Arrow Deck Layout

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Saber class master systems display (MSD)

The Arrow has a total of eight decks:

  • 7 numbered decks
  • An additional upper deck, which houses the ship's aft torpedo launcher and dorsal sensor palettes

Saber class

Deck Facilities Images
Deck 1
  • Main Bridge
Bridge Stations
CO Chair - Center
Science Station - Port Station Aft
Tactical Station - Starboard Station Aft
Helm - Starboard Station Forward
Ops - Port Station Forward
Engineering - Port Standing Station
Security Station - Starboard Standing Station
  • Captain’s Ready Room - Port Compartment Aft
  • First Officer's Office - Starboard Compartment Aft
  • Briefing Room/Observation Lounge Starboard Compartment Forward (not pictured)
Deck 2
Deck 3
Deck 4
  • Computer Core (upper level)
  • Astrometrics Lab/Stellar Cartography
  • Science Lab
    • Chief Science Officer's Office
  • Hydroponics Bay
  • Holosuite One and Two
  • Enlisted Shared Quarters
  • Cargo Bay 2
Deck 5
Deck 6
  • Intel Suite
  • The Starboard Bow/Crew Lounge
  • Computer Core (lower level)
  • Main Deflector (lower level)
    • Deflector Control Room
Deck 7
  • Forward Torpedo Room