Luxis III Anomaly (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Federation starships had planned to assist science teams, but disaster struck the USS Victory.

Plot Summary

The joint promotion ceremony of Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Nugra on Duronis II is followed by the joint mission of two ships USS Victory and USS Thunder-A to assist scientific teams on Luxis III.

The Laudeans needed a team to help install an environmental shield at their ground base while another team would be sent to investigate strange readings on the Lower plateau. Several of the USS Victory crew members were sent to the USS Thunder-A for a temporary swap of officers. Sent to the Victory were Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Major Irina Pavlova, Lieutenant junior grade Aurora James and Lieutenant Commander Brayden Joey. To the Thunder-A was Lieutenant Commander Eerie, Commander Alucard Vess, Lieutenant junior grade Ayiana Sevo and Lieutenant junior grade Leland Bishop.

After a short trip inside the system Victory sent two away teams to Luxis III, one on the lower plateau and one to the outpost, while away team from Thunder was still in preparations. At the same time, both ships got a routine report of anomalies from Starfleet Command. It wasn’t long before a major anomaly struck both ships, causing major damage to the Victory still damaged from its previous mission. Victory was rocked by a subspace wave, which rendered the ship completely without power and in danger of falling into the atmosphere. Victory started to lose orbit and Thunder had to tractor the Victory to the upper orbit.

Away teams on the planet were threatened by the tidal wave and mission had to be recalled. They found shelter in RHIB and then picked up by Colonel Waltas in Admiral's Yacht. With the crews now back on their respective ships, arrangements were made with Starfleet to tow the Victory to to a starbase where she awaits an uncertain fate.

Meanwhile, the origin of the wave, according to Starfleet Intelligence, originated from a place called Prometheus Station, in the Dran’tis Sector. Speculation was the once-classified station had an experiment get away from them, and a fleet wide alert was issued.

Crew of the Thunder returned to Duronis II where Admiral announced Shore Leave. During that time in the spacedock, new ship was born from the old hull of the miranda class. Refurbished and enhanced in so many ways USS Bronwyn was reborn and readied for its shakedown cruise.

Colonel Waltas facing hard recuperation from his injuries on Vetka in previous mission, filed resignation and got ready to leave Duronis II and return to his home planet Ba'ku. In order to change his mind Admiral Turner pulled strings to reassign his children Tye and Daisha Waltas to Embassy, what she revealed him during the Beach party she prepared with Lieutenant Brell for the crew. During the party Captain Frazier promoted Brell and Toni Lupo.