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From the perspective of someone looking over the galactic landscape, the upper left hand corner of the Alpha Quadrant is home to a myriad of species, cosmic phenomena, and potential. It is difficult to find a more diverse - or tenuous - sector of space. The Chalnoth, anarchic warriors of impressive prowess, pillage amongst themselves, weeding out weakness at every encounter. Caldonians, led by scholars and diplomats, devote themselves to refined, knowledgeable pursuits. Bordering these proud states is the powerful Breen Confederacy, secretive former enemies of the Federation, and the rapidly reforming Ferengi Alliance. Nearby exists the previously isolated Sheliak Corporate. Now, for reasons that are not clear, they have begun a rapid and brutal outward expansion. They view humanoids as lower life forms, and have no compunction about eradicating those that are not specifically protected under the terms of treaties, which are famously long, detailed and intricate. Unfortunately, their new expansionist tendencies mean that colonies, starbases and entire worlds are caught unprepared against this sudden outward movement. Among these worlds is a rather barren place, known as Theta 122. Upon it exists a small Federation research colony designated Atlas Station. Notably outside Starfleet-protected space, it is home to an extreme group of scientists, each of whom willingly gave up the guarantee of support in exchange for the chance to pursue their work on Theta 122. The planet has long been suspected of containing unusual qualities within its core, and the scientists hoped to explore that suspicion to the fullest.


Theta 122
Theta 122: An L-class world, Theta 122 exists in a wide orbit around the Class-G star designated Theta Trianguli. Possessed of a delicate but thriving ecosystem, Theta 122 experienced a cataclysmic stellar event some one hundred thousand years ago, an event that the planet is only now beginning to recover from. Dotted by sparse areas of greenery and standing bodies of water amidst a mountainous, craggy surface, Theta 122 experiences a climate that a typical human would find chilly, and a typical Andorian might find sweltering. Active weather patterns enliven the planet’s atmosphere with substantial but avoidable static charge, which can be tricky to maneuver within if caught.
Atlas Base
An unusually small endeavor, Atlas Base was the brainchild of notable geophysicist Frederick Immelmann. Acting as the administrator to a colony fitted for approximately one hundred, Immelmann commissioned Atlas Base with a single-minded mission; to explore the depths of and area surrounding the planetoid known as Theta 122. The base itself is tiny; unlike most other Federation installations, it was designed for compactness and functionality, with limited amenities. Composed of three individual sections - a habitat ring, work ring and misc. ring - Atlas Base resides near several small water sources, and supplements its replicator rations with grown fruits and vegetables, as much of the energy allotted for replicators is used in the pursuit of scientific endeavors. The base itself is poorly defended; a single small ion cannon is perched in the middle of an open complex, and a weak deflector shield is usable. Aside from these minimal tactical advantages, the colony is mostly unguarded, depending on its small size and relative obscurity for protection.
Forward Refit Station-1 (AKA Raft-One)
Not quite a hive of scum and villainy, but not exactly far off from one. Deployed at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant for the purpose of bare-bones repair, Raft-One didn’t have the most auspicious of starts. Early equipment failures and harsh quadrant conditions backed station staff into a corner. Faced with long waits for official repairs and restaffing, the station staff turned to black markets and various independent salvage operations, allowing various vendors and traders to literally weld their shops to the superstructure of the station, slowing growing Raft-One from struggling repair station to a free-floating trade/resupply hub that comes equipped with its own smallish “entertainment court” that sustains minor gambling and gaming tournaments. At present the complex is overseen by a democratically elected Administrator/Sheriff combination. For a two year term, Administrators and Sheriffs work in tandem to see to the day-to-day operations and protections of the station, while listening to the concerns of vendors and shop-owners. The pairing is usually voted from a pool of internally nominated tradesmen or local “figures” that have served the station and vendors of Raft-One with some distinction. The current Admin is a former Starfleet Intelligence Officer Myssa T’vaz, a half Romulan from Vancouver, British Columbia who once held the rank of LTCMMD before her discharge. Her Sheriff is the stoically steely Sheriff Zel, a stony Breen who served as a deputy under the former Sheriff and repelled a significant boarding attempt by Nausicaan raiders just last year. It is both their first terms. The station offers a number of shops, stores, and salvage operations, including a fully capable ship refit suite thanks to its center dock, a similar structure to McKinley Station in the orbit of Earth. There are also a number of open slots in the station’s interior, which station staff are eager to fill with more lucrative (and maybe not so strictly legal) businesses.


A Chalnoth.
Aggressive warriors that live without any organized government, preferring a perpetual anarchy in which the strong invariably rule the weak. Any area of order in or around Chalnoth-maintained space is lead exclusively by the individual with the most power. The Federation has had little to no contact with the Chalnoth in any official capacity, partly as a result of an inability to even locate an official contact. Solely carnivorous diets and territorial behavior often lead to ... troublesome situations for those unfortunate to catch a Chalnoth vessel's eye.
A Caldonian.
Scientists and scholars by trade and tradition, Caldonians are generally an insular but pleasant people, more prone to studying for the sake of studying than in an attempt to discover particular technologies. Located on the edge of Federation space, the Caldonians are relatively friendly to Federation-aligned species, and are not given to confrontation. Often choosing to eschew bureaucracy and management tasks, Caldonians are more often than not exceptionally intelligent, peaceful and highly committed to the research they prize so highly.
A member of the Sheliak Corporate.
Very little is known about the Sheliak, something the Sheliak apparently prefer. A non-humanoid race that prefers Class H worlds, the Sheliak show an utter and total contempt for humanoid life, considering it to be lesser, and in many cases, even verminous. Governed by the Sheliak Corporate, treaties and written agreements seem to be the only way to peacefully and actively reach accords with them. The famous Treaty of Armens is notorious in the Federation's diplomatic circles, as its composition required hundreds of legal scholars and approximately 500,000 words. It has been followed to the letter by the Corporate, and as a result, any abrogations on the Federation's part are met with stern and certain condemnation. This obsession with treaty has been used against the Sheliak in the past, but until their recent push into the Beta Quadrant, there has almost never been an occasion where the Sheliak put themselves in a position to be maneuvered against in this way.


Frederick Immelmann
A highly eccentric and dedicated scientist turned administrator of Atlas Base. Immelmann led a group of scientists away from Federation protection in the pursuit of the answers to mysteries surrounding Theta 122.