The Mysteries of Damadora (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Embassy Mission Archive
Before 2390
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Heading to Damadora province under the command of Captain Montgomery, the Embassy senior staff had a simple task...track down Captains Rocar and Rourke (who, unbeknownst to the crew that consider them AWOL, are themselves on a quest to track an Omega Particle.)

But the task is not as simple as the crew might have thought. A number of obstacles, puzzles, codes and tasks stand in the way. Only by members of the teams solving the tasks will they be successful in their mission.

Task 1

Breaking Captain Rocar's Transporter inhibitor Code.

  • The crew wish to beam to the city where Rocar is, but he has activated a transporter inhibitor and locked it with a 9-box quadrilateral code.
  • Only by cracking the 9-box quadrilateral code can the team then beam to Rocar's location. below is the code that needs to be broken...
  • To break the code the crew must complete the grid below. Using the numbers 1 to 9 you need to fill each empty squares so that the numbers 1 to 9 appear once in each row, column and 3x3 box. But each number can ONLY appear once in each row, column or 3x3 box â�?��??for example that means you cannot have the number 9 twice in the same line.

Here is the code:

  • OOC: Have a go at completing the puzzle. Once you have a solution you are proud off then just post it in your sim. â�?��??If one of you manages to get it right then we can move on to the next task.

Example of how to post your solution: just write it out like this:

  • 875 943 612
  • 639 127 485
  • 412 658 793
  • 926 431 857
  • 753 892 164
  • 148 765 239
  • 587 314 926
  • 294586 371
  • 361279 548

Once somebody posts the correct solution in a sim the code has been cracked and beaming into the Great City (where Rocar is) may go ahead. After the solution has been simmed a JPeg version of the solution will be posted here to the wiki. We will then proceed to task 2.

Task 1 Solution

Ensign Evergreen cracked the secuirty lock out code in her sim. The solution is below.

Warning: spoilers below!

((Runabout Emmeline Pankhurst - In orbit above Damadora province.))

Montgomery: If one of you can complete the entire grid then you have broken the lockot code Rocar set on the inhibitor. That will mean that we can beam down into the settlement where Rocar isâ???¦ just near to his current location. Are there any questions about the code or the task?

::Lilly looked about for others if they had questions.::

Montgomery: Rightâ???¦ good luck everybody.

::As she studied the numbers closer Lillys face soon lit up. Quickly she tapped the numbers into the system::

Evergreen: Sir! I've got it!

:: She brought up the solution on the computer for all to see ::


:: As the code appeared Lilly looked over to the console on her left and noticed several systems change their codes, allowing the crew the ability to beam down close to where they hoped that the ambassador was still alive ::

En. Lilly Evergreen

Duronis II Embassy

Task 2

Which Carving?

  • Tracking down Rocar and Rourke, the crew arived in the Cathedral of Diamoclease I in the great city of the Fielding League. Entering the public coven area, the crew loose Rocar's life sign that they have been following. It becomes apparent that he has entered a secreat passage and his life sign is being sheltered by the unusual rock used in the inner walls of the cathedral.
  • The room is ornately decorated with carvings and jewels.
  • It becomes clear that Rocar has passed in to a secret passage hidden behind a carving. But the only witness is an elderly Laudean that most presume to be mad. He can only tell the crew that he saw Rocar enter a passage that is hidden behind a carving of Diamoclease I that is hung next to a monarch.
  • After more probing, the senile Laudean reveals that they accessed the hidden passage by going behind a carving that his hung next to "the monarch that was painted in the old Kingdom of Tanal".
  • The crew have a problem. The three possible carvings of monarchs hung next to a portait of Diamoclease I ONLY have the monarch's name writen beneath. No information about where the carving was painted or when it was carved is provided.
  • The three posible carvings are of Emperor Thaman, Emperor Vikram III and of Emperess Meskhenet.
  • The senile Laudean (named Magalin) gives the crew the following facts about the carving they crew are looking for:
    • 1 There was only one carving of a Monarch that has been painted in Tanal.
    • 2 Emperor Thaman was carved in 2290.
    • 3 Emperor Vikram III was not carved in 2150.
    • 4 The carving of Emperess Meskhenet was painted in the Kingdom of Govinda.
    • 5 The carving of a monarch painted in Tanal was carved in 2371.
  • Can you use the above five clues to work out which carving of a monarch is next to the carving Diamoclease I that is concealing a hiden passage?
  • Before the crew may continue in their pursuit of Rocar, they must first work out which carving was painted in the Kingdom of Tanal so that they can located the secret passage hidden next to it.
  • Once somebody posts the correct solution in a sim then task 2 is complete and we may go ahead and proceed to find the secret passage.
  • After the solution has been simmed a copy will be posted here to the wiki.
  • We will then proceed to task 3.
  • Tip: You may wish to input the clues into a 3 by 3 grid table.

Task 2 Solution

Coming Soon!!!