Alternative to Warp (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Before 2390
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With the Admiral on Maternity Leave, the XO takes the USS Thor out to explore some mysterious readings inside the Typhon Expanse.

Important Characters

  • Major Commander Cremia Pal - The leader of the Vouaht forces, and leader of her people. Locking in a bitter dispute with the Ewo.
  • Captain Aiwin Morna - The leader of Pal's invasion forces and a top Lieutenant within her organization.
  • Captain Emil Char - Captain of the HMS Salty Profit, a merchant at heart, but takes his devotion to his large ship seriously.

Plot Summary

Part 1

Starfleet Command has tasked the USS Thor to investigate some very powerful, and very regular, Graviton Pulses from within the Typhon Expanse. Lt. Commander Oddas has taken the crew, determined to complete the mission and entered the Expanse. Locating the source she had just ordered an analysis of two very large artificial towers orbiting what appears to be a rogue planet when the ship came under what seemed to be weapon fire.

Part 2

The Thor came out of warp at the designated coordinates, to find a rogue planet and two very massive pylons in orbit. Acting First Officer Pavlova was beginning to organize a recon mission of the unknown pylons when the first attack wave rocked the ship. The attackers, identifying themselves as Vouaht seemed to be flying several small raider-type ships and, more importantly, firing weapons of weaponized Typhon Expanse Anomalies.

The Thor seemed to be in trouble when another craft (The HMS Salty Profit), approximately thirty kilometers long, appeared between the mystery pylons and offered the Thor refuge within its hold. Once inside, the Captain of the Salty Profit, Emil Char of the Ewo, began whisking his entire ship off the battlefield with the Thor in its massive belly, much to the concern of the Thor crew. The movement was halted once Emil determined there were Vouaht intruders aboard the Thor. Emil has forced the Thor from the bowels of his ship and pushed it toward a singularity, currently used for waste disposal.

Meanwhile, Major Parker has been leading the charge to contain and expel the invaders that have found their way onboard the Thor. Other members of the crew are trying to determine how to modify the TSD to counteract the Vouaht weapons. Most of the invaders have been pushed into the Engineering space, stuck between a secured main engineering (and some armed Engineering crew) and a group of well-armed Marines.

Part 3

Following a brief, but intense firefight, Thor Marines and Security Personnel have managed to halt the invasion, at a cost of 15 Starfleet personnel and around 40 Vouaht invaders. One invader has been taken the prisoner and is expected to make a recovery, much to the chagrin of the acting head of security.

During the Invasion, the Thor, executing a plan devised by CSO T'Lea managed to escape the refuse singularity, only to be pushed back into it in the last ditch effort by Cremia Pal to save her people. Pal's effort had the unexpected side effect of pulling all three vessels into the singularity, which to the surprise of all the vessels turned out to be a sort of wormhole dumping garbage into a very crowded Ewo home system. Recognizing the importance of the discovery, all three vessels have agreed to a ceasefire and are now hammering out a more permanent agreement that will see a cessation of the immediate hostilities, and possibly future rapprochement by both sides.


The USS Thor returned home, with an agreement for a permanent station at Typhon Anomaly-113X551, or The Anchorage in the Sea of Time, the original location the Thor was sent to explore.

At the Embassy

The Embassy has welcomed new personnel, including new Ensign David Martel and Lieutenant Lan Riel. While the Ensign has been eating expensive foods with Admiral Turner, the Lieutenant has been accompanying a party headed up by Brayden Jorey for the stated purpose of investigating T'Mihn's memory loss, but which seems to be doing more eating at fancy restaurants than actual investigation.