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Holodeck on the USS Arrow

At the time USS Arrow was built, holodecks were yet to be considered standard equipment even though they were to become a standard feature not much later, even on smaller classes of ship such as the Nova class. As such, the idea to even retrofit a holodeck onto a ship not designed for it was considered impossible for a long period of time, until Ensign Maria Alvarez proposed that it might be possible and Captain Randal Shayne approved modification of the ship.

Currently, Arrow's holodeck is little more than a schematic and a plan, but some modifications to Arrow have already been completed. Unfortunately, many of the parts required to build the holodeck will need to be sourced outside of typical Federation supply chains.


The holodeck is (or rather will be) located on deck 4 in an area slightly aft of Cargo Bay Two. The holodeck taps into a shield power overflow diverter installed at Starbase 821, and is designed to automatically shut off when shields engage to prevent injury or damage to the ship. The holodeck is designed with variable geometry - essentially one wall of the holodeck can move in or out. This design allows the holodeck to expand to accommodate more people (up to eight) for larger simulations, or collapsed down to its minimum size (occupancy two) to allow more storage space in the adjacent Cargo Bay Two.

The design, in its current form, requires photonic scattering panels (a special holodeck wall material), specialized low-power emitters, matching power adapters for the emitters, a miniature high-throughput supplementary computer, and a data bus to adapt that to Arrow's Optical Data Network.


Construction of the Holodeck has been approved, and power taps installed, but no construction has yet taken place. Even the requisite space has yet to be cleared.

Important Sims

  • The Pitch 239803.19 - Alvarez pitches the idea of a holodeck to Captain Shayne and the Engineering Team.
  • Hollow-deck 239803.21 - The team proposes a series of design improvements to make the holodeck even better.

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