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The Starboard Bow (pronounced like the weapon) is the crew lounge of the USS Arrow, it is located on Deck Six appropriately, at the starboard bow.Nearly twice as wide as it is long, and seating up to 35, it has yet to be officially opened,
Starboard Bow Logo.jpg
Wooden sign with The Starboard Bow logo, hanging at the halfway point of the bar.

The Starboard Bow

What is the Starboard Bow?

The Starboard Bow is an Archery themed (hence the pronunciation) bar and grill, serving a variety of synth-alcoholic beverages including cocktails, in addition to coffee drinks, and foodstuffs. Rumor has it that you can also get the good stuff, if you know how.
Branded mugs, not for sale at this time.
It has two shelves for wine and liquor, an espresso machine with branded mugs (in house use only for the time being), and a replicator.

Potted flowers and trees add a touch of nature so often lacking on small star-ships. To the left of the bar, a singular window reveals the stars to those who wish to gaze upon them. Other amenities include dartboards, and a bookshelf with tomes donated by members of the Arrow Crew.


The main color scheme is natural wood and various shades of green,and brown, meant to invoke the feeling of a forest in a tip to the hat to Robin Hood,

Earth's most famous mythical archer, an outlaw who redistributed the taxed incomes of the Feudal lords back to the common people.

Replica arrows of various times and places as well as sizes (some are technically ballista bolts) are strategically placed around the walls along with a painting of a tree.


The Starboard Bow, cut-out
The Starboard Bow, overhead view
Due to it's location on the ship, the room has slanted left and back walls, supported by beams painted in contrasting shades of green. White string lights line the room, giving the space additional illumination.
When one first passes through the doors into the Starboard Bow, they walk under a wooden garden trellis arch entwined in white flowering vines,

Directly in front of them is semi-circular sectional couch that seats eight with a wood and glass coffee table located within easy reach of everyone.

On the immediate right and left of the arch are brown faux-leather sofas that seat five apiece and ottomans stationed in the middle. The right one is lodged snugly against the wall by two ballista bolts, whilst the left one is off-set from the sloping wall and support pillars between which are four arrows in the midway point between them.

A pair of dart boards on the front wall are equidistant from the arch and their respective side walls.

Flanking the back of the semi-circular couch are two potted trees. Off-set outwardly behind them are two tables painted like archery targets matching the design of the dartboards, each with enough chairs for four.

Another tree is to the right of the rightmost chair, and to the left of a painting of a tree on the right wall. A few feet back from the leftmost chair is the fourth and final tree, across from the second support beam on the left wall, and the beginning of the well stocked bookcase.

The back
The bookcase runs the length of the left wall, from the second to third supports, off-set from said wall by a few inches. Further back, a last last pillar divides the left and back walls. Bridging the third, and fourth left pillars, with the first back pillar, is series a support beams.

To the direct right of the first back pillar is a parallelogram port looking out into outer space. Its border painted the same color as the lighter part of the pillars to contrast with the main paint scheme, more than half of it's dimensions encroaching on the beginnings of the bar . The space above the space window is decorated with two sets of three arrows each, that face left. Not far exitward, the first of four flower boxes of rectangular shape floats overhead on a force field.

The bow-shaped bar itself looks like a squared off semi-circle. It is two-toned, a lightish brown on the body, and a dark wood that matches the floor (reminiscent of Mahogany) on the bar top. Behind the bar is an open space that can offers a lot of movement room for whomever is working behind it. On the back wall behind the bar moving left to right, is the first of two drinks cabinets, the second back pillar, a prep station with a black replicator and an espresso machine, and the second drink cabinet. Around the bar are stationed a dozen stools made of the same wood as the bar body, centered on the bar is a sign with the establishment's logo, flanked by two more float flower boxes, angled away from it. To the right of the bar is the final back pilla, with a final flower box mirroring the position of the one on the opposite end of the bar.


Melissa Dane, Bartender
Melissa Dane is a

Centauran from a small colony near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

The daughter of a retired Commander, she came to the Arrow for the

family environment that a small ship provides, her fondest childhood memories being from when her father served on the California Class, USS Anaheim. She has 13 years of

experience working behind a bar, and has served in a variety of

venues from low class, to upscale. She is confident, friendly, and

always available to listen or give advice.

