The Til'ahn Gambit (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Before 2390
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The Til'ahn Gambit
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The Til’ahn Gambit


“A sightseeing tour takes a dramatic turn for the new crew assigned to the Embassy…”

Important Characters

  • USS Thor: Senior Staff
  • Kotan: Commander, Commanding Officer IRW Tahndak
  • Vetrix: Subcommander, IRW Tahndak
  • Nelvar: Doctor, Aboard IRW Tahndak
  • Covik: No designation provided
  • Samantha Chang: Director, Starfleet Intelligence

Plot Summary

Following an aborted diplomatic assignment to bring a party from the Romulan Republic to visit with the Prime Minister of Til’ahn it was deemed a prudent move to use the planned ‘sight-seeing’ tour of the planet to give orientation to fresh transfers to the Embassy.

Part 1

Joined by new personnel, Commander Geoffrey Teller (Executive Officer) and Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie (Chief Medical Officer), in addition to Wes Greaves, Tara Wilkins, Sirok, Alieth and Dar Elandra.

During the initial stages of the tour the flight group came under fire from and unknown aggressor and the shuttle carrying Commander Teller was forced to crash land in the Talisen Forrest. Commander Teller was injured and placed under the care of Doctor Alieth and Doctor Addison MacKenzie was abducted by the aggressors, now identified as Romulan. The SFMC Air Wing, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, evacuated casualties back to the Embassy compound to regroup.

Part 2

During the following briefing it was advised that this act constituted a declaration of war by the Tal Shiar. Information by provided by Director Samantha Chang advised a Romulan Warbird had also been recorded on the edge of sensor range deep within Romulan space. During the assault it was recorded to have moved at maximum speed towards a previously uncharted system within the Typhon Expanse. Long-range sensor readings of this system revealed that the system contained a deposit of proto-matter. The ground assault believed to be a diversion.

Staff were split into two teams. Commander Teller, together with a contingent of marine officers and Doctor Alieth were tasked with the recovery of Doctor MacKenzie. Admiral Turner would take command of the USS Thunder to pursue the Romulan vessel into the Typhon Expanse.

The Thunder progressed to the expanse using the Quantum Slip-Stream Drive (QSSD) to attempt to beat the Romulans to the system containing the proto-matter – unfortunately the Romulans, aboard the IRW Tahndak, had already reached the system.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Krido Pandorn, Chief Engineer together with Ensign Sirok worked with Science officer Wilkins and Lovar to explore ways to monitor and/or destroy/neutralize the proto-matter.

Part 3

The Romulan’s ready to harvest more proto-matter there was a sudden loss of command functions aboard the USS Thunder, which was associated with a alien voice broadcasting through the LCARS system. Admiral Turner opened communications with the IRW Tahndak and it became clear they were experiencing significant issues.

It the Tahndak began to vent the proto-matter back into the system while Commander Pandorn and Ensign Sirok, supported by Doctor Quen, tried to find a way to restore propulsion to the Thunder. This was further complicated by an apparent DNA mutation noted I the bio-gel packs found within the ships computer systems.

The Tahndak began venting the protomater and it appeared that these combined actions, together with potential actions of the Romulans, led to a restoration of command functions and the ability to move further from a potential engagement zone.

The USS Thunder returned to the Embassy, under warp power only.