Disposable Heroes (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Before 2390
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The Til'ahn Gambit
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A missing Captain. A mysterious communique. Sabotage runs rampant amongst the crew and their ships in orbit. Can the crew discover what has happened to one of their own, and accept that the sabotage comes from within?

Important Characters

Plot Summary

Tyr Waltas has resurfaced, but not for a reunion with the crew. After recovering from his injuries he received a mysterious communique from Eden Redstone, his former lover and mother to his two children Tye and Sanuye. Tyr chooses to act, and act alone. In command of a Scimitar-class Reman Warbird named the Wraith, Eden is a threat like no other. Out of fear of retribution upon the crew from Eden, Tyr sabotages the USS Thor and USS Bronwyn in orbit and steals the USS Thunder-A to go after her, hoping it will prevent or at least delay the crew from endangering themselves in the process.

Part 1

Friendly Fire:Back on Duronis, Hannibal Parker begins searching for his friend, who has been missing for several months. After an exhaustive search, he locates Tyr in a seedy bar deep in Duronis' poor district. Instead of being happy to see his friend, Tyr refuses all help. Backed into a corner, Hannibal drops an ultimatum, which pushes Tyr past the breaking point. In a shocking scene, Tyr attacks Hannibal and cripples his knee and badly injuring him with a bar glass the two friends used a moment ago to share a drink. Present also in the bar is Gogigobo Fairhug who, seeing his crewmate fall, blocks Tyr's escape. He receives a dislocated shoulder for his troubles from a seemingly enraged Captain Waltas, but delays the Ba'ku long enough for Hannibal to recover. The two take Waltas down and drag him back to Hannibal's home to sober up and for answers. Tyr awakes the next morning and quickly escapes, still determined to execute his plan and protect the crew from harm. He leaves Parker's estate and executes his (now accelerated) plan.

Part 2

Prices Paid:Tyr makes his way to the hangar and, using his position as Strategic Operations commander, bluffs his way past the armed guards and boards the stealth shuttle the Shadow. He takes off and makes his way to each of the ships in orbit and sabotages both the Thor and the Bronwyn, hoping to delay and deter the crew from following him. In a moment of weakness, he then descends to the surface and spends a final moment watching his children from the seclusion of the Shadow before saying goodbye. Unfortunately, his wife, Toni Turner has been alerted to his presence, and overrides the Shadow's systems to beam herself aboard. She confronts her husband and eventually forces a confession out of him. His mission revealed, Toni elects to accompany him, whether he wants her to or not. Husband and wife return to orbit. They are confronted by Lieutenant Colonel Rode Mitchell, his longtime friend and shipmate. Already committed to his mission, Tyr engages his friend in a vicious dogfight, besting him and nearly killing him in the process. The two board the Thunder and escape, leaving the crew with crippled ships and jolted nerves.

Part 3

Impossible Battle:While the Thunder screams toward its target, the crew, led by Oddas Aria, discovers the plot and begins to repair the damage done by their crewmate. In a volunteer mission, a majority of them elect to go after their CO's, repairing the Thor and Bronwyn with a fervor fueled by their loyalty, or in some cases, anger. With both ships repaired either in transit or in orbit, they leap to the rescue. Meanwhile, the Thunder engages the Wraith in combat. Tyr and Toni unleash a vicious attack, damaging the Wraith's ability to maneuver and cloak, but eventually the Thunder is humbled. Beaming through a hole in the shields, Tyr and Toni board the Wraith and begin a desperate search for their children, while the crew arrive in the Hobus system and engage the Wraith with the assistance of Tyr's old friend, the Klingon H'Nok V'Kor.

Part 4

Infiltration:Beaming away teams to the Wraith, the Thor begins its assault on the Wraith. Sensing her defeat is imminent Eden sets lose a Thorian weapon, endangering both her own forces and the forces of newly revealed Romulan Republic forces. The Thorian weapon is disengaged, barely, at the loss of Lieutenant JG Han's eyes. The Wraith's self-destruct manages to destroy Empire forces and mask the exit of both the Federation and Romulan Republic ships.

Part 5

Domestic Problems:As the crew returns home they find multiple Romulan Empire ships landing forces on Duronis II and under attack themselves by Commander S'Karan. A short battle leads to the destruction of the Romulan Empire forces.