Evading Mist (Arrow)

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Episode 1


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Quentin Collins First Officer
Hayley Caden Communications/Operations Officer
Charlotte DeBarres Communications/Operations Officer
Keneth Nakada Engineering Officer
Mack Campbell Engineering Officer From 239708.19
Artinus Serinus Security Officer
Regan Wilde Security Officer From 239708.19
Selara Medical Officer Until 239708.13
R'Ariel Counselor
Maxwell Traenor Chief Science Officer
Jana Zicv Science Officer
Ash MacKenna Intelligence Officer Until 239708.13
Eerie Mission Specialist
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Tamazotz Director, SCV Ikries Played by Quentin Collins
Name Position Notes
Sivok Medical Officer Played by Maxwell Traenor

Evading Mist

The sudden appearance of millions of distress signals in a remote region of space sends the Arrow and Starbase 821 crews rushing to repair the vessel and investigate.

Act 1 - The Sheliak Do Irritating Things

Having suddenly detected millions of distress signals originating in the Alpha Isles, Starfleet rushed the refit and commissioning of the USS Arrow and its crew. After a hasty awards and introduction ceremony, the crew set out on the still partially repaired craft to investigate what was happening.

The mission began with a briefing on the bridge to acclimate the officers. Eager to acquire more information, they soon launched a Warp 9 probe towards the signals, which returned an image of a massive fleet of unidentified ships. Commander Shayne ordered the ship to accelerate to Warp 8, requiring power cuts, including to the phasers. A quick cross-reference of the designs by Commander MacKenna revealed the vessels to be of Sheliak origin - leaving the crew further confused as to why such a notoriously reclusive race had suddenly decided to show up.

A channel was established to the Sheliak vessels and the captain and first officer began the conversation, asking for identification from the fleet as entitled under the Treaty of Armens. The Sheliak responded in kind, asking what the Arrow wanted. This incited further alarm, however, as the helmsman, Lieutenant Waters, suddenly collapsed at her station. Acting quickly, Ensign R’Ariel helped ease the Lieutenant’s mind, taking her pain unto herself. After getting the situation in control, Commander Shayne demanded to know what the Sheliak were doing to the crew. They simply claimed to have no knowledge of what affected the minds of humanoids.

Meanwhile, the science department had begun investigating the fleet’s intership transmissions. Ensign Zicv’s analysis determined that the Sheliak communicated telepathically. The continuing conversation with the Sheliak Director Tamazotz had further revealed that the Sheliak had completely stripped Atlas Station as well - as compensation for dues owed by the residents.

Enraged, Shayne warned the Director that there would be consequences and instructed the helm to set course for Atlas Base again, intent on performing his own investigation. As the ship began to leave, it was caught by a tractor beam. The bridge crew began quickly brainstorming how to escape its hold, when Commander Traenor realized that the beam was susceptible to an obsolete shield modulation flaw. Reacting in seconds, the crew was able to escape and flee. As they began to move again, the Sheliak hot on their tail, the ship suddenly stalled, stuck at around Warp 8. An irate Commander Collins quickly called down to engineering and asked that someone come up and remove the block. Meanwhile, Commander Shayne instructed R’Ariel and Waters to start administering medication to the crew in order to protect against future telepathic attacks.

Act 2 - We Run Away

Ensign Nakada showed up shortly after and bypassed the malfunctioning warp system, only to discover that some sort of malicious code had once again penetrated the ship’s computers. This time, however, it seemed to have been authorized by a Starfleet command code. Shortly after this discovery, Lieutenant Serinus reported that the phaser banks had begun involuntarily charging themselves. Determined not to trigger a failsafe, Commander Shayne instructed that they should not fight the system yet.

Meanwhile, Ensign Zicv had gone down to the Stellar Cartography lab, looking for a suitable location or phenomena to conceal the ship and escape their pursuers. Analyzing the previously intercepted transmissions had given some insight into the Sheliak starcharts, revealing that the species tended to avoid a particular region of space. The science team utilized the previously launched probe to scan the region, revealing a large void, strangely empty of any stars. It appeared to be bound by a dense field of matter. Zicv also remarked that the area did not resemble any known stellar phenomena, but did show strange subspace fluctuations. The probe suddenly failed and stopped transmitting, suggesting an unknown danger somewhere in the region. With little other choice, she contacted Commander Traenor and informed him both of the region’s existence and its potential dangers.

Act 3 - Thomson

As the bridge crew carried on, the situation in the science lab took a startling turn. Crewman Thomson suddenly approached Ensign Zicv from behind and WIP

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