3, 2, 1, Launch! (Arrow)

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Episode 12


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Cayden Adyr First Officer
Chloe Waters Mission Specialist
Banagher Lao Zabi Helm Officer
Avar Orsalen OPS Officer
Connor Dewitt Engineering Officer
Nolen Hobart Engineering Officer
Zenno Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Talia Kecia Ohnari Medical Officer
Holly Berry Counselor
Jacin Ayemet Science Officer
Ash MacKenna Chief Intelligence Officer
Hoyt Intelligence Officer went AWOL during mission

3, 2, 1, Launch!

Act 1

After a haunted shore leave, the USS Arrow is recalled to Deep Space 33 where they discover that they are not the only Starfleet vessel in the Alpha Isles anymore. The USS Ronin, an Akira-class vessel, is docked at the station. To everybody's surprise, Commander Karrod Niac is appointed the Ronin's new Captain, having to take his leave from the USS Arrow. With Commander Karrod two more members of the senior crew, Lieutenant Commander Serinus and Lieutenant Commander Collins are leaving the USS Arrow. In the aftermath of this shake-up, the USS Arrow is tasked with classic Starfleet exploration work. Their mission is to investigate and chart a previously unnamed star system within the Alpha Isles still in reach for the USS Ronin, if anything goes wrong on her maiden voyage.

Act 2

Meeting the senior staff in the conference room, Captain Shayne hands out assignments in preperation for their task of exploration and reminds everyone that just because they hope the next few days should be quiet, doesn't mean they shouldn't be prepared. After arriving at the star system and not long after the Arrow begins its survey, the ship picks up unusual radiation surges and what appears to be a very old pre-warp space station orbiting a gas giant. Soon enough, the newly assigned first officer, Lieutenant Commander Adyr is charged with leading an away team to investigate.

The team, consisting of Zenno, Dewitt, Hoyt, Ohnari, and Berry boards the station, splitting into two groups. While Dewitt, Zenno and Hoyt head upward to try and restore power, the rest of the team remained on the lower level, searching for anything of interest. After a quick check in from the Arrow and a retrieval of several artifacts Adyr and her team had found via transporter, things took a turn when from the perspective of the away team, everything seemed to shift. The station, which had looked worn down one moment, and the gas giant nearby, suddenly looked newer, healthier, though the reason was unclear. Meanwhile, after another surge of radiation the Arrow lost track of the team aboard the station entirely.

Aboard the station, the Arrow away team soon discovered that they made a time jump about every seven minutes that took them from the past they were trapped in to their present for just a few moments. Dewitt, Zenno and Orsalen proceeded to discover what seemed to be scientific or engineering components, while the others now grappled with another problem: The station was headed towards the planets surface. A planet, which seemed to them to be much different in its past as the away team had discovered.

Act 3

With time working against them, Dewitt made an interesting discovery - objects could be moved between timeframes if they were being held, at the time. With this information, Adyr left a communicator for the Arrow to find while Ensign Berry worked on translating the interface of one of the station's terminals. Effort which was apparently returned, as when the team shifted once more they found writing where the communicator had been.

Meanwhile, aboard the Arrow, a plan to interface Commander Waters' implants with a probe to find out what was going on on the station was hatched and, rather reluctantly embraced by Captain Shayne. The crew split up to contribute to preparations, and once the interface was ready, Captain Shayne, Mr. Hobart and Commander Waters proceeded to the holodeck, with Lieutenant Jacin and Ensign Piweh monitoring. Through the struggle, and having to deactivate the gravity so Commander Waters could control the probe, the VR experience revealed the communicator left behind by the away team. But Commander Waters revealed something more worrying: they were not alone. Analysis of the artifacts the Arrow had beamed aboard uncovered some disturbing images, prompting Captain Shayne to order the interface be terminated. But in the split second before it could be, something touched Waters via the probe.

It had been something the away team had already discovered through there jumps. Every time they shifted in time there was a brief moment where they could see other beings. Whether those shadows were observing them or just trapped travellers in another time frame could not be determined.


After Commander Waters could be succesfully seperated from the probe, she was immediately admitted to sickbay. Captain Shayne ordered Lieutenants Jacin and Hobart to put a plan in place that had a photon torpedo destory a device in the planets atmosphere that had been revealed by the data of Commander Waters' virtual endeavour.

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