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The Creation Story

While visiting the visiting the Juneau with Quentin Collins in April 2399, for the promotion of Oddas Aria to Fleet Captain, Artinus Serinus mentioned to his colleague how nice it would be for their ship to have a similar space of it's own, [1]
Preliminary Planning
The afternoon after the Arrow's unexpected visit to, and return from Odysssy Station, Artinus invited Quentin to join him in the mess hall, where he once again brought the idea up and began to discuss more concrete ideas. [2] They were soon joined by Ensign Dewitt, who was excited to contribute as well. [3] They would meet several times the next few days to draw out plans.
Holodeck visualization.
"I'm calling it our Ace-presso in the hole."

- Lt. Commander Quentin Collins,regarding the Espresso machine requested by Ensign DeWitt [4]

When the USS Arrow docked at Deep Space 224, Lt. Commander Serinus booked Holodeck 3 to refine the design with the two formerly mentioned colleagues. [5] The bar was taking shape, when the colleagues were joined by Commander Niac, the OPs Chief of the USS Excalibur, [6] who were also docked there. Commander Niac had come into talk to Dewitt about the Ensign's own project The Forge, but soon was joining in on the designing. After a bit more work the crew stopped for drinks, because Niac and DeWitt wanted to celebrate the completion of The Forge. Serinus puled the two celebrants beers, and a glass of his favorite Magna Roman wine for Collins and himself. After the short tipple, the four returned to work for a while before Commander Niac had to depart. Wrapping up later, the original three had one last drink for the road, DeWitt offering a cheer dedicated to the StarBoard Bow.
After the holodeck planning session, and all the logistical issues were squared away, the original three met to do the work, [7] moving, painting, receiving deliveries from the Starbase staff etc. They were joined by several volunteers from the Arrow.

Further Developments

Bow Tenders

The day before departing DS 224, Serinus began interviewing for bartenders, giving the best four out of seven hour long interviews apiece, hoping to give two spots so they wouldn't have to work seven days a week.[8] The first person he interviewed was a Centuarian from a small colony near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Her name was Melissa Dane, and she had a lot of bartending experience in many different settings. She was confident and instantly likable, and on top of that, she had arrived 15 minutes early. When asked why with all of her experience, she wanted to work on the Arrow, she said it was because she missed the family aspect of being on a small ship (her father had served on the California Class Anaheim, and it had been the happiest time in her childhood.) [9]

Now Serving Trouble

During the events of The Raiders of the Lost Claw, Petty Officer Velina Frell located the Chalnoth child intruders heading toward The Bow.[10] Lt. JG Manx quickly tapped his combadge to summon a security team, and stepped toward the turbolift [11] before he could depart, Commander Roxy Wilde stepped in to join him.[12] Arriving outside of the Bow, the two were joined by the comedic relief, Hitchcock and Scully, Security's most inept enlistedmen. They were dressed in ancient, and ill-fitting riot gear. Scully's lack of muzzle control saw Commander Wilde grab his barrel and force it down, and then got him a dressing down by Commander Wilde [13], and Manx[14] both.

Wilde went in, and began to scan the area. She deciphered that someone was re-writing the Arrow's code.[15] First Hallack, the XO of the friendly Chalnoth ship, the Saracen showed up, and the two aged Seurity staff aimed their phasers at him. He explained that he found out that the children were missing and had come to search for them.[16] Wilde told Hallack that she believed that the children weren't actually there, and that some kind of interference was messing with their sensors, and reasoned that the Saracen's sensors might be suffering from the same effect.[17] After a bit of deliberation, the replicator suddenly started making an unusual noise, and Manx turned to look at it. To his horror, a concrete goop of some kind began to pour out of the machine, over the control pad, down the wall and onto the floor. He ran a tri-corder scan and determined that the goop had all the prerequisite bioelectric data to spawn the mechanical insects that had inhabitted the Arrow when it was first found adrift in the Aavaro Wilds the crew of the USS Juneau. He quickly ordered an evacuation of the room, having to assure Hallack that the children were not there, and then called the bridge to get the room sealed.[18]

During the following shore leave,after the Bow had been inspected, cleared, and cleaned, Lt. JG DeWitt entered an empty Bow with a telescope to stargaze. [19] Marine CWO Vincent Jones, curious to get a look at the new lounge happened into him there.[20] After some friendly chat, DeWitt told Jones that he was looking at the Crab Nebula (an old favorite of his) and then offered Jones a peek through his telescope.[21] Before they wrapped up, the two men agreed to make it a weekly appointment. [22][23]


The true history of The Starboard Bow has yet to be written, and we will boldly go!

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Dr Seesh sitting at the bar. Commissioned for Seesh by Ratte


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