The Ultimatum (Arrow)

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Episode 3


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Quentin Collins First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Charlotte DeBarres Mission Specialist
Maria Alvarez Operations Officer
Lase Ander Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
Regan Wilde Security Officer
R'Ariel Counselor
Hayley Caden Research Specialist
Eerie Second Officer/Mission Specialist PNPC of Charlotte DeBarres
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Scientist First Circle Ergaholz (KIA) Chief Science Officer, Sheliak Vessel Ascended Codex Played by Randal Shayne
Captain Grettze Captain, Sheliak Vessel Ascended Codex Played by Charlotte DeBarres
Cheldon ch'Doro (MIA - Location Unknown) Lay Warrior, Brotherhood of Thet Played by Artinus Serinus
Father Edward Morgan (KIA) Head Cleric, Brotherhood of Thet Played by Regan Wilde
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes
Lana Morgenstern Attending Physician Played by Quentin Collins
Kal Jaris Theta 122 Local Played by Haley Caden
Tro'k, son of Bk'na Klingon exchange Officer (Ops) Played by Artinus Serinus
Talia Wren Quartermaster Played by Maria Alvarez

The Ultimatum

The Sheliak have arrived at Theta 122! When the Sheliak arrive and bombard the seemingly barren Theta 122, it's a race against time to help evacuate the planet of the settlers from the flotilla who've made the planet a temporary home. With an ultimatum to clear the planet of the 'carbon menace', the Sheliak ensure thing's are not as simple as they seem. Meanwhile on the planet, the mysterious Brotherhood of Thet are hiding something in the water... something ancient and terrible...

Act 1 - Double Red Alert

Captain Shayne begins begins the conference, and reveals the signal emanating from Theta 122 has been intensifying and starting to interfere with power systems in the area. Unfortunately, the signal has also attracted the attention of the Sheliak, who have issued an ultimatum to evacuate the planet and cede control to the Corporate. The one hour deadline is cut short with the early arrival of a Sheliak vessel, armed to the teeth, and the immediate commencement of orbital bombardment. Collins, DeBarres, Wilde, and R'Ariel are dispatched to begin evacuations from the surface, while Shayne, Serinus, Waters, Caden, Alvarez, and Ander work to beam up as many as possible from the ship.

Matters are complicated for the ship crew with the re-appearance of the pirate ship Razor's Edge, and even more so with the discovery the signal from the planet is interfering with transport. Operating on the guess that the arrival of the Sheliak or their firing of the weapon has triggered the change in behavior of the signal, Alvarez, Ander, and Caden are tasked with tapping into the Sheliak communications, using prior research by Ensign Zicv. Shayne orders Waters to set a collision course with the Sheliak vessel, aiming to provoke some kind of response from the Sheliak. This course of action seems to finally elicit a response from the ever-enigmatic Sheliak, who now appear to be adrift after firing their weapon. Unfortunately, the conversation only comes in the form of a very brief and unproductive hail - apparently they have more interesting matters to attend to than a posturing Starfleet vessel.

On the surface, the away team discovers things are both good and bad. A number of ships have already safely departed, making good on a hasty evacuation. But still a number of less fortunate ships are still marooned on the surface, as are most of the staff of Atlas Base. The air is charged with some kind of energy, either a product of the signal, the weapon, or both - creating problems with transporters, communications, and tricorders alike. A ship fails during takeoff and breaks apart in the atmosphere, debris falling much to close for comfort. Deciding their situation unsafe, they decide to take off again, and make a sweep for survivors and stragglers. Before they're able to get far though, their shuttle comes under fire and is shot down. Making a rocky landing, Collins is assaulted and knocked out by a Saurian member of The Brotherhood of Thet.

Back on the Arrow, the Bridge crew is confronted with the Razor's Edge moving in on a civilian ship attempting to break orbit. With the hostile actions of the ship obvious, and the prior actions of the pirate ship, Captain Shayne orders an attack on the ship, without warning, to protect the refugees. It's modestly effective, but a clever piece of tactics devised by JG Waters (somewhat reductively and childishly - but rather accurately - likened to a fart by Ensign Alvarez) winds up paralyzing the enemy ship at least temporarily. Immediate peril seemingly abated, the crew on the bridge fully turn their attention to the question of translating the Sheliak language. The first attempt by Alvarez, Ander, and Caden seems to have born some fruit, but it hasn't been as effective as hoped either.

