Freaky Friday (Arrow)

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Episode 6


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer Body-Swapped with Chloe Waters
Quentin Collins First Officer Body-Swapped with Maria Alvarez
Chloe Waters Helm Officer Body-Swapped with Randal Shayne
Charlotte DeBarres Mission Specialist Body-Swapped with Hayley Caden
Maria Alvarez Operations Officer Body-Swapped with Quentin Collins
Lase Ander Engineering Officer Body-Swapped with Cassie Mason
Hayley Caden Engineering Officer Body-Swapped with Charlotte DeBarres
Artinus Serinus Chief Tactical Officer, Chief of Security Body-Swapped with Maz Rodan
R'Ariel Counselor Was Immune from Body-Swapping
Cassandra Mason Medical Officer Body-Swapped with Lase Ander
Maz Rodan Science Officer Body-Swapped with Artinus Serinus
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Fentane Renswi Chief Delegate, Genti II Played by Lase Ander
Enzo Dentak First Undersecretary for the Interior Played by Maz Rodan
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes
Kal Jaris Civilian Scientist PNPC of Hayley Caden

Freaky Friday

Arrow and her crew are sent on a mission to establish a trade relationship with the highly ordered, especially complex, and very easily offended Gentii after more than four months of formalities with the Federation Diplomatic Corps. All seems to finally be a seemingly straightforward (if delicate) mission, until chaos strikes the crew...

Act 1

The Arrow is tasked with securing a trade relationship with the complex and highly-strung Gentii species. Their sector is a key strategic point in the Alpha Isles and Starfleet wants peace with them in order to secure travel rights and trade within the Isles. Ensign Alvarez - after doing her homework on the species - discovers they were once a race of nomads, and have a tradition called bairiri - where tribes would gather and honour each other with art and dance. She suggests the Arrow do this to bolster their relationship with the Gentii. When the ship arrives in orbit of the planet, the Gentii are silent and the Arrow is scanned by an invasive biochemical scanner from a little probe which intercepted the ship. The Senior Staff - as well as the whole ships crew - fall unconscious, and when they wake, things are not as they seem...

The crew of the Arrow find themselves 'Body-Swapped' - their personalities inhabiting the bodies of their crewmates. Amid the natural confusion and embarrassment, the Gentii still await their audience. Beaming aboard are Fentane Renswi - Chief Delegate - and Enzo Dentak - First Undersecretary of the Interior, who is aware of the mishap with the probe and seems to have a subtle plan to gauge whether the Starfleet crew will be open and honest about the accident, and therefore secure the Gentii trust.

Act 2

The Gentii custom demands a Bairiri, and Maria Alvarez (in the body of Collins) suggests they go ahead with the tradition or lose face, and the crew of the Arrow must quickly discover if they have any kind of musical or performance skills in their temporary bodies. Lieutenant Rodan can play the saxophone, but quickly learns that that particular skill has not transferred with him to the body of Commander Serinus. Collins does his best to dance in the body of Maria Alvarez, but to no avail. With time running out they must patch together some kind of performance for the visiting delegates. Meanwhile, Undersecretary Dentak is busy ruffling feathers and getting on everyone's nerves with his endless observations about the crew, combined with probing questions. Waters - in the guise of Captain Shayne - is beginning to lose her patience with the 'impartial observer'... As the Bairiri gets underway, Dentak pushes Waters too far, and a confrontation occurs in which the Undersecretary admits to knowing about the personality swap, and accuses Starfleet of being charlatans. Waters, in turn, declares Dentak to be untrustworthy and tries to appeal to Renswi's better nature. As the argument continues, Rodan fall into unconsciousness. The crew begin experiencing nightmares/memories connected to the new bodies they are in. Dark tales, long repressed memories and twisted recollections plague the crew as their own minds start to return. After the nightmares end, Captain Shayne asks the Gentii to use their probe to reverse the personality-swap, and things go back to normal.

Important Sims

The Bairiri

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