Mission to Mercia (Arrow)

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Episode 9


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Maz Rodan First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Keneth Nakada Engineering Officer
Connor Dewitt Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
R'Ariel Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor
Cassandra Mason Medical Officer
Ar'Gorvalei Medical Officer
Quentin Collins Chief Science Officer
Jacin Ayemet Science Officer
Ash MacKenna Chief Intelligence Officer
Tolan Voral Intelligence Officer
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Minister Varn Leader of Mercia IV Simmed by guest simmer Aine Sherlock
Thot Zaan Breen Commander Simmed by Maz Rodan
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes

Mission to Mercia

The Sheliak Corporate have discarded all treaties and have launched full scale attacks on peaceful worlds close to Federation space. The USS Arrow is urgently despatched to stop a Sheliak strike force from annihilating a key trading planet - Mercia IV - with metagenic weapons.

Act 1

The Arrow receives grim orders from Admiral Thy’Quirn as the Sheliak declare war on several systems close to Federation space. According to reports, there has been rumours of a coup d’etat within the Corporate and the new regime is far more antagonistic than before and has quashed all treaties with these worlds.

Arrow is assigned to head to the trading outpost planet of Mercia IV, where intel suggests a Sheliak invasion task force is heading with a mothership carrying metagenic weaponry - in flagrant disregard for the Khitomer Accords.

Captain Randal Shayne prepares the ship for combat, but wonders why Starfleet is choosing to strike first rather than pursue diplomatic relations.

As the ship intercepts the Sheliak attack fleet, the crew works on a way to neutralise the metagenic virus the Sheliak have developed. LtCmdr Quentin Collins, Lieutenant JG Jacin Ayemet and Lieutenant JG Ar’Gorvalei work on a solution to render the matter inert, but the compound would have to be administered directly to the weapons.

Shayne authorises a strike away team to the Sheliak mothership currently heading to Mercia IV with one condition; he will lead it. This causes great concern amongst the senior staff, especially LtCmdr Maz Rodan, who must command the Arrow in Shayne’s absence.

After the successful deployment of the away team, the Arrow attracts unwanted attention as it warps to Mercia. A solitary escort ship has followed them and unleashes a volley of micro-torpedoes capable of penetrating the ships shields. Their only course of action is to take refuge in a nearby mutara class nebula and hope to shake off the Sheliak…

Act 2

On the Sheliak mothership, the away team makes a startling discovery. Not only have the Sheliak devised the metagenic virus, they’re working in collaboration with the Breen!

The team splits up in an attempt to distract and confuse the Sheliak and discover Breen technology integrated into their systems.

Meanwhile, in the nebula, the Arrow takes a brief respite in order to evade the Sheliak attack ship. While they formulate a plan of action to escape their pursuers and reach Mercia in time, it transpires the Sheliak are burning the volatile nebula gases with their phasers. Soon enough the nebula has been obliterated and the Arrow makes a hasty retreat.

They reach Mercia ahead of the Sheliak mothership to discover a virulent ‘plague’ killing the planets population. It seems the Breen have betrayed their Sheliak allies and launched a biological attack of their own.

When the Sheliak flotilla arrives, the Arrow finds itself outnumbered and outgunned. In preparation to defend the planet they discover Starfleet has sent help in the form of the USS Dickens, a Prometheus class escort, and the USS Zelensky, an Intrepid class cruiser. The reinforcements turn the tide of the confrontation just as a Breen force emerges from the Sheliak metagene frigate.

Act 3

The Away Team disable gravity on the mothership, causing havoc to Sheliak and Breen alike. LtJG Ar’Gorvalei and LtJG Jacin deploy the metagene antidote to neutralize the weapon as a Sheliak strike force finds them and attacks Captain Shayne.

The Arrow disables the frigates shields with a tight beam tachyon pulse and manages to beam the away team to safety. Starfleet forces the remedial forces to retreat just as the Breen send a landing party to Mercia. With the Battle for Mercia won, the Arrow must now assist Mercia IV in curing the mysterious plague, and ascertain how and why the Breen are involved.

Lt.Commander Rodan beams down to Mercia with the assistance of Commander McKenna and Lt.Commanders Collins and Serinus. Upon their beam-down they are ambushed by the Breen contingent and are forced to take cover near the city walls of Tamenworth. Their security detail offer a token resistance until the city guard appear and drag them back into Tamenworth.

Back on the ship, Captain Shayne and the Away Team are starting to feel the effects of the metagenic virus and one by one they lose consciousness. R'Ariel is left almost alone in Sickbay with only the hope of a cure - the nanobot tech brought on board by Xena S'milus. She is forced to consult with the Arrow's very obsolete EMH program, who concurs that only writing the metagenic compound out of their DNA will save them. When R'Ariel herself falls foul to the virus, the cantankerous EMH must work alone to cure the crew.

Back on Mercia, Rodan and the away team work with the Mercians to find the underground Breen lab. It transpires that the Breen have been working in secret for a while to use Mercia as a strategic military ground, and made a pact with Minister Varn. The plague ravaging Mercia IV was released by mistake, but the Breen used it to their advantage to take more of the planet for themselves.

The away team learn that it was all a ruse to get them to Mercia, and that the Sheliak have paid Breen Bounty Hunters to trap them. A firefight ensues in the lab, and the away team are successful.

Beaming back to the Arrow, the crew are informed by the USS Dickens that they are recalled to Earth to offer testimony of this mission, and are ordered to follow the ship in slipstream.

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