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“The hopeful spirit of a positive mindset shines like the moonlight in darkness when all other stars have ceased to shine.”

Wayne Chirisa

Originally commanded by Commander Keely Stewart, the Bronwyn was tasked with patrol of the Romulan Neutral Zone, and supplying the outposts which bordered it. She operated in this role for six years until recalled to Mars for her first refit.

In 2327, the Bronwyn took to space again, this time under the command of Captain Tylee Jefferson. Her duties took her again on patrol duty, where she conducted anti- piracy and interdiction duties along the border. She was quite successful in this role, capturing several vessels carrying contraband, and also destroying several vessels.

In 2347, the Bronwyn was part of the fleet which engaged Cardassian forces at the opening of the Cardassian War. She also participated in the rescue of several Federation colonies during the war, and earned a Unit Citation for her actions. During this time, Captain Jefferson was killed in combat.

In 2360, the Bronwyn was withdrawn from service following her participation in the war with the Tholians, and was ferried to Starbase 185, with her crew performing repairs during the long journey.

In 2372, the Bronwyn was undergoing engine tests in the run up to the Dominion War, and the ship suffered a catastrophic failure of her life support systems, forcing her abandonment. When the Starfleet Corps Of Engineers returned to retrieve her, they were able to restore minimum life support, but they noted the ship had been boarded and looted, taking many of the components needed to keep the ship functional. Facing an intense ion storm, SCE tried to tow the Bronwyn which was drifting toward Zalkonian space..the storm severed the tow, and SCE was unable to re-establish. Believing the starship was lost, SCE reported back to Starbase 185 and no further attempt was made to recover her.

In 2392, the Bronwyn, adrift for 20 years, was found by a Laudean training vessel in an area near the Sandbar. Notifying Rear Admiral Toni Turner, the Bronwyn was repatriated to Starfleet control, and repurposed as an escort vessel to be manned by a Starfleet crew. Soon, the Bronwyn will put to space once again, this time as an escort to the USS Thor and the USS Thunder-A . The Bronwyn will do as she has always done...serve....

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