Act 2 - The Brotherhood and The Insurrection

On the surface, DeBarres quickly stuns their attacker, and the team regroups from their catastrophic landing. They're joined by Cheldon ch'Doro, who admonishes the Saurian and accompanying brothers for their actions and offers to assist the beleaguered away team. Wilde pushes for cooler heads to prevail along with the newcomer, and as Collins regains consciousness with the aid of local Kal Jaris, the team agree to go with ch'Doro into the caves that are sheltering the Brotherhood of Thet. They descend into the caves, curious about their attackers-come-hosts, and just as cautious. Nerves are frayed, but the team is gracious regardless of the new hospitality. They meet the enigmatic Father Edward Morgan at the side of a lake at the bottom of the cave. He seems to be whipped into a religious lather, and unwilling to acknowledge the Sheliak threat in orbit. With things not adding up, and too many secrets around every corner, the away teams splits up and sets to searching the camp. Wilde is tasked with hailing the ship, Kal and DeBarres with finding another route out, and Collins and R'Ariel wander to look at the waters.

Aboard the Arrow, it appears the Sheliak are ready to talk. More than that - desperate to. Ergaholz convinces Grettze on a plan, but instead escapes and comes aboard Arrow, prepared to reveal secrets and ask the Federation for help. Grettze is disgusted at the dangerous treachery, and notifies Arrow that Ergaholz does not represent The Corporate. Eager to make his case equally, he also demands an audience aboard the Arrow, complete with Honor Guard. Shayne, Ander, and Serinus meet Ergaholz, who seems genuinely interested in unraveling the mystery and averting a disaster - though he's hesitant to say what the reason for it could be is. However, he's desperate to avoid his even more haughty superior, Grettze, who is being met by Caden, Tro'k, and Wren in the shuttle bay over. Grettze demands immediate release of Ergaholz to the Sheliak, while Ergaholz requests asylum - offering his scientific assistance in exchange. Shayne makes a quick decision to take Ergaholz's help, and rebuff Grettze's demand - risking potential war between the Sheliak and the Federation.

In the caves, Wilde gives up trying to make proper contact with the Arrow after Alvarez and Waters are unable to get a message back to him. Deciding the surroundings safe enough, he decides to go skinny dipping in the sacred lake. He's surprised when he's suddenly surrounded by tendrils of yellow energy, and the God Thet delivers a revelation to Wilde. After completing their search, DeBarres and Kal are increasingly concerned by the fact they can't seem to locate Collins or R'Ariel when they stumble across the raving Lieutenant JG - putting them even more on guard with respect to what's happening in the cultish enclave in service of Thet, particularly with respect to the 'sacred' waters. An argument ensues in which Regan pushes Kal into the water, and DeBarres grapples with him. She only just manages to phaser him and eliminate the threat from within.

Collins and R'Ariel have somehow found themselves mysteriously (and rather messily) deposited into a cavern far away from the main encampment. The caves and waters are familiar, meaning they can't have gone too far. However, the most obvious and attention-grabbing curiosity is some kind of arch in the middle of the island they landed on. Collins connects it to some of the ghost stories he heard back home on earth, and opts to try putting his own limbs through. When he does, he pulls back a wooden water pitcher. Curious to try again, he pulls back a whole assortment of items, and deduces that the portal must somehow be connected back to the Brotherhood's camp. It also seems to draw some level of power from contact with his body. He and R'Ariel take the risk to jump through the portal, and land on a table back in the camp. They're quickly drawn to the commotion of Wilde grappling with DeBarres, where they confront Father Morgan. The leader of the cult reveals just what Thet is: an Iconian

Act 3 - The Iconian in the Lake

Aboard Arrow, Ergaholz has revealed to Ander, Caden, and Serinus that the signals they've received from Theta 122 match Iconian signals the Sheliak have recorded elsewhere. The science team begins working on a way to destroy the Iconian portal before it can fall in the hands of the Sheliak or anyone else. On the bridge, Alvarez and Waters have discovered the fate of the away team's shuttle, and figured out a way to regain contact with the away team via a jury-rigged probe that can float in the atmosphere to avoid the interference still hanging there. As Grettze leaves the Arrow, he takes an interest in the probe and crashed shuttle and sets a course for the surface. Waters hails the Sheliak Captain, and makes an attempt to explain the error of his ways with limited success. Shayne rejoins the pair on the bridge, and as he comes up to speed, a massive bloom of Iconian energy is set off as the portal begins to repair and reopen.

