Endless Night (Arrow)

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Episode 8


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Maz Rodan First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Maria Alvarez Operations Officer
Keneth Nakada Engineering Officer Since 239811.23
Grace Hope-Sheppard Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
R'Ariel Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor
Cassandra Mason Medical Officer
Ar'Gorvalei Medical Officer
Quentin Collins Chief Science Officer
Jacin Ayemet Science Officer
Ash MacKenna Chief Intelligence Officer
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes

Endless Night

Abandon ship! A routine stellar survey turns to disaster when a spatial phenomenon cripples the USS Arrow and leaves it dead in space. As a reluctant Captain Shayne orders the crew to abandon the Arrow, they realise their only hope of survival is on a small jungle world orbiting the star whose unusual axis means the planet is in perpetual nighttime for weeks on end. With no rescue in sight and supplies and morale low, the crew must fight to survive the endless night...

Act 1

Arriving in the Chi Ceti System, the Arrow is tasked with mapping the star system there which includes a white-yellow star giving off abnormal readings. The system also contains a small Class M planet which is mostly jungle, but the strange orbital axis of the planet means it is in perpetual nighttime for approximately three weeks at a time. As Arrow conducts her scans, the star belches out a mix of gases which fuse the Bussard Collectors and frazzle the EPS grid. The crews only hope to survive is to purge the system, and leave the Arrow dead in space, or else the ship will explode...

After another solar wave strikes the ship, Lieutenant JG Maria Alvarez concludes that the only way to purge the ‘’Arrow’’ of the combustible gases is to totally power down the ship and do it manually via a shuttle. With time running out, Captain Randal Shayne orders a code blue alert and evacuates the ship, relocating the crew to the strange jungle planet. Lt.Commander Maz Rodan, along with Lieutenant Chloe Waters, Lieutenant JG Alvarez and Ensign Ar’Gorvalei head to the shuttle bay to launch their only long range shuttle - the Type 11 - to manually clear the Bussard collectors and make supply runs to the crew on the planet.

The task doesn’t take long, however, when it’s discovered the real reason of the power troubles is because the radiation the star is kicking out is causing random formations of minuscule dilithium. Complications in the atmosphere also drag the escape pod Ensign Jacin Ayemet is occupying to drift off course and make an emergency landing in a remote part of the planet. Similar fluctuations cause the shuttle to crash in a nearby spot, leaving Rodan and Waters injured.

On the ship, something causes Lieutenant Commander R’Ariel’s telepathic and empathic senses to go into overdrive, reverting her to a more primal Caitian nature, and she absconds into the Jeffries Tubes after securing the evacuation of Sickbay. Captain Shayne, Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus and Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins are the last to leave the ‘’Arrow’’, but a life sign scan indicates the insensate Caitian/Deltan CMO is still somewhere on the deserted ship…

Act 2

After having crashed on the planet, Rodan conceals the true nature of his injury from the others, causing Alvarez to confront him over his poor decision making. Waters condition moderately stabilises before they attempt to transport to the coordinates of Jacin’s makeshift transponder.

They arrive in time to regroup with Jacin, but Rodan’s ever worsening condition forces him to confide in Alvarez and he presses on her the importance of her taking command in the event of his death.

At the evacuation camp, Commander Ash MacKenna takes command in the absence of the Captain and enlists Ensign Cassandra Mason to begin triage on those who need it, while Maz Rodan’s younger brother, Aran, begins to worry about their lack of contact with his shuttle.

Arriving separately, returning officer Lieutenant JG Keneth Nakada joins the team just in time to see newest engineer Lieutenant JG Grace Hope stumble from the marshlands, apparently injured, before she collapses from fatigue…

Shayne, Collins and Serinus work to subdue the crazed R’Ariel as she retreats deeper into the ship. With heat and oxygen failing, time starts running out. They work together quickly to sedate her, and each take their escape pod down to the planet. No sooner than stepping foot onto the surface, strange snake-like vines ‘attack’ Collins, causing Shayne and R’Ariel to react. After her ordeal on the ship, R’Ariel seems to have forgotten who she is and her position on the ship.

Act 3

Something odd is happening to Rodan. His wound from the shuttle has become infected with spores from the fluorescent jungle, and the Symbiont is in a mild shock, exhibiting multiple personality disorder, where he switches between the personalities of the previous Hosts at random. The others work to try and crack the genetic code of the luminescent jungle in order to use the fungal network of the planet to send an SOS.

MacKenna and her team investigate when things front their camp begin disappearing, and they believe that there might be some kind of intelligence behind the luminescent jungle…

Important Sims

  • A Return to Roots - 239811.11 - Captain Shayne orders the Arrow to the Chi Ceti System
  • Food Poisoning - 239811.12 - Alvarez has something odd to report about the Chi Ceti Star
  • The "Midnight" Planet - 329811.12 - Maz Rodan takes a closer look at The "Midnight" Planet, the unusual Class M in the system.

Honorary Mentions

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