Political Kidnap (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Embassy of Duronis IIUSS Thor

Mission Dossier

Political Kidnap
238112.26 - 238203.25


Commander Rocar assembled a hand picked crew and boarded USS Resolution. They were sent to assume Diplomatic post on the newly discovered Til'ahn. Federation, same as Zalkonians and Romulans showed interest in planet's population due to their Fielding, ability to sense energy.

When USS Resolution landed to the planet inside the Embassy grounds, two teams were formed; one went to town to learn how people of Til'ahn percieve Federation and second team went to the Prime Minister's Mansion to submit credentials to Prime Minister Zeon Zrong. During the reception they found out that Prime Minister's fiancé Lia Bling was abducted by terrorist group.

Federation granted asylum to former Laudean Crown-Prince, Indivar Mohan and it didn't fare well with people and new government. Since it seemed as this was connected with former Laudean Aristocracy, Duronis crew was bound to help and please the locals. Especially since the kidnappers entered and obviously exit the former palace, now Prime Minister's Mansion through the secret passage before this incident known only to them.

First group was met by Dr. Tarn's fiance, who looked for him because she felt something was wrong. Aparently she went into earla labor and child was in danger. Local midwife helped her with a birth in Laudean way and she was then taken to the local hospital with a newborn child. Later during the lunch first team had at the local restaurant, Ensign Xoet 12 got poisoned and taken to the same hospital. The poison would only knowck down Laudean, but caused severe reaction in the Xoet. Antidote given by Laudean doctors worked and he was soon better.

Commanders Sheriden and Dar lead a team of marines and Laudean militia into the action to release the abducted Lia, after Commander Rocar's team found who the terrorists are and saved the Laudean woman.

Rocar was Installed as Federation Ambassador to Til'ahn and when with a rest of the officers returned to the Embassy started preparing the Ball, attended by Embassy staff as well as Laundeans, Romulans and even Zalkonians.

On the ceremony held during the ball promotion received Commander Rocar to Captain, Ensigns Webb, Ebrin Tarn and Elaine Furlong to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Ensign Xoet 12 received Xalor Clan Xifilis Pendant.