On Theta 122, Collins gathers his officers and starts to make a break for the surface, when the Brotherhood begin wade into the waters as a whole - clearly intent on sacrificing their life energies to Thet, likely under the same kind of mind-influence as Regan was. Discovering Kal is falling under the influence as well, they quickly phaser him on a low setting to set him free, but time is running out to save the Brotherhood from their unfortunate fate. In an attempt to communicate with the awakening Iconian, Collins makes a decision to plunge himself into the water and confront Thet telepathically. He manages to make contact, and discovers Thet isn't just in physical pain, but feeling rage at the isolation and abandonment of his entire kind. He attempts to make his case that carbon lifeforms can understand that, but is struggling to. Feeling his plight, R'Ariel joins Collins in the sort of liminal space he's in as Kal, DeBarres, and Wilde try to keep them being absorbed by Thet with just a rope from the shore. Realizing the Iconian's pain, Collins attempts to convince the foreign mind that carbons understand pain too. During the struggle, suddenly Father Morgan realizes himself, possibly released because of R'Ariel's and Collins' efforts. He decides to sacrifice his life in a fiery blaze of weapons explosion, saving his flock from being sacrificed to Thet. R'Ariel releases some psionic energy as he does, encouraging Thet to release, and go in peace - whether that's to death or somewhere else.

On the ship, Shayne has taken back over the bridge, and after some deliberation, orders the ship into the atmosphere of Theta 122 to deliver a burst to the Iconian portal. The ship dives, surviving thanks to some last-minute shield modulations and skillful piloting. The blast arrives at the same time as the blast on the surface, and between the energies, the interference caused by the portal and the Iconian begin to dissipate. Wilde calls in an emergency transport, and the away team is whisked away, having suffered some injuries. During Arrow's attempt to escape, the Sheliak mothership finally makes a reappearance, but seems uninterested in the Federation ship. The Sheliak begin beaming away stranded survivors, apparently intent on returning them at a later date. Finally, a message is beamed to the ship from Starbase 821, indicating a separate deal has been worked out by the diplomatic core, and finally providing relief to the beleaguered Arrow. Escaped from the science lab, and unable to return to his kind, Ergaholz makes a decision that will prevent any risk of him being captured by the Federation.

Important Sims

  • Double Red Alert - 239801.04 The mission briefing gets cut short by a call to action.
  • No Turning Back - 239801.12 Our introduction to the Sheliak Scientist Ergaholtz, who apparently has plans counter to his superiors'.
  • Puny Ship, Other Concern - 239801.14 Our introduction to the Sheliak Captain Grettze, who appears more concerned with the confusing happenings on his ship than the Arrow's brazen actions.
  • A Short Drop and a Sudden Stop - 239801.16 Things take a turn for the away team on the surface of Theta 122.
  • Getting the Job... Done - 239801.22 Waters offers an inspired tactic that defeats the Razor's Edge.
  • Baptism of the Gods - 239801.22 A look behind the curtain at what the "god" Thet requires of the brotherhood.
  • Rebirth - 239801.30 Regan Wilde has a "mystic" revelation.
  • I'm With Torpid - 239802.01 Ergaholz makes a request for asylum.
  • Sins - 239802.01 Grettze demands the arrest and return of Ergaholz.
  • Old Ghosts and Warp Points - 239802.03 Collins ponders the purpose and methods of a mysterious arch.
  • Truth. Pure and Simple Truth - 239802.06 Morgan reveals just what Thet is, and why the caves are what they are.
  • Another Variable - 239802.08 Waters makes a play to intimidate and push back against Grettze's aggressive moves towards the surface of Theta 122.
  • Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In - 239802.11 Collins makes first communications with Thet.
  • The High Cost of Living - 239802.13 Collins tries to show Thet carbons know of loss too.
  • Penance - 239802.19 Father Morgan comes to his senses, and chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the people of his cult.
  • ~Release~ - 239802.19 R'Ariel sends Thet on his way with her telepathic powers.
  • It's The Little Things That Mount - 239802.23 The engagement with the Sheliak finally comes to an end.

Honorary Mentions

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