Fear of the Unknown (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Fear of the Unknown


A strange Zalkonian brings news of a small persecuted organized minority of the Zalkonian people. They need the help of the Federation and the crew of the Embassy on Duronis II. In fact, their survival very well may depend on it.

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Important Characters

Malon: A middle-aged Zalkonian man rescued from his ship's imminent demise by Lieutenants S'Lone and Jorey and Fleet Captain Turner. He was brought back to the Embassy where he was in an unconscious healing state.

Eorus: This Zalkonian has slicked back jet black hair. His determined and mean facial expression seems locked in place. He is a straightforward, a-typeical assassin that carries the rank of Ops-Neava in the Zalkonian military.

Terek: A middle-aged Zalkonian starship Commander of the ZSC Supreme Vigilance. He is 6' and 200lbs with black hair and eyes. He has a war on his left cheek from a ZEM attack on his ship. He believes in the supremacy of the Zalkonian government and the eradication of the Zalkonian 'mutant' population. His ship is accredited with the rightful killing of more than 200 mutant Zalkonians criminals.

Plot Summary


The Zalkonian Evolutionist Movement

A Zalkonian man, named Malon, was rescued in Federation space between Beta Circini and Caldos. He claimed to be from the Zalkonian Evolutionist Movement, a separate and unique group from the Zalkonian Suzerainty. Malon was brought to the Embassy on Duronis II for medical observation and treatment after succumbing to his injuries and fell unconscious on Captain Turner's yacht. Dr. Boris Hendon disocered that the Zalkonian was in a healing trans-like state and that Malon would likely not awake for a few days. Lt. Brayden Jorey and the Embassy's Intelligence Department took the two days as an opportunity to uncover everything they could about the Zalkonian Evolutionist Movement or ZEM.

It had long been rumoured that those Zalkonians in the process of transforming into an evolved state were captured and detained by the Suzerainty. ZEM is a group that aims to protect evolving Zalkonians and move beyond their government's xenophobic and hostile diplomatic methods. The ZEM are seeking out a new home for themselves that will allow them to live free of the persecution by the Suzerainty. Intelligence was able to determine that the ZEM had approached the Romulans for help in securing their safety, but instead, were handed over to the Suzerainty. The Romulans had no interest in going to war with the Zalkonian Government over the lives of a few of their people.

The 'Snuff Field' and the Assassin

Malon came out of his healing trance and told the Federation that the Suzerainty is not capturing and detaining evolving men and women, but are hunting them down and murdering them. Even those 'suspected' of being a part of ZEM or evolving are killed. Malon asked for the Federation's help in keep him safe and taking in ZEM as refugees. He did warn that it was extremely likely that the Suzerainty would be on its way to the Embassy to kill him. Malon provided what information he could on the Zalkonian's unique weapon Anoxia Scan or 'Snuff Field', but was still weak and returned to rest. Captain Toni Turner made the decision to assist Malon and look into helping his people. Meanwhile, Ambassador Vetri met with Vail Daysa, the Laudean Prime Minister, to explain the situation. The Laudeans were favourable to the Federation's position and offered to assist in any way they could.

Lieutenants T'Mihn and Ayhan were set to task on developing countermeasures to the anoxia scan and began their work on a test ship called Rogue's Run. When Malon woke up and was well rested he was fitted with an armband to monitor his bio-signs and then brought to the hangar bay by a marine detail to assist in the countermeasure work. He was joined by Lt. Commander T'Lea who wanted to keep an eye on the evolving Zalkonian. As they stepped out of the marine vehicle it exploded in a fiery mess. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Malon and T'Lea escaped into the Rogue's Run and to be safe the ship launched into orbit of the planet. Lt. Brayden Jorey was on his way to the security building when he spotted the assailant fleeing the scene and trying to make his escape. He chased down the Zalkonian Assassin, Eorus, and pinned him to the ground. Marines West and Marinez provided back up and were able to transport the prisoner after he fell unconscious from a self-inflicted phaser blast.

The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown

Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker took command of the USS Thunder-A and headed up to deal with an approaching Zalkonian warship. There was still no countermeasure to the 'snuff field' so he decided to the lay a mine field in the Duronis Corridor to prevent the enemy ship from getting to Duronis. While in orbit, Starfleet Intelligence operative Matson transported to the Thunder to provide assistance and so was sent to the Rogue's Run to help the team developing countermeasures. The team on Rogue's Run completed testing and seemed to successfully counter the effects of the 'snuff field'. Operative Matson was returned to the Thunder and Lt. Commander Parker ordered the ship to the planet's pole to look for a hidden ship.

The Rogue's Run began their descent back to the planet's surface, but was told by port authority they were unable to land. They would instead have to go directly to the Embassy to land. The ports were shut down after Malon's assassin, Eorus, escaped from the Embassy brig. Captain Turner, after an unanswered heartfelt communiqué, had growing reason to believe that marine Major Heath West helped the Zalkonian escape. The Rogue's Run came under fire as they approached the surface and was forced to alter their course to evade attacks.


Regroup and Redeploy

The senior staff on Duronis II are ordered to assemble at the Embassy's medical center to beam aboard the USS Thunder-A. The Rogue's Run makes a pass nearby and Malon and T'Lea are transported to the surface to meet up with the group. They transport to the Thunder and Lt. T'Mihn transports to the Thunder after the Rogue's Run has safely landed. Intelligence officer Matson shows a video to the senior staff from, what can only be called a, concentration camp for suspected evolving Zalkonians run by the Suzerainty. Captain Turner, with unanimous agreement, decides that the Thunder and it's crew must put a stop to the camp and rescue the persecuted 'mutants'.

The Thunder moves to engage the mercenary and Zalkonian warship nearby. Captain Turner orders the larger male staff out of camera shot and enters into communications with the Zalkonian captain, playing the role of helpless female. She successfully insists that they she transport aboard his vessel with a small contingent to negotiate. Turner, Vetri, Parker, and Waltas transport over to the bridge of the Zalkonian vessel with the intention of taking control of the ship. Major Pavlova and a marine unit exploit the open window to transport over as well. Meanwhile, Lt. Jorey takes command of the Thunder and hopes to fool the Zalkonians into thinking their 'snuff field' will have the desired effect in order to gain the element of surprise should they need to provide support to the away team and boarding party. The Thunder also focuses on trying to identify and find the ship that attacked the Rogue's Run on Duronis II.

Lt. Martinez and Marine Captain Hella, flying the Shadow, continue their search for the recently returned Major Heath West. West seems to have been involved in the escape of a prisoner from the Embassy brig. They eventually find a way to track him and enter pursuit, as he makes his way toward Zalkonian space. In the Thunder's sickbay, Lt. T'Mihn and Doctor Hendon continue to talk with and monitor the constantly changing Zalkonian Malon. Malon seems to be entering another transformation that is causing a significant increase in brain activity.

And Now The Conclusion

Captain Turner and her team take control over the Zalkonian ship. They take the Zalkonian ship into Zalkonian space to a moon colony that is nothing short of a concentration camp for evolving Zalkonians. The Captain's team is joined by Hella and Martinez and liberates the camp rescuing a few adults and many orphaned Zalkonian children. The conditions in the camp were barely livable and all require some medical attention. The group is transported to the commandeered Zalkonian vessel and they head to Starbase 185 to rendevouz with the USS Thunder-A.

Meanwhile Lt. Jorey has tracked the Romulan shuttle that attacked the Rogue's Run on Duronis and has chased it into Romulan space. There The USS Thunder-A is met by a Romulan warbird who insists that they leave immediately. However, Malon stumbles onto the bridge and insists he can sense the presence of others like him aboard the Romulan ship. In the end, the USS Thunder-A won the day through diplomatic means and took the Zalkonian prisoners on board.

The USS Thunder-A went to Starbase 185 and met with the other group. Captain Turner decided to hand control over the Zalkonian ship to Malon and Ambassador Vetri arranged for the Malon and the Zalkonian refugees to be the first wave of colonists on a freshly terraformed planet deep in Federation space. The new home provided privacy and safety. With everything settled, the USS Thunder-A left Starbase 185 for Duronis II and then to take a month long leave.