A Scouring of Stars (Arrow)

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Episode 2


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Quentin Collins First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Charlotte DeBarres Mission Specialist
Maria Alvarez Operations Officer 239710.27 -
Keneth Nakada Engineering Officer
Lase Ander Engineering Officer 239711.26-
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security
Regan Wilde Security Officer
T'Vath Medical Officer 239711.14 - 239711.20
R'Ariel Counselor
Maxwell Traenor Chief Science Officer LOA 239711.10
Hayley Caden Research Specialist
Eerie Mission Specialist
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Tamazotz Director, SCV Ikries Played by Quentin Collins
Blet (KIA) Ferengi DaiMon Played by Artinus Serinus
Dakul (KIA) Cardassian Gul Played by Charlotte DeBarres
Beriali Dau Caldonian Captain Played by Regan Wilde
Eru Ghant (MIA) Captain of the Razor's Edge Played by Quentin Collins
Murkad Klingon General, Captain of the IKS K'prong Played by Maxwell Traenor up to 239711.19
Played by Maria Alvarez after 239711.19
Cheldon ch'Doro Lay Warrior, Brotherhood of Thet Played by Artinus Serinus
Father Edward Morgan Head Cleric, Brotherhood of Thet Played by Regan Wilde
Brother Brept Novice Cleric, Brotherhood of Thet Played by Regan Wilde
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes
Eerie Mission Specialist Played by Charlotte DeBarres
Sivok Medical Officer Played by Maxwell Traenor
Patrick Crewman, First Class Played by Keneth Nakada
Thaon Brom Chief Petty Officer Played by Regan Wilde
V'Lak Crewman, Second Class Played by Hayley Caden
Lana Morgenstern Attending Physician Played by Quentin Collins

A Scouring of Stars

Keeping the peace in a flotilla of hundreds of ships is not easy! In order to stabilize the fleet, Commander Shayne calls for a peaceful gathering of The Big Six - six of the biggest players in orbit of the planet. Tensions are high on the ship as each Captain - from Cardassian, Klingon and Ferengi to Orion and Caldonian - each wonder if the other can be trusted. When the gathering is sabotaged, it's a race against time to secure the ship...

Act 1 - Negotiations begin, surface team deployed

The mission kicked off with a senior officer briefing on board the Arrow. Commander Shayne led the meeting, starting off with an overview of the situation. At the time of the briefing, a few of the refugee ships had landed on the surface. Most remained in orbit and were avoiding each other. A team was assembled with Lieutenant Commander Collins and Lieutenant's Serinus, DeBarres and Nakada to proceed to the surface and set up a water filtration system for the new colony. It was made clear that their mandate was to help and assist, not to command. Shayne also reflected on the fact that even if they did bully their way into control, there was no guarantee they would be able to maintain it.

Collins then described the mission plan for the team, which consisted of beaming down a ways away from the settlement and making contact with the local foreman. It was highlighted that visibility was a big concern, with the possibility that Starfleet would be viewed as an outsider imposing its will.

The meeting then moved on to the issue of those still in orbit. The captain announced that he had invited the captains of the various vessels to the Arrow for a meeting to negotiate and find the best course of action. To facilitate this work, Lieutenant's R'Ariel and Wilde were to remain behind on the ship with Shayne.

Finally, the discovery of underground and possibly artificial water tunnels was brought up. An investigation team consisting of Commander Traenor, Lieutenant Waters and Ensign's Caden, Sival and Zicv was assembled to determine what they were and why the system existed.

The three teams then broke of to begin their work. The water pump team went their ways to prepare and reconvened at the Transporter Room shortly, to go down to the surface. After some talking, Lieutenant Serinus handed out phasers and they headed down to the surface.

As the other headed down, the team aboard the ship began welcoming the other captain's for the meeting. The first to arrive was Captain Dau, the Caldonian commanding officer.

It is amusing to note here, that Lieutenants Regan Wilde and R'Ariel were approaching the transporter room from the turbolift and we were engaged in a loud and questionable conversation, something the Captain was not happy about. Link

After sending Dau with Wilde and R'Ariel as escorts, Shayne then turned to greet the Ferengi DaiMon Blet, who immediately attempted to bribe him. He also revealed that the Ferengi had begun drilling on the surface, a concerning development. Soon after, the pair returned again, this time to escort the DaiMon down.

The next guest to arrive was Eru Ghant, the commanding officer of the Razor's Edge. A privateer, or a pirate as Shayne almost called her, she was quickly pegged as one of the more dangerous visitors. The rest then watched on as Lieutenant Wilde proceeded to acknowledge her dressing sense and the Ghant tried to seduce the security officer.

There are no words, this was hilarious. Link

It was at this point that Shayne interrupted the quickly escalating situation and attempted to return an air of professionalism to the conversation.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Collins, Nakada, Serinus, and DeBarres are working to repair the water filtration system, met by Overseer Heindrik. He appears to be hiding something, setting nerves on edge. Zicv, Waters, Traenor, and Caden have landed their shuttle and set up camp to begin a scientific expedition. They've only gotten started in the morning when things take a surprising turn with the explosion of the Ferengi shuttle in the distance. They're able to get in touch with Serinus and DeBarres, but communications have been cut off from Collins and Nakada.

Act 2 - Things take a Turn

Aboard the ship, negotiations have quickly soured with each party attempting to pursue totally disparate agendas that refuse to be reconciled. Murkad, outraged that no one seems to take the Sheliak threat seriously enough, makes a big show of leaving the conference without any kind of deal. The conference takes a brief break for Wilde to escort the general off safely, and for Shayne to welcome Arrow's new Operations Officer, Alvarez. Shayne and Wilde had barely returned to the conference when Ghant makes it clear she has something other than more discussion in mind.

Collins and Nakada, cut off by a dampening field, have come under attack by the planet's residents. They desperately battle their way out of a firefight as Serinus and Debarres fight their way to the rescue. Meanwhile, Alvarez identified the source of the dampening field, and targets it in cooperation with Waters and Caden. Waters and Caden make a timely rescue of the other away team, and set off back to the ship before reinforcements can arrive, but realize the ship itself can't be contacted anymore.

In the conference room, Ghant knocked out the security officers and R'Ariel with a concussion grenade and taken Shayne hostage at knifepoint. Emergency bulkheads have sealed, locking them off from outside help. Alvarez is prevented from helping when she tries to assume command, locked out because she wasn't given command codes in the hastey on-boarding. Wilde heroically offers himself in exchange for the captain. Ghant discards Shayne to the floor, incautiously lowering her guard just long enough for Wilde to phaser her control bracelet. Shayne picks himself up and vengfully knocks out Ghant, but they're still stuck in the conference room and Ghant's ship has begun a full-out assault on the Arrow, including multiple boarding crews throughout the ship.

The members of the crew aboard shuttlecraft one have discovered the Razor's Edge's attack as the reason for Arrow's innability to respond to their hails. A whole series of dampening fields from satellites have made sensors and communications unpredictable and spotty across the field. With the menacing fast-attack craft between them and their home under siege, Waters implements a brazen grav-skip maneuver off the planet's atomsphere, bouncing off the raider's shields and sending them careening back towards the ship.

Engineering and Security crews finally pry free the bulkhead sealing the conference room, releasing the Shayne, R'Ariel, and Wilde. Shayne assumes command, and Wilde runs off to defend main engineering with Gul Dakul. Dau takes the opportunity to escape to his ship while Ghant is taken off to sickbay to be treated for her wounds. Blet nearly fends off his attackers during his own escape, armed with a case full of latinum, but is captured when no aid comes. Wilde and Dakul fight a running battle through the corridors of the Arrow, and Dakul ends up giving his life along the way. Wilde is joined by Lt. Commander Eerie right before they find a massed force of pirates armed to the teeth outside of main engineering.

Act 3 - Battle for Their Lives

Inside main engineering, Alvarez, Brom, V'Lak, and the rest of the engineering crew are in the midst of effecting a plan to lock down the ship and restore computer control to Alvarez so she can repel the boarders with Anesthizine. The plan is fraught, using a security module pilfered from a shuttle and a dubious reconfiguration of isolinear chips, but time is short with pirates working to blast the doors open and take engineering. Brom constructs embattlements to hold engineering using a beloved couch, which immediately turns useful as the doors blow open, and pitched battle ensues between the Pirates and the crew in engineering joined by Wilde and Eerie. Wilde is taken away as hostage, but the crew is helpless to save him. The computer restart finishes just in time, allowing Alvarez to secure the pirate behind forcefields for the moment. Still, causualties were heavy, and Alvarez makes a split-second decision to beam all of the engineers to sickbay and away from harm before locking down engineering and setting off to diagnose the problems with the Anesthizine.

The group from the shuttlebay has finally made it aboard the Arrow safely. Caden, Serinus, and Nakada make for main engineering, meeting up with Brom along the way while Collins, DeBarres, and Waters head to reinforce the crew on the bridge in what's turning into a heated battle between the Arrow and the Razor's Edge in space. The Arrow is in poor shape, being caught flat-footed, but the crew finds a weak spot on the Razor's shields inflicted by the shuttle's manuever. They take advantage of it, but almost maneuver too close with a feign designed to draw their foe in. Both ships suffer damage. Desperate to protect the Starfleet ship, Dau strikes a dubious accord with Murkad to rescue the Arrow. An agreement reached, the battle tips heavily in favor of the Arrow, as Dau's ship, Syrtan, has heavy shields to protect the Arrow, and Murkad's K'Prong wheels around and deals substantial damage to the raider ship. Arrow fires off an angry salvo of torpedos that finally set the enemy adrift in space.

Nakada, Brom, Caden, and Serinus have fought their way to main engineering, where they start on computer repairs. Realizing Wilde is taken, Serinus sets out on a rescue mission to pull him out of Cargo Bay 1. Alvarez, is also on her way there, on a mission to bypass a manual override that will make the Anesthizine functional. She's stopped in her tracks by Ghant, who escaped from sickbay and is now itching for a fight when she sees her ship burning. The two fight, trading barbs as well as blows, and Alvarez is knocked down hard. Wilde, who escaped his captors and was freed from the cargo bay by Serinus, sees the situation and rushes in to confront her. He barely manages a few blows before his own knife is turned against him in a barbaric mutilation. Serinus manages to fire a shot, but is cut off by another emergency bulkhead. Alvarez, realizing there's only one option, pulls herself back up and duels Ghant again and winds up killing her with Wilde's knife. Seriously injured, she barely makes it to the manual override and deploys the Anesthizine. Serinus clears the bulkhead, but it's all over - he calls in the trauma teams to save the two.

Sometime after they're evacuated from the corridor, Ghant discovers she is, in fact, not dead (though the crew of the Arrow knows nothing about this). Director Tamazotz offers her a deal she can't refuse.

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