • After their mission to Venthis is complete, the Arrow is ready for some much earned R&R on the famed "pleasure planet", Risa!

Season 2 (2398-2399)

Freaky Friday
  • Episode 06: Stardate 239806.08 - 239807.21
    • Arrow and her crew are sent on a mission to establish a trade relationship with the highly ordered, especially complex, and very easily offended Gentii after more than four months of formalities with the Federation Diplomatic Corps. All seems to finally be a seemingly straightforward (if delicate) mission, until chaos strikes the crew...
Hunt for the Hulk
  • Episode 07: Stardate 239808.22 - 239810.01
    • What begins as a relatively simple and straightforward survey mission of a previously un-mapped section of the Alpha Isles, the crew of the Arrow are stunned to find something in the remote region of space that definitely shouldn't be there...
Endless Night
  • Episode 08: Stardate 239811.11 - 239901.01
    • Abandon ship! A routine stellar survey turns to disaster when a spatial phenomenon cripples the USS Arrow and leaves it dead in space. As a reluctant Captain Shayne orders the crew to abandon the Arrow, they realise their only hope of survival is on a small jungle world orbiting the star whose unusual axis means the planet is in perpetual nighttime for weeks on end. With no rescue in sight and supplies and morale low, the crew must fight to survive the endless night...
Mission to Mercia
  • Episode 09: Stardate 239902.10 - 239904.30
    • The Sheliak Corporate have discarded all treaties and have launched full scale attacks on peaceful worlds close to Federation space. The USS Arrow is urgently despatched to stop a Sheliak strike force from annihilating a key trading planet - Mercia IV - with metagenic weapons.
At Galaxies Edge
  • Episode 10: Stardate 239906.03 - 239908.10
    • How do a Captain and Chief Intelligence Officer get abducted from a starship that's in orbit of Earth? Who sabotaged the Arrow's new Proteus Engine - a fully detachable Quantum Slipstream ring? And what can the crew do about it when the ship finds itself flung into the null space between the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies, in the company of a very old and very lonesome space station?
The Raiders of the Lost Claw
  • Episode 11: Stardate 239909.18 - Present
    • The crew of the USS Arrow play relic hunters with a faction of Chalnoth searching for an ancient artefact named 'The Claw of Chalna'. Legend says whoever holds the Claw has the ultimate right the rule the anarchic hunter species, and the time has come to unite the factions and lead the Chalnoth to prosperity. But rival factions are also looking for the Claw for themselves and will stop at nothing to meet their goals...