Miracle of Venthis (Arrow)

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Episode 4

Aspects of this mission have been deemed classified by Starfleet Command


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Quentin Collins First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Charlotte DeBarres Mission Specialist
Maria Alvarez Operations Officer
Lase Ander Engineering Officer
Hayley Caden Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
Regan Wilde Security Officer
R'Ariel Counselor
Cassandra Mason Medical Officer
Eerie Second Officer/Mission Specialist PNPC of Charlotte DeBarres
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Ambassador Dran Ambassador, Venthis Coalition Diplomatic Council Played by Regan Wilde
Madam Hawisa Alios Director, Feren Industries/Member, Venthis Coalition Economic Council Played by Maria Alvarez
Borak Clovid Disabled Veteran Played by Lase Ander
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes

Miracle of Venthis

The USS Arrow is assigned to 'Second Contact' with the newly warp capable society of Venthis, taking their name from their homeworld. After two centuries of devastating war, the fighting suddenly stopped eighteen months ago, and a new era of technological sophistication united the warring states. Now the people of Venthis have petitioned for membership to the United Federation of Planets, and the Arrow is sent to evaluate the planet for membership. But questions arise in the mission: Why did the war stop so suddenly? How have the Venthis managed to become so technologically developed in such a short time? And what exactly is The Miracle of Venthis?

Act 1 - Second Contact

Arrow is assigned to Second Contact with the people of the planet Venthis. Venthis had been in a catastrophic global civil war for roughly two centuries before the fighting suddenly stopped eighteen months ago. After First Contact with the USS Arkhipov, the Venthis people have petitioned for membership in the United Federation of Planets. Arrow is tasked with evaluating the planet for membership - especially their new technological advancement in such a short time. An away team consisting of Collins, Wilde, Ander, and DeBarres is assigned to meet with Madam Alios, and attempt to evaluate the planet's technology and people. A diplomatic team consisting of Shayne, Serinus, and R'Ariel are to receive Ambassador Dran and discuss potential Federation membership. R'Ariel and Mason form a medical team tasked with receiving wounded veterans (including Borak Clovid) Venthis technology cannot yet treat. Finally, Waters, Alvarez, and Caden are assigned to a survey team to pick through the orbital debris field surrounding Venthis for clues as to the planet's sudden advancement.

The mission starts with significant success. The away team meets with great public reception at Feren Industries, and begins taking a tour of the beating heart of technical innovation. Meanwhile, Ambassador Dran and the diplomatic team discuss Federation membership, and everything is cut short as the ship suddenly locks down. The Omega Directive goes into effect...

Act 2 - The Omega Directive

With the ship in lockdown, Commander Shayne asks Ambassador Dran to meet with him on the bridge, and implements The Omega Directive, instructing Ensign Alvarez and Caden to begin work on a resonance chamber to neutralize the Omega Molecule. Dran informs Shayne that The Miracle he spoke of is the instance in which the fighting on Venthis stopped - the air pollution receded, as did the oceanic pollution. People had food and clothes, stable power. All thanks to The Miracle. He initially refuses to allow Starfleet to interfere on his planet, and will not destroy Omega. Shayne and R'Ariel outline the dangers of Omega, and what would happen if it destabilizes. Doctor Mason informs the bridge that most of the veterans they're helping in Sickbay all show signs of Omega Radiation poisoning, and this helps sway Dran to be more cooperative.

On the planet, the Away Team learns from Madam Alios the struggle it took to create Omega, and how it has changed the planet for the better. All is going well until Commander Collins and Lieutenant Wilde fall ill, each showing signs of radiation poisoning. The team - plus Madam Alios and her daughter Azzo - are beamed back to the Arrow.

In the briefing room, Dran proposes to neutralize the Omega Molecule with the aid of Starfleet, even though Madam Alios is more eager to stabilize it than destroy it. R'Ariel informs the group that she has lost her sight due to exposure to the either the veterans, or the new powers of her pet she acquired on Theta 122. The meeting is about to conclude when reports from the planet indicate trouble. There is wide-spread blackouts on Venthis, and civil unrest as a result. Dran agree's to go down with another away team consisting of Lieutenant Commander Serinus, Lieutenant Ander and Ensigns Alvarez and Caden to locate and eliminate the Molecule. Madam Alios opts to stay on board and use Arrow's sensors to pinpoint her creation.

Commander Collins is remanded to sickbay due to acute symptoms of poisoning. Doctor Mason likens it similar to strychnine. The big question being asked now is... who wanted to kill Madam Alios for control of Omega?

Act 3 - The Chase

The second away team of Serinus, Ander, Alvarez and Caden - accompanied by Ambassador Dran - take a shuttle through the debris field down to Venthis to track down the stolen Omega Molecule. Their scans indicate it had been transported to the Southern State capital of Lowka, a city destroyed in a bombardment during the war. Their search leads them to a docklands area where a trap lays in wait by Southern Militants.

On the ship, R'Ariel addresses the entire planet to try and calm the population during the time of unrest. She succeeds in quelling some of the fear and violence perpetuated when the planet is without power. Commander Shayne orders a low-power orbital strike to stun the aggravated area of Lowka, and give the away team a better chance of securing the molecule. After the Arrow fires on the planet, the away team discover Lowka is not as abandoned as they thought after finding the stunned body of a mother and her infant son in an alley.

In Sickbay, things turned ugly when it is revealed another militant in onboard and tries to take Doctor Mason and Morgernstern hostge. Commander Collins is left along to try and diffuse the situation until security arrives. When Lts Wilde and R'Ariel arrive on the scene, the Arrow goes into atmospheric flight and the resulting turbulence is enough to change the odds of the situation, and Collins talks Mathias - the militant - into surrendering.

With time running out before Omega destabilizes, Shayne orders the Arrow into the atmosphere of Venthis to get a better transporter lock on the away team and the molecule, and succeed in reclaiming both just as the trap is sprung by the Southern Militants, with Dran being injured in the process. Shayne orders the Omega Molecule be destroyed in a nearby blackhole.

The day after Omega is destroyed Ambassador Dran informs Starfleet that Venthis still has a long way to go in rebuilding itself after the war and hopes Feren Industries and Madam Alios will spearhead the planets new power infrastructure - teaching all areas of the planet to work and use the Starfleet generators donated by Shayne. He withdraws Venthis' application for membership, hoping one day - when the planet is more stable - they will take their place in the Federation.

Important Sims

  • Going Where a Fair Few Have Gone Before - 239803.29 Captain Shayne briefs the crew on their mission and what to expect on Venthis.
  • Meeting the Future - 239803.30 Our introduction to Ambassador Dran.
  • Treatment - 239803.31 Our introduction to the veteran Borak Clovid.
  • Swords to Plowshares - 239803.31 Our introduction to Madam Hawisa Alios and Kordel City.
  • Of Mice And Omega - 239804.05 Arrow Receives a surprise as the ship goes into lock-down the Omega Protocol goes into effect. Shayne demands answers from Ambassador Dran.
  • My Best Offer - 239804.08 Dran refuses to allow anything more than a scientific mission to examine Venthis' use of the Omega Molecule.
  • The Omega Enigma - 239804.08 Dr. Mason makes a discovery that perhaps not all is well: there's telling signs of radiation caused by the Omega Molecule.

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