What Happens on Risa... (Arrow)

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Episode 5

"What happens on Risa... stays on Risa!"


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Quentin Collins First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Charlotte DeBarres Mission Specialist
Maria Alvarez Operations Officer
Lase Ander Engineering Officer
Hayley Caden Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
Regan Wilde Security Officer
R'Ariel Counselor
Cassandra Mason Medical Officer
Maz Rodan Science Officer
Eerie Second Officer/Mission Specialist PNPC of Charlotte DeBarres
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes

What Happens on Risa...

After their mission to Venthis is complete, the Arrow is ready for some much earned R&R on the famed "pleasure planet", Risa!

Shore Leave Summary

  • Civilian archaeologist Kal Jaris explores some Risian ruins.
  • Maria Alvarez celebrates a birthday and throws a party to celebrate.
  • Lieutenant JG Maz Rodan joins the crew after being transferred from the USS Dickens
  • Commander Randal Shayne visits Risa and enters the 123rd Annual Risian Sailing Regatta, enlisting Chloe Waters in recruiting ship mates.
  • Regan Wilde is surprised when his mother and aunts arrive at the Wilde Beach House to join in the celebrations of Roxy's bachelorette party, then ends up in a holding cell after a surprising and turbulent chain of events at the famous Tribble showing contest - Furs.
  • Lase Ander went on his own Risian adventure after being approached by a mysterious Betazoid woman offering excursions.
  • Chief of Security Artinus Serinus went for R&R by the beach.
  • Hayley Caden had crossed wires by the pool involving a Ferengi and Jamaharon!
  • Maria Alvarez discovered an old moonshine stil hidden on the Arrow, a bygone from the last crew and engaged in a friendly drink with Randal Shayne.
  • Quentin Collins and Cassandra Mason tried to engage Maria Alvarez in a book club discussion.
  • Counselor R'Ariel attends a convention on dream psychology.
  • Caden and R'Ariel get to know each other better by having a conversation in the park.
  • Shayne enlists Charlotte DeBarres to help figure out the origin of a mysterious paper message he found in his Ready Room.
  • In the Regatta, Shayne, Collins, Ander, Waters and Rodan set sail on bumpy waters!
  • Tro'k, the Klingon exchange officer, confesses his love for Klingon Thrash Metal.
  • Captain Oddas Aria pays a surprise visit to the Arrow.
  • At the end of leave Awards Ceremony, Ensign Caden is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and Lieutenant JG's R'Ariel and Waters are promoted to full Lieutenant.
  • Captain Oddas promotes Commander Randal Shayne to Captain.

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