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Living History Annex on the USS Arrow

The USS Arrow isn't a young ship any more, and has played host to several crews over its storied service in Starfleet. After her most recent commissioning in 2397, it took some time to clear out all the spaces and modernize the equipment. During this time, no small number of artifacts and curios were discovered by the prior inhabitants of the vessel. Instead of throwing these items out, they've been arranged into a small and cozy space at the dead end of a corridor in the aft section of Deck 5. Equipped with a couple of couch seats and a table in front of a window, and with only machinery spaces in most the deck, it's a quite place to relax or contemplate the past.

The most notable artifact is an old fleeter moonshine still that predates even Arrow herself. The still may only be retrieved on "Experiencing History" days set by the captain, or, as the glass case suggests, "In Case of Emergency."

Important Items

From the Gorn Hulk
  • A piece of the ship's shale like armor plating.
  • Carapace of one of the ship's insect life.
  • A twisted claw from one of the lost Gorn.
From the 'Midnight Planet' of the Chi Ceti System
  • One jar of bioluminescent soil from the planet's surface. (A bio-luminescent orchid lives in the Hydroponics Bay.)
  • Still photo of Cadet Amanda Crossley with her Starfleet Academy Graduating Class.
From the Gentii
  • "The Cone of Possibility" - an artistic representation of the Gentii philosophical view of the future.
From Casperia Prime
  • An iron and gold dedication plaque. Commissioned by Quentin Collins. It reads "Dedicated To Those We've Lost. Their Aim Forever True." and lists a dozen names of officers lost in the line of duty. First of which is Cadet Amanda Crossley, a Science-focused Cadet recently lost during the mission on The Midnight Planet.

From Sheliak Labor Camp

  • The ruined uniform of Sodor Grumm

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