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This page acts as a repository of pages that need expansion or creation relating to the Arrow


Arrow PNPCs
  • V'Lak - Basic template - Needs expanding
  • Trell - Basic template - Needs expanding
  • Mas - Basic template - needs expanding
  • Beck - Basic template - needs expanding
  • Lana Morgenstern - Template set up, specifics need adding.
  • All of the Pets on the Arrow have profiles, images needed for tIhIroghnI' and Olliepiest.
Mission NPCs
  • Tamazotz - Needs proofing/expanding as necessary
  • Cheldon ch'Doro - Template and brief info set up - needs expanding


  • Alpha Isles ( Expand area information, potentially split out notable locations to their own articles. Add ships of interest, people of interest from latest mission. )
  • The Well (From Evading Mist)