Prologue (Arrow)

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Episode 0 - Prologue


Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Quentin Collins First Officer
Hayley Caden Communications/Operations Officer
Charlotte DeBarres Communications/Operations Officer
Sasaki Jona Engineering Officer
Keneth Nakada Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Security Officer
Kim Chin-sun Medical Officer
R'Ariel Counselor
Maxwell Traenor Chief Science Officer
Jana Zicv Science Officer
Ash MacKenna Intelligence Officer
Name Position Notes
Undisclosed Former Commanding Officer of the USS Arrow


Finding the USS Arrow adrift and abandoned, the USS Juneau transports a boarding team aboard her to restore order and investigate the mysteries of it's presence in the Wilds.

Act 1 - Chasing the Comet

Fresh off the shakedown cruise, the USS Juneau began its adventures with an investigation into a suspicious comet, inexplicably emitting Eichner Radiation while maintaining a collision course with Uiliv V, a planet harboring a pre-warp civilization.

Upon arriving, they quickly found the USS Arrow adrift in space, orbiting the comet. Noting that her presence in the reason was both suspicious and unexplained, Captain Oddas Aria of the Juneau ordered Commander Randal Shayne to take a team of officers from the Juneau and board the Arrow. Their mission; explore the vessel, assess her status, regain control and find out as much as possible.

Act 2 - Fifty Ways to Blow Up

As the away team left for the Arrow, a cursory scan of the derelict ship from the outside revealed clear signs of extensive weapons scarring. It was also detected that life support was isolated to certain sections of the ship and much of the emergency systems onboard, including lightning were offline. The officers quickly reached a consensus that the level of damage was demonstrably above any normal skirmish.

As they landed on board the vessel, the first signs of the more sinister nature of the situation started becoming clear. A weak dampening field was quickly detected within the shuttlebay - and at that one which specifically targeted non-Arrow equipment. The officers split into two teams. One was to head up to the bridge to regain control of Deck 1. The other headed down to Main Engineering, to secure the warp and computer cores.

Both teams quickly encountered resistance. The bridge team was stopped nearly immediately by a oily, viscous puddle blocking their way forward. A quick analysis by Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins quickly revealed it to be the liquefied remnants of a humanoid being. Before the team could digest this information however, it was rapidly detected that two large figures were approaching them. After some quick thinking and masterful deception by the team, the two intruders, both dressed in primitive environmental suits, were subdued and marked for transport back to the Juneau, where they would be detained. After regaining their bearings, the team continued on to the bridge.

Meanwhile, the second team rapidly proceeded towards engineering. They were briefly interrupted by a large bang from the upper decks, but an executive decision was taken by Commander Shayne to move on. As they reached engineering they were met with a new challenge - the door was sealed shut. Options were quickly discussed and dismissed, including cutting through the door. A solution was found in a maintenance shaft leading the way in. As they entered Main Engineering, they quickly got into a fight with more intruders including a Ferengi and two more of the boarders the other team had encountered. After subduing and transporting them out, the team quickly got to work regaining control of the ship.

Back on the bridge, the crew had begun repairs. A quick attempt to restore power however, revealed that the power packs were completely empty. Using an external battery they accessed the systems overlay, only to find the relays to main engineering mostly cut. As the situation began to become tense once more, the power suddenly came back online, signaling that the team in engineering had managed to initialize the warp core.

The crew in engineering had detected something working against them, trying to stop them from regaining control. It soon came to light that the cause of many of the malfunctions was a sort of 'Scorched Earth' program, which was systematically deleting the computer and its data. Simultaneously, sensors detected missiles coming towards them, having been launched from the surface of the planet. Furthermore, the deep delete had started to have real effects, with the loss of the thermal subsystems beginning to lead to heat buildup across the ship.

They had also made some headway into deciphering what had happened to the ship. An attempt to override the communication lockout had played back a log from the previous commanding officer, attesting that the previous crew had abandoned ship and attempted to return to Federation space.

Back on the bridge, the crew's immediate attention had turned to the missiles hurtling towards them. Some quick thinking by the warrant officer had them redirect the pent-up heat through the bussard collectors into a rapid particle stream directed at the primitive explosives, causing them to explode, while simultaneously draining the excess heat off.

Faced with an impossible situation, Lieutenant Commander Collins issued a command to transfer his command codes to the Arrow and ordered the computer to reverse the deletion program, stopping it in its tracks and ending the immediate threat to the ship.

Act 3 - We find Bugs

The crew was quickly assigned to repair work in order to get the ship moving and spaceworthy again. An investigation into the ship and a search for what was remaining onboard quickly revealed the presence of a strange rectangular box on the wall. Lieutenant Serinus and Commander MacKenna brought it to a science lab, where they met with Ensign Zicv. It was soon revealed that it was a sort of biomechanical spider-like device.

Down in sickbay, Lieutenant Commander Kim and Ensign R’Ariel began to clean up the facility. After a number of mishaps, they suddenly found a fire having started on one of the biobeds. With automatic fire suppression offline, they had to manually extinguish it with one of the manual carbon dioxide ones.

As a sense of normalcy and calm began to descend on the bridge, an unexpected visitor came to light - Commander Maxwell Traenor. While greeted enthusiastically by Lieutenant Commander Collins, a more frosty introduction was wrought with Commander Shayne, with whom he had a less rosy past. A brash discussion between the two in the ready room led to Shayne putting Traenor in charge of accessing the previous mission logs onboard. An odd bit of bypassing revealed parts of a log entry exposing that the previous captain had hidden an isolinear chip in the ready room. A further search, involving literally tearing apart the room, lead to him finding the chip - concealed behind a lighting fixture near the ceiling.

Meanwhile, in engineering, soon after repairing the warp drive, Ensign Jona was attacked by an arachnid device - which he shook off and stomped on. Another one was incapacitated using a force field. Upon keeping them both together, the live one attached itself to the dead one. In the course of investigation, Ensign Nakada tried hooking the spider up to the main computer to parse its output. However, improper procedure resulted in the device sending random commands to the computer core and causing the ship to rapidly accelerate. He unplugged the device, steadying the ship, but killing the creature in the process.

Back on the bridge, having just stabilized, officers were quickly figuring out how to arrive at station the most gracefully. Without the ability to shut down the engine, they would be little more than a ballistic missile. As they grew closer, the station sent a communication, asking for identification, which they were unable to provide. In a stroke of genius, Lieutenant Commander Collins suggested using the nacelle vents, a design quirk of the Arrow and similar ships, to quickly dump drive plasma out of the system. While it would effectively cripple the ship upon stopping, it would also collapse their subspace field and bring them out of warp. With Commander Shayne’s blessing, it was carried out and the ship managed to stop just before they reached Starbase 821, aided by an arresting tractor beam from the installation.

End File