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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code VOHT
Federation Status Unknown
Planet of Origin Disputed
Encountered Alternatives to Warp
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N+
List of Named Vouahts

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Physical Traits

Physically similar to the Ewo, roughly humanoid generally around 1-1.5m tall. Their skin tones range in the dark and light blues and grays and are generally aquatic looking with a series of short tentacles around their heads which are usable, but when out of the water tend to remain close to their heads, resembling hair, due to natural coloring. The Vouaht are naturally aquatic and to survive in a typical M-class environment wear an environmental suit and facemask complete with a saltwater rebreather.

Casual onlookers will see more than a casual resemblance to the Ewo, possibly indicating a shared evolutionary path.


The Vouaht live mostly in space, hinting they are in search for their homeworld, which they blame the Ewo for their expulsion and removal from. The Vouaht travel via a series of ancient, massive, graviton catapults they, and the Ewo have both discovered and laid claim to.

Ships / Weapons

Their typical raiding ship is around 30m long and utilizes Typhon Expanse Anomalies as weapons, to devastating effect on unsuspecting